Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Anita King-- Part 3: Her Cross-Country Drive in 1915

In 1915, she decided to put her automobile driving experience to the test and become the first woman to drive alone across the United States..  She had the backing of her studio boss Jesse L. Lasky and his newly formed Paramount Pictures.

They got Kissel Motor Company to provide a car that was fitted out with Firestone Tires.

The whole undertaking was dubbed "The Paramount Girl" and amidst a lot of publicity, she left Paramount Studio in Hollywood on August 25, 1915.  The Los Angeles Times reported her only companions would be a rifle and six-shooter.


Monday, May 21, 2018

Anita King-- Part 2: Quite a Woman For Her Time

In 1908 she moved to the West Coast where she developed a fascination for fast cars after working as a model in a California auto show.  She learned to drive in the early 1910s and began competing in auto races.  She had an accident in a race in Phoenix and gave up racing.

The Hollywood film industry was growing fast at this time and she returned to acting and took her stage name of Anita King.

She began getting small roles with Jesse L. Lasky's Feature Play Company under director Cecil B. DeMille which led to her getting supporting roles in comedy films.


Anita King and Her Kissell Kar: 1915 49-Day Drive from Hollywood to New York City

Back in 2015, I wrote about Kissell Kars and this woman.  I had done further research in Wikipedia on Anita King.

August 14, 1884 -- June 10, 1963

American stunt driver, actress and thoroughbred racehorse owner.  In 1915, she made an unaccompanied 49-day auto drive from Hollywood to New York City

Born Anna Keppen to German immigrants in Michigan City, Indiana.  Her father committed suicide when she was 12 and her mother died two years later.  She was an impoverished orphan along with her siblings.

In her late teens she moved to Chicago.  There, the attractive girl found employment doing modeling and acting minor parts in the theater.

Kind of an Amelia Earhart.  --RoadDog

Along 66, April 2018: Roadies and Volunteers Needed Also a Sculpture

APRIL 20--  The National Trust for Historical Preservation is seeking roadies for a major cross-country campaign to preserve Route 66.  And, they will pay you to do it.   Shoot, I'd do it for free but you have to be tech savvy, which I ain't.

APRIL 22--  A Route 66 sculpture has been created by Riverton High School students in Kansas.  It is twenty feet tall and features Kansas 66.

Now, if I just could keep getting lost in traffic circle.

APRIL 23--  Hundreds of volunteers are needed to help clean up the Joliet Prison in Illinois  Between 200-300 skilled tradesmen are needed as well.  The prison is 160 years old and quite a striking structure.

Wonder if they need an unskilled person like me?

Will Work For Free.  --RoadDog

Friday, May 18, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 18: A Mardi Gras Parade in Panama City


Unfortunately, whenever the clouds rolled in, it got considerably cooler.

Drove to Panama City for the St. Andrews annual Mardi Gras parade.  St. Andrews was the original settlement here.  We got there just before the parade started at noon and parked near where we were last year which is near the start of the parade.  This makes it easier to leave for us as we are headed out while others are still watching it.  Avoids the traffic jam.

They had around 30 floats and lots and lots of beads, of course.  We ended up with quite a bead collection, even though we were standing back from the curb and weren't really trying to catch them.  Those at the curb and begging for beads were making quite a haul and some had twenty or more layers of beads.

We always love the pageantry and fun.  The people on the floats are dressed alike in colorful garb and there are quite a few people walking in the parade.

Besides the Warm, we are here for the two Mardi Gras celebrations today and next Saturday in Panama City Beach when the parade goes right by our motel, Driftwood Lodge.

Oh, Give Me Some Beads Where The Buffalo  Roam.  --RoadDog

Since the writing about this trip is taking so long, to see all of the posts, click on the PCB 2018 label below this.

In the Mood For Some Cruising Music, 1969: "Proud Mary"

I recorded this on my cassette recorder and plan to pop it into my '85 Firebird tape deck and do some cruising if I can afford the gas which reached $3.20 around here today.  Dadgum Big Oil GRBs!!

Bob Stroud does a show featuring ten songs from a year or of a particular subject on his show on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM and streaming at www.wdrv.com.  It plays M-F at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m..

On May 17, he went to the year 1969, a particularly good one for me as I graduated from Palatine High School and had my freshman year at Northern Illinois University.

QUESTIONS 67 & 68--  Chicago

COUNTRY HONK--  Rolling Stones
EVERYBODY'S TALKIN'--  Harry Nilsson
HELPLESSLY HOPING--  Crosby, Stills & Nash

PROUD MARY--  Creedence Clearwater Revival
EASY TO BE HARD--  Three Dog Night

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Virgil Kane Is My Name And I Served On The Danville Train."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

Along 66, April 2018: The Mill and Olde Keg Meet the Bunion Derby

APRIL  17--  The Olde Keg building in Joliet, Illinois, is set to become a Mexican restaurant with a new name, Catrina's Mexican  The Olde Keg has been long-closed.

The building opened in 1897 and from that year to 1908 was the Horvath Cafe.  From 1908 to 1964, it was Jermaine's Tavern.  The last 29 years it was open it was The Keg.

We've driven by it, but didn't know it wasn't open.

APRIL 17--  This marks the first anniversary of The Mill's reopening in Lincoln, Illinois.  Ceremonies will be held April 29.  Sure glad Lincoln saved this relic of 66.  When we first saw it in 2002, it was looking quite bad.

Lincoln deserves credit, though.  I doubt that any town in the U.S. does more with its Route 66 heritage.

APRIL 19--  Oklahoma is marking the 90th anniversary of the Bunion Derby which took place in 1928 with a running race from Los Angeles to New York City, along Route 66 from L.A. to Chicago.  Two points for anyone who knows who won it?

Run, Run, Don't You Know.  --Andy Payne

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Warm Here We Come--Part 17: How 'Bout Them Indians?


Alas, we're in Florida and it was considerably cool this morning.  Could have stayed home and had this.  But still 30 degrees warmer.  

While getting ready to go out to eat, a lady walked by and saw my White Sox shirt and hat and she said she was a Cleveland Indians fan and madder than all get out about them dropping the Indian logo after this season.  She said she was buying as much stuff as she could with Chief Wahoo on it.

I told her that I would have pulled for the Indians in the 2016 World Series, but not with the Chicago Cubs playing in it.  Anybody else in the National League and I would have been for Cleveland.  After all, I AM an American league fan and besides, the Indians are in our division.

Went over to Burger King for their two breakfast sandwiches for $4 deal.  Real good.  Bought some stuff from Dollar Tree and got a King Cake from Winn-Dixie.  It is not Mardi Gras without King Cake!!

Cool though it was this morning, it warmed up enough by noon that I could enjoy shorts and tee shirt.  Makes me much happier.

A Happy Dog is Better.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

US-421 Yard Sale

Harlan (Ky) Daily Enterprise.

A bit late on this one, but I came across this news about a U.S.-421 Yard Sale that was held May 4-5.  Evidently this is not the first year for it as it lists the first weekend in May for the event.

Several places were listed as having yard sales around Harlan, but there were no listings of places elsewhere in Kentucky.

US-421 runs 941 miles from Michigan City, Indiana, by Lake Michigan to Fort Fisher (by Wilmington, N.C.) by the Atlantic Ocean.

I have driven the whole route.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Illinois' 200th, 20 Sporting Events To See-- Part 11: The United Center


Seeing the current Bulls and Blackhawks playing at the "Madhouse on Madison" is thrilling, but sometimes infuriating, depending upon how the two teams are playing.  The 90s were especially fun for Da Bulls (6 NBA Championships) and from 2010 to 2016 Da Hawks won three Stanley Cups.

But, no trip to Chicago's Near West Side is complete without visits to the statuers of Blackhawk greats Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita as well as Bulls great Michael Jordan.

You'll find the Hull and Mikita statues outside the center (hey, hockey is cold, you know).  Michael is inside in an atrium.

Chicago Greats.  --RoadDog

Monday, May 14, 2018

Illinois' 200th, 20 Sporting Events To See-- Part 10: A Ski and A Race

18.  NORGE SKI CLUB, Fox River Grove

See where Olympic athletes Michael Glasder, Kevin Bickner and Casey Larson cut theuir teeth ski jumping here at this northwest suburban club.  It was founded by Norwegians in 1905 and said to be the country's oldest continuously operating ski club.

It offers five hills for training and a monstrous one with views of Chicago.


Claiming to have the best clay track in the Midwest, this venue celebrates 55 years of stock car racing in 2018.  Races run Fridays and Saturdays from mid-April to September.

Friday nights they cap it off with a demolition derby.

Sixty miles west of downtown Chicago.  It was highlighted in the 2012 movie "At Any Price."  It was set in Iowa but filmed in the DeKalb County area.


Illinois' 200th, 20 Sporting Events-- Part 9: Da Bears Training and Crosstown Double Headers

16.   CHICAGO BEARS TRAINING CAMP,  Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais

A sixty mile trip south of Chicago to watch da Bears train for a few weeks before the start of the football season.  Free tickets.  Lots of family activities, and, of course, Bear warching.  But, sadly, no more sulking Jays anymore.

17.  CROSSTOWN DOUBLEHEADERS, Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park (I don't call it by the other name), Chicago.

Usually at least once during the season, there is a Cubs home day game and a White Sox night game, or vice versa.

See the one play then the other.  Liz and I have done this several times.

One time we did this with the Cubs in the afternoon then drove to Milwaukee for the Sox game versus the Brewers.

Hey, with the interleague play in MLB now, the two teams play each other in-town for two series, one at Wrigley and one at Comiskey.  As a matter of fact, they just had one this past weekend.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Along 66, April 2018: Get Those Grants, Watch the Neon and a Mill

APRIL 12--  The Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program announces its 2018 grant season.  It is cost-share and applications are taken through May 10 (too late now, sorry).  Since 2001 there have been 139 cost-share grants totaling $5.5 million.  That Wilder's Steakhouse sign in Joplin, Missouri, is one of the grants.

APRIL 15--  The Wilder's rooftop sign glows again for the first time in 25 years.  The relighting ceremony was April 14.  Lots of clapping and cheering in the video.  Now, if they are open for business, perhaps next time through, you know.

APRIL 17--  The anniversary of The Mill's Reopening to be observed April 29.  That would be The Mill in Lincoln, Illinois, and it is the first anniversary of its reopening.

When we first saw it in 2002, it was in very sad shape and looked ready to fall down.  The good folks in Lincoln sure know how to take care of their Route 66 heritage.


Illinois' 200th, 20 Sport Events-- Part 8: Horses and Running


A fire destroyed this beautiful track in 1980, but it arose again.  Lavishly landscaped grounds, rebuilt track and stately new grandstand..

The track made history as the first thoroughbred course to have a million-dollar purse.  This year that race is August 11 for the 36th running of the Arlington Million.  But there is racing all summer long.

15.  CHICAGO MARATHON,  Grant Park, Chicago

Some 45,000 runners pounding the pavement each October in Chicago.  Lots of spectators clapping and clanging cowbells.   26.2 flat-and-fast miles.  Or, help as a volunteer.

This year the race is on October 7.

Not hardly.  --RoadJogger

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Illinois' 200th, Sporting Events-- Part 7: Ground Squirrels, Old-Time Baseball and V-Ball

12.  ROCK SPRINGS GROUND SQUIRRELS,  Rock Springs Conservation Area, Decatur.

Step back to the mid-1800s to see baseball as it was back then.  The Rock Springs Ground Squirrels are one of several vintage baseball teams that use the old-school ways with underhand pitching, gloveless fielders and uniforms of long-sleeved cotton shirts, bibs and dungarees.

Bunting, stealing bases and swearing are forbidden.

Ground Squirrel games are April 28, June 30, August 25 and September 22.

13.  BEACH VOLLEYBALL,  North Avenue Beach, Chicago.  Another reason to hand out at the beach.  Competition goes from fun to fierce.  The Midwesr's largest adult beach volleyball tournament, Volleywood, takes place July 15.  The AVP Gold Series Championship is August 30 to Sept. 2.