Monday, May 2, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 9: VFW and More 66ers


**  On the way back to the Munger-Moss Motel from Bennett Spring, we stopped at the Lebanon VFW.  A Korean War veteran at the Senor Pepper's on Friday had told us this place was open on Sundays.  We found a bingo session going on in the main hall and bypassed that to the bar.  We find that bingo players can be really mean if you interrupt them.

**  Before walking in, we looked at the marker to veterans killed in the line of duty in wars from World War I to the Persian Gulf out in front of the building.  We saw the name of Charles Wrinkle, we were told a relative of Glenn Wrinkle, who operated the famous Route 66 Wrink's Market in Lebanon.  Charles was killed in World War II.

**  Watched the St. Louis Cardinal victory and there were sure a lot of friendly folks there.

**  Back at the Munger-Moss, we sat out by the picnic table near Route 66 and talked with a couple from Williamsburg, Virginia, who were doing Route 66 on a motorcycle.

**  Later, we went across 66 to the bowling alley for a couple.


Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 8: "Click's on 66" and Rainbow Trout

April 24, 2016, Sunday

**  We saw a building by the Exit back to I-44, and stopped in.  The name on the building was "Get Your Click's on Route 66."  Unfortunately, they are in the process of opening the place, but we did get to talk with the owner, last name Click.  This will no doubt become a regular stop for us

**   Drove I-44 back to Lebanon and then took Missouri-64 about 13 miles to Bennett Spring State Park.

**  We've often heard about it, but this was our first time there and well worth the short drive.  Bennett Spring is known for its rainbow trout and there were a lot of people fishing both off the banks of the stream and in it (wearing those waders).

**  We went to the restaurant there which is in a building constructed in 1920.  I had never had trout, so this seemed a good time to order it.  I ordered the rainbow trout almandine for $15 which came with a salad bar and two sides.  That was sure money well-spent.  I know one more place I'll be eating at the next time through.

Something Fishy Here.  --RoadDog

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 7: 66ers Hanging Out in the Lobby

April 24, 2016, Sunday

**  Breakfast again at Hardee's.

**  Another beautiful day.

**  Mom's laptop, my travel blogger, had something crash it yesterday, came on again.  Good as I can continue making posts on this trip.

**  I went to the motel lobby where quite a few Route 66ers were gathered.  A great thing about the Munger-Moss is that small lobby area where there is always some good 66 talk going on as well as interesting people.  Some of the folks there were Jerry McClannahan, Kip Welborn, Bob Giles, Jeff Meyer (the Roadologist) and Roamin' Rich.

**  Took a ride along Route 66 east of the Gasconade Bridge.  It is nice to see the old Gasconade Cafe with that interesting design and "giraffe stone" has been cleaned up.  It was getting overgrown the last time we were there five years ago.

Nothing Like a Day on the Route.  --RoadDog

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 6: The Band and the Hawks

April 23, 2016, Saturday

**  Jess McEntire played several of the songs fro his "Man on a Mission" album.  The Route 66 Band played a whole lot of country music, definitely OK with me.  One member of the Route 66 Band plays on Sundays in Nashville at one of the bars.

**  In between sets, they played songs from the Route 66 Radio show, featuring a lot of "Man on a Mission" songs.

**  We went back to the room very so often to watch some of the Chicago Blackhawks-St. Louis Blues game in the first round of the NHL Playoffs.  The Hawks were down 3 games to two and were losing 3-1 after the first.  Kip Welburn gave me a hard time about this.

**  Sorry, Kip, the Hawks tied it up 3-3 and went on to win 6-3.  I sure let Kip know the outcome.  That means that the final game will  be played while we are at the Curve Inn and Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, Illinois, on Monday.  At least we will be out of Blues Land.

**  The band kept playing well beyond when they were supposed to quit.  We enjoyed it.

**  After the band quit, we went over to the Skyline Lanes across Route 66 from the Munger-Moss and watched some music videos and some classic rednecks playing pool.

Congrats, Bob and Ramona!!  --RoadDog

Congrats Ramona and Bob!  --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss-- Part 5: Celebrating Bob and Ramona's 45th Anniversary at the M-M

APRIL 23, 2016.

**  We've spent the last two days driving around in the '11 Malibu listening to a double CD set of the Lovin' Spoonful which I bought at the Dixie Truck Stop.  It has all the songs, plus bonus tracks from two of their albums.  Lots of songs I've never heard before.  These guys could blues it or folk it with the best of them.

**  Our next door neighbors at M-M were Roamin' Rich and family.  All five kids with the oldest at about five and youngest a pair of 5-month old twins.  I'd never heard of him before, but he is one young gung-ho Route 66er with a website

**  We're here to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Bob and Ramona buying the Munger-Moss back in 1971, the 70th anniversary of the Munger-Moss, and, of course, the 90th birthday of Route 66.

**  Bought a huge (and reasonably priced) bag of kettle corn from the wife of the guy at Orchard Hills Package Store and settled down for some great music and lots of good friends.

**  The U.S. 66 Band played and did Jess McEntire from the late afternoon hours to the night time hours.  I bought my copy of his Man on a Mission CD at the Munger-Moss Motel about four years ago.

Music at the M-M.  --RoadDog

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 4: Getting Ready for the M-M Celebration


**  It was mighty hot out there by he bridge, so we left after an hour,

**  We had the intention of driving to an antique/tourist trap place west of Lebanon, but couldn't find it.

**  Went by the Orchard Hills Package Store on old Route 66 in Lebanon and bought ice.  This place used to be a cottage gas station.

**  Sat outside on the front porch of our room while waiting for the Munger-Moss celebration to begin.  This is one thing I really like about old motels, your ability to sit outside and talk with others.  You sure can't do that much in today's motels.

**  This year not only marks the 90th birthday of Route 66, and all US highways for that matter, but also the 70th year of the Munger-Moss and the 45th year that Ramona and Bob have owned the motel.


Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 3: Gasconade Bride Rally

April 23, 2016, Saturday.


**  Breakfast at Hardee's.  Well, we are just now getting them back in northeast Illinois, but still too far away not to take advantage of that great breakfast.

**  Possible crash of "Mom's Laptop."  Weird stuff about another network and it all went dark.

**  Drove the 13 1/2 miles from Munger-Moss east to the Gasconade Bridge for the rally.  A very vocal and energetic group is trying to get the state to do the repairs needed to make it safe again, or, at least, allow it to remain standing, just not for vehicles.  The bridge was closed in 2014.

Good-sized crows in attendance.  I walked the bridge and I could very easily see why they had to close it.  It really needs a lot of work.  Food was being sold and several groups there with booths.  One was the Route 66 Association of Missouri, to which I used to belong but have been considering rejoining.  Now was a good time, so paid my $25 and am aboard again.

Give Me That Old Time 66.  --RoadDog

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 2: We Arrive

Highlights of the Second Day, April 22, 2016.

**  A stop in Litchfield, Illinois, for our taco fix at Jack's (used to be Jack-in-the-Box).  The Jack's in Litchfield is the closest one to Chicago.  We are so happy they have the jumbo tacos back.

**  Being very careful not to get off in East St. Louis and got across the river, but then got lost in some less-than-safe areas in St. Louis.(It is so sad that we have to have less-than-safe areas of cities for tourists.)

**  Cruising Route 66 from Pacific to Sullivan.

**  Had lunch at the Jack's in Sullivan, which,of course, included some more TACOS!!

**  I-44 to St. Robert's and backtrack to Hooker Cut, my absolute favorite stretch of Route 66.  I can hear the ghosts of 66 going through there.  Had a brew at the Devil's Elbow outside with some real crazy ladies.

**  Arrived at Munger-Moss and checked in.  Had a short talk with the very busy, but friendly as ever, Ramona.

**  Went over to Senor Pepper's on Mo-5 and enjoyed the $3 happy hour pitchers and talked with some very friendly people.

**  Stopped at Applebee's on the way back to the motel.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri-- Part 1

April 23, 2016

We arrived yesterday after a two-day trip.

A few highlights so far.


**  A stop at the Ambler-Becker station in Dwight, Illinois, for their Route 66 90th birthday party.  Had a nice talk with John Weiss.

**  Dixie Truck Stop in McLean, Illinois.

**  Mahan Gas Station in Springfiled, Illinois at Fulgenzi's Pizza.  As happy as were were to see it there, we were even more saddened by looking at the empty Billl Shea's  That really hurt.

**  Drinks at George Rank's, Springfield's only Round Bar.

**  You-Know-Whats at Cozy Dog.

**   The TraveLodge/Lodge Motel is no more

**   Route 66 Hotel and Convention Center, Filling Station Bar


Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Bit of a Delay Getting Off for Route 66

We had planned on leaving for Missouri and Route 66 on Tuesday, but unfortunately, I came down with a cold on Monday, so had to postpone two days.

Because of the delay, we will be swinging by the Ambler-Becker station in Dwight, Illinois, where they are having an early Route 66 90th birthday celebration today from 1 to 4.  From there on to Springfield and a night at the Lodge of Route 66 Convention Center.

then, onto Lebanon, Missouri for the Gasconade Bridge gathering and the Munger-Moss 45th anniversary of Ramona and Bob Lehman owning it.

getting Our 66 Fix.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Big Tap Bracket Competition: We Have a Winner!

I had been following these brackets in the National Trust for Historic Preservation blog and forgot to go back and find out who was the winner.

The Championship Round pitted two Montana bars against one another.

Club Moderne in Anaconda versus the Sip 'n Dip Lounge in Great Falls.

And, the winner is...

Congrats to Club Moderne.

Since Montana isn't known for a large population, I guess someone might have voted more than once.

Belly Up and Have a Toast.  --RoadDog

Looking Back: Roadbuilding in DeKalb County, Illinois, in 1916

From the April 13, 2016, MidWeek "Looking Back."

1916, 100 years ago:  "With about three and a half mile of cement state-aid road to be constructed, some 60 reinforced concrete bridges and culverts now in view, a cement county aid road on the county line between Kane and DeKalb counties to be considered, a large complete county map with all the details showing exactly every road, being prepared by the county for general distribution; with road signs to be placed at intersections and a general improvement of roads by the township-- the interest in highway improvement was never before so widespread and the improvements in highways and bridges in DeKalb county promised to be greater than in any other year."

Looks like DeKalb County back 100 years ago was in the forefront of the Good Roads Movement.


Looking Back: A Free Motorist Campground at Annie's Woods in DeKalb, Illinois in 1938

From the April 13, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

A photo accompanies the article and is captioned:  "DeKalb Motor Club at Annie's Woods welcoming tourists to the free campground, circa 1938."

Annie's Woods is still there and part of the DeKalb Park District, located near the campus of Northern Illinois University by the Kishwaukee River.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Looking Back 101 Years: An Accident on the Woodstock-Sycamore Traction Line

From the March 24, 2015, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Il.) "Looking Back."

John Seymour, contractor who constructed the Woodstock-Sycamore Traction Line, which operates between Sycamore and Marengo, was injured along with three men who accompanied him on a gasoline section car at a point two miles south of Genoa on Saturday.

Traction lines were like railroads and were popular before the advent of the automobile and good roads.


Looking Back 101 Years: DeKalb Township Getting Road Building Equipment

From the March 24, 2015, MidWeek (DeKalb County) "Looking Back."

1915, 101 Years Ago

DeKalb Independent Township Highway Commissioner Frank Fuller will be getting some state road building apparatus: a large steam roller and an oiling machine.  They are now at Oregon, Illinois, and will be shipped to DeKalb.

Making Those New Roads Out Amongst the Corn.