Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Groundhog Day...Again-- Part 3

From the November-December Midwest Living Magazine.

Woodstock's annual Groundhog Days festival is Feb. 1-5 next year. It didn't start until after the movie was made. They have trivia contests, a seminar, story-telling events. My two favorite ones are the free showing of the movie at the Woodstock Theatre Saturday and Sunday at 10 am. This theatre is the one that was the Alpine in the movie where Bill Murray did his best Clint Eastwood western impersonation with the girl dressed as a housekeeper.

I also like the chili cook off and seminar. Bob Hudgins, who was instrumental and getting Woodstock chosen as the site of the movie, leads walking tours of 14 plaqued sites from the movie. You can download or a tour guide at ( or pick one up at the Chamber of Commerce in the historical square.

All sites, except Cherry Street Inn and the Moose Lodge (dance scene) or with a couple blocks of each other.

Too Much Fun. --RoadDog

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