Friday, September 23, 2011

Byrds and Buffalo on the Mizzou-Rah Trip

Talk about your "Trip on a Trip." Big time trip back to the sixties with these two albums (even if on CD). Guitars of all sorts and vocals like the aura.


I had bought the CD Fifth Dimension by the Byrds the week before we left at our local mom/pop record store, Vinyl Frontier (good play on words there). Besides the three big hits: Fifth Dimension, Mr. Spaceman and Eight Miles High, I found Wild Mountain Thyme, I See You, Hey Joe and John Riley to be good as well. However, "2-4-2 Fox trot (The Lear Jet Song" was just plain weird. Wonder what they were smoking or doing at the time?

There were also six bonus tracks on the CD, of which they had two versions of "Why" and an alternate of "Eight Miles High." Good stuff.

I had never heard the album before.


I found this one at the Best Buy in Springfield, Illinois. CDs are getting scarce at many Best Buy stores, but not this one. Like the Byrds album, I had never heard this one before other than the ones they had on Retrospective, their greatest hits effort after they broke up.

I did have the Buffalo Springfield Again album. And, of course, heard this album's lead-off song "For What It's Worth" many, many times. This album was outstanding beginning to end. I especially liked "Go and Say Goodbye," "Pay the Price" and "Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It."

Of course, I always knew Steve Stills and Neil Young were in the group, and was pretty sure Richie Furay was also. But, I always have a hard time remembering the other two. They are Dewey Martin (drums) and Bruce Palmer (bass).

I have heard a reunion of the group is planned. That would be something to see.

Sixties? Anybody? --RoadDog

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