Friday, September 30, 2011

Where Everything's So Dog-Gone Good-- Part 1

I'm going have to hurry up and get myself out to one of our local Dog n Suds places before the end of October, because that's when they close for the season. Not much fun eating in your car or out in the picnic areas during the winter in northern Illinois.

We are fortunate here in northeast Illinois to have three of the remaining 18 US sites: Grayslake, Ingleside (Fox Lake) and Richmond, all within twenty miles of each other. However, I've only eaten at the one in Ingleside, a part of Fox Lake.

This one is Miller's Don n Suds Drive In and currently run by the second and third generations of the Miller family, with the fourth in training. It is located at the corner of Rollins Road and Washington Street. Last year it was featured in the Chicago Daily Herald as being one of Chicago's top ten hot dog places.

This drive-in was built by Jerry and Evelyn Miller in 1967 and run today by their son Roy and his son Brad Miller. Brad's son is in training.

A Real Retro Place. --RoadDog

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