Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Was Haddonfield, Illinois on Route 66? Halloween's Michael Myers Hometown

I recorded and watched the six "Halloween" movies AMC had on TV during the week of Halloween.

When I got to the sixth movie "Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers" I had to back the VHS up when I saw a map of the Haddonfield area.  It was what I thought it was.  There was a map at the bus station showing Haddonfield and its surrounding towns.  To one side was Dwight and the other was Pontiac.  I also saw Joliet and Gardner nearby.

That would be nowhere else but Illinois' Livingston County.

Haddonfield would be about where Odell is.

That means, Route 66!!!  I didn't know that.  I'd always figured the town was somewhere south of Springfield.

A Route 66 Connection.  --RoadDog

Shorpy's Take on Those Old Cars

From the Shorpy old photograph website

9-28-14:  Grant Six: 1920--  touring car.

9-25-14  Blazing Buick: 1922

9-24-14--  Jacked Up 1919:  Studebaker with an interesting way to work on the under carriage.

9-10-14--  Self-Service: 1920.  Washington, D.C., 1920.   Man filling his car with gas.

9-9-14--  Filtered Gasoline:1920.  Another shot of the previous photo.

Worth a Look If You Like Old Cars and Gas Stations.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bicoastal Buick: 1929

From the Oct. 3, 2014, Shorpy blog."Coast-to-Coast Buick, 1907, on San Francisco's Auto Row on Van Ness Avenue and California Street in 1929."  Evidently at the end of its jaunt.  Of all the marques shown at the dealers: Buick, Graham-Page, Pontiac and Oakland, only Buick remains.

And, today, according to their commercials, people don't even know what a Buick looks like anymore.

The photo shows a man in a suit shaking hands with the car's driver.

COMMENT:  Driving a 22-year-old Brass Era auto across the continent was a very noteworthy event in 1929.  He doubts that driving a 1992 Buick from New York City to San Francisco would be as impressive a feat today.

COMMENT: Noticed the guy had parked the Buick on a sidewalk.

COMMENT:  Started in 1907, finished in 1929.  Not so impressive.

When you look at the Shorpy photos, make sure to enlarge them and definitely read the comments.


Music for the Road

I'm getting ready to make that long drive to North Carolina and have picked several CDs for cruising down the road.


JUST AS I AM--  Brantley Gilbert

DISCO ANTHEMS-- a 3 CD/60 song effort.  I know some of the songs, bit there are a whole lot I don't like "Searching" by Change; "Weekend" by Phreek;"Get On Up" by Freddie James and "I Surrender" by Voyage.


STATE OF CONFUSION--  Kinks  I already liked the Kinks for their 60s greats, but have been buying  other  CDs of them.  4 bonus tracks.

BEST OF BADFINGER--  A Canadian CD.  21 songs.

Cruisin' and Listnin'.  --RoadDog

Monday, November 17, 2014

Route 66 Continues to Lead 2014 IHSA 66-Lincoln Highway Showdown

Here at the end of Round 4, and nearing the end, Route 66 continues to hold on to a 3-1 lead over Lincoln Highway.

Remaining for Route 66:

5A  Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield)

3A Wilmington and Williamsville

Remaining for Lincoln Highway:

7A  Providence Catholic (New Lenox)

May the Best Road Win.  --RoadDog

Road Music-- Part 6: Turn Blue-- Black Keys

And, you get a giant folded poster of the album cover tucked inside the CD cover.

I didn't much care for many of the songs upon first listen, only the ones I'd heard before on WXRT like "Fever."  But, after listening to it several times, I like all of the songs.  Definitely a grow-on-you CD by a band that continues to grow and surprise.  (I was surprised to see the group has only two members.)

I especially liked "Bullet in the Brain."


Road Music-- Part 5: Kinda Kinks

Second studio album released by the band and was completed and released in just two weeks.  Featured the song "So Tired of Waiting for You."  You can hear the American R&B influence on many of the tracks,.  Fifteen tracks, but rearranged on American release.

Most of the songs written by Ray Davies.

Great harmonies.

"So Long" would be a great closing song.  "Something better Beginning" could easily have been another hit.  Did a great cover of "Dancing in the Streets."


Road Music-- Part 4: Unorthodox Jukebox-- Bruno Mars

Kind of the new Michael Jackson.  This was the fourth-biggest-selling album of 2013.  definitely has a unique voice.  This was his econd studio album, released in 2012.

Big hits so far from it: Locked Out of Heaven (#1 for six weeks)  Treasure (#5) and "When I Was Your Man #1.

Bruno Mars sings this in many different styles from reggae, rock, disco and soul.

Like many young artists, he gets quite explicit in some of his lyrics.  The album cover features a gorilla and one of his songs is "Gorilla" where he makes love like a gorilla.  He used one m-f word.

I especially liked "If I Know" which unfortunately was just 2:13 long.  "Show Me" was a reggae dub.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Road Music-- Part 3: Joe Nichols Greatest Hits

I have to have some country when cruising down the road.  This was it.

Joe Nichols bridges the gap between today's "Bro'" country male performers and the much older ones.   performers out these days,  has had seven albums and fourteen Top Ten singles.  His first album, self-titled was Joe Nichols in 1996.

All of his top hits are here, including #1s: Broken Heartsville, Tequila makes her Clothes Fall Off and Gimme That Gin.

I especially liked his "What's a Guy Gotta Do," "Size Matters" and "It Ain't No Crime."  These hit #14, #7 and #16 respectively.

As Joe Says in Broken Heartsville, "Here's to the Past, They Can Kiss My Glass."  Though, I doubt he sings those exact words in concert.


Will Bradley: Trombonist and Bandleader

From Wikipedia.

I mentioned him in yesterday's post.

He was born Wilbur Schwictenbery and was known as one of the premier trombonists on the New York swing scene.

He and Ray McKinley were known for their boogie woogie beat and made the Billboard Top Ten with "Down the Road a Piece.

In 1942, he joined the U.S. Army and played in Glenn Miller's band.  After the war, he was a studio musician for many years and was in the Tonight Show Band during the Johnny Carson era.


Ray McKinley: Jazz Drummer, Singer and Bandleader

From Wikipedia.

I mentioned a couple songs he had ion the Rock 'n' Roll: The Early Years 2 CD I reviewed yesterday.


Was good friends with Glenn Miller and joined the Dorsey Brothers in 1934.  After the brothers split, he remained with Jimmy Dorsey until 1939 when he joined Will Bradley and they had their biggest hit "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" which they recorded in early 1940.

He was referred to as "Eight Beat Mack" in the song "Down the Road a Piece.

In 1956, he was chosen as the leader of the revived Glenn Miller Band.


Road Music-- Part 2: Elton John's Madman Across the Water

Continuing With CDs I listened to going to and returning from North Carolina this past summer.

Only three songs could be considered really big from Elton John's 1971 effort:  Tiny Dancer #41, Levon #24 and the title track.  I was fairly unfamiliar with most of the rest of them.  "Razor Face" reminded me a lot of "Levon."  "Indian Sunrise" was about Indians.

Of interest, when I looked up Elton John in Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles 1955-1993" John was listed right next to Billy Joel except for a 1992 band named Joe Public (must have had something to do with alphabetical, you know).

Wikipedia said it was Elton's fourth studio album with the title song originally supposed to be on the previous album, Tumbleweed Connection.  "Madman Across tghe Water" was written for John's friend Long John Baldry.  On its release, the album was almost ignored in England.

There were only nine songs on the album except "Goodbye (at 1:48) were over four minutes long and three: Tiny Dancer, Madman Across the Water and Indian Summer were over six minutes.

I especially like "Holiday Inn" and "Peaches."


Friday, November 14, 2014

Road Music 2014 Summer N.C. Trip-- Part 1: Rock 'n' Roll: The Early Years 2

Since I am getting ready to hit the road again next week, it is time to write about my ride-along tunes from this past summer.  I listen to various radio stations and to CDs I select to bring along.


This is part of a four separate  CD (I only saw three though) set I bought at Half Price books, always a very expensive place for me to enter.  Way too many things of major interest for me, and, even better, nicely priced.

The songs in this set cover probably the late 40s to early 50s and is put out by Signature Records of England, Australia and New Zealand.  Interesting music, though some of it is decidedly inferior recordings.  Also, there were no dates or pertinent information given.

The artists:

LOUIS PRIMA:  4 songs.  I especially liked "Bourbon Street Blues" about all the good times you can have there

LIONEL HAMPTON:  4 songs.  All instrumentals with that good old boogie woogie feel.

BILLY PENROSE:  4 songs  all instrumentals.  I especially liked "Billy's Boogie."

WILL BRADLEY/RAY McKINLEY:  2 songs of very poor sound quality included.  But I especially liked their "Scrub Me Mama, With a Boogie Beat."  I will write about these two men in an upcoming post.

TOMMY DORSEY:  4 songs.  His "Boogie Woogie" is a classic.

SUGAR CHILE ROBINSON:  2 songs.  "Bouncing Ball Boogie" is a great one about a kid singing about basketball.

Rock Before the Rock As We Know It.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

California State Automobile Association Signs, 1925

From the October 24, 2014, Shorpy site: "Circa 1925: Man pointing at California State Automobile Association signage."

"Woman with pennant reciting, 'Boost the Redwood Highway.'"  A souvenir from the early days of motoring, when signage was a do-it-yourself affair, with routes marked and mapped by automobile clubs.

The top sign reads, with arrow pointing to the left, "Garberville 39 5/10, Dyerville 70, Eureka 117."

Bottom sign reads, with arrow pointing left, "Bell Springs 12, Harris 24  Willits 38.

A comment says that the photo was taken at or near the intersection of Bell Springs Road and the current US-101 (Redwood Highway) about ten miles north of Laytonville.

The state of our roads before the U.S. Highway System was superinposed on the existing routes.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Be Dedicated Today in McHenry, Illinois

I will be at the dedication today at 10 a.m. at Veterans Park in McHenry.  It is being placed to honor the lives of four McHenry High School graduates who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

Carter Freund, Class of '64
James Ambrose III, Class of '64
Glenn Davis, Class of '64
John Granath, Class of '67

The Vietnam War was my generation's war, so this especially means something to me.