Thursday, September 22, 2011

Route 66 in Illinois-- Part 3

Continued from September 1st. Taking a look at "The 66 News" magazine of the Route 66 Association of Illinois Summer 2011 issue.


John Weiss "What is Preservation. With photos of Odell Station and Odell tunnel.

Checker Car Club of America National Convention in Springfield, Illinois June 16-18. Former Checker autos made from 1922-1982. Built Checker Cabs. I wouldn't know too much about cabs. Can't afford to ride in them.

A New Mining Museum in Godley. Also Route 66. I saw some of the Billy Connolly trip on 66 at Route 66 News and had never heard of the story of the house of ill-repute rail car pushed back and forth across county lines when raids were expected. Good one.

John Weiss also did an article on Billy Connolly. He led the TV crew across Illinois. If you get a chance, go to the Route 66 News blog and you can see the first show. Between the accent and comments, this has become one of my favorite shows on our road.

Another John Weiss article on the Red Carpet Corridor celebration back in May between Joliet and Towanda (of course, Bloomington-Normal would not be involved). He and Lenore were involved in it. We went on the one in 2010. Lots of fun that weekend.

Gardner Streetcar. Originally behind the Riviera. Now in Gardner where work has begun on it. Glad it didn't burn when the Riv did. Wonder what ever happened to the owner?

Half page ads for the Three Roses B&B in Pontiac, just 1 and a half blocks from the square.

Route 66 Beer. That great stuff, now made in Lebanon, Missouri. Make sure to visit Mr. C's while there. Another thing to do on the Route.

Just in Case You Didn't Know. --RoadDog

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