Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Problem With Fire Plugs in 1918

From the October 17, 2018, MidWeek  (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

1918, 100 Years Ago.

"It is noticed of late that local automobile owners are forgetting the appeal of the  fire marshal here some time ago, as well as the city ordnance relative to the parking of cars near fire hydrants.

"Day after day, local people, who know better, are seen parking cars directly in front of a fire plug on Lincoln Highway and should the department have occasion to connect onto the plug the car would have to be removed several feet."


Thursday, November 15, 2018

IHSA US-12 vs US-14 Playoff: It's a Tie Going Into the 4th Round

US-14 team that lost last weekend:  Maine South.

US-14 (Northwest Highway) remaining team:


Cary Grove

US-12 (Rand Road) remaining team:



Like I Said, It's a Tie.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

IHSA Lincoln Highway-Rt. 66 Showdown 2018: Route 66

There are now still 32 teams remaining in the eight classes in the Illinois High School Playoffs.

These Route 66 teams lost last weekend:  Edwardsville, East St. Louis, Normal West and Williamsville.

Remaining teams:


Joliet Catholic



So, Lincoln Highway leads 5-2.

Both roads share Joliet Catholic since both roads go through Joliet.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

IHSA Lincoln Highway-Route 66 Showdown 2018: Lincoln Highway

There are now just 32 teams remaining from the 256  who started.

Lincoln Highway teams losing in the last round:  Sterling Newman and Aurora Christian.

Teams remaining:


Lincoln Way East


St. Charles North


Joliet Catholic

Lincoln Highway has 5 teams remaining.  Tomorrow we will see how many Route 66 teams are still in the Showdown.


Monday, November 12, 2018

NIU Homecoming 2018-- Part 3: The Problem With Night Football

October 13,  Saturday.

Well, at least it was football during the day.  To me, that is when football should be played, even if we puppy out at cold days.  (Nor do I like to see games in the rain.)  I don't like the fact that all high school games being played on Friday nights.  When we went to Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois, all our games were on Saturdays and I sure would like to see high school games returning to then.

Plus, even worse, all of NIU's games in November are at night.  Let's see, night football in DeKalb, Illinois?  Might there be a chance that it will be c-o-l-d!!!  You betcha.  No way I am going to sit out in the cold like that, plus, the games are generally shown on TV.  I'll sit home and watch it.

The Mid-American Conference, which Northern is in, has a contract with ESPN for these games which is the only way we can get on national TV.  It's good to be on national TV, but it hurts the football experience because of the severe cold temps here in the upper Midwest where all of the teams are located.

The TV crews are always sure to keep the shots tight so you don't see how few people are in the stands.

Of they want the MAC on TV and it has to be at night during the week, then put us on in September.  Let the Sun Belt have the November night games.  It is warmer in the South, after all.

Shivering All the Way.  --RoadBurr

NIU Homecoming 2018-- Part 2: Motels and A No Go

Continued from October 23, 2018.  Click on the NIU Homecoming label below to see the first entry.


We checked into the Red Roof Inn on Lincoln Highway.  We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at this place back on August 25, 1973 after being married at the Newman Center at NIU.  At that time it was a Holiday Inn and later a Best Western.

Back in the earlier days when we came to DeKalb for NIU Homecomings we stayed at the Motel 6, jut to the east of the Red Roof Inn.  Unfortunately, it was allowed to run down and closed while it was a Travel Inn several years back and it is still vacant.

We were thinking of going to the football game as we had arrived in time, but too late to do any of the pre-Homecoming partying.  Plus, it was quite cold with a stiff wind blowing.  Neither Liz or myself is too keen on sitting outside in cold, windy weather.

So, we decided not to go to the game.  We figured we could watch it in one of the college bars like Lord Stanley's.

A Bunch of Puppies.  --RoadPup

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Ceremony At Fox Lake Train Station

In just a little while I'll be going over to the Fox Lake train station where the American Legion and VFW are having a commemoration of the end of World War I, Armistice Day, which took place 100 years ago today.  My two grandfathers were in the war, one in the Army and the other in the Merchant Marine.

Also, today is Veterans Day.

The Armistice was only temporary and peace did not completely come until the Treaty of Versailles was signed the following year.

November 11 is a national holiday in France as well as other Allied countries.  In some countries, Armistice Day coincides with Remembrance Day or Veterans Day.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

"You Cannot Exaggerate About the Marines"

Today being the 243rd birthday of the USMC, a few words to sum them up are in order.

"You cannot exaggerate about the Marines.  They are convinced to the point of arrogance, that they are the most ferocious fighters on earth -- and the amusing thing is that they are."

Father Kevin Keaney
1st Marine Division Chaplain
Korean War

Friday, November 9, 2018

2018 IHSA Rand Road Vs. Northwest Highway Showdown

The following US-12 (Rand Road) teams lost last Saturday:  Hersey and Lake Zurich.

That leaves just Richmond-Burton in Class 4A.

The following US-14 (Northwest Highway) teams lost last Saturday:  Barrington, Hersey, Maine West, Ptairie Ridge and Crystal lake South.

This leaves just Maine South in Class 8A and Cary Grove in Class 6A.

US-14 has a 2-1 lead.


From 256 to 128 to 64

It kind of sounds like a Chicago song, but these are teams who started in the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) football playoffs two weeks ago and remain today.

Just 64 remain and after tomorrow, that number will be whittled down to 32.

Good luck to all the remaining teams.

And, in the Lincoln Highway versus Route 66 Showdown, Lincoln Highway keeps a slim 7-6 lead over Route 66.

In the US-14 (Northwest Highway) versus US-12 (Rand Road), two roads that go through our area, US-14 has a 2-1 lead.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

2018 IHSA Lincoln Highway-Route 66 Showdown: Round 3

These Route 66 high schools lost last weekend:

Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin, Chatham-Glenwood, Pontiac.

These Route 66 high schools are still in the hunt.




East St. Louis


Normal West


Joliet Catholic



There are six Route 66 teams remaining.

Route 66 is losing to Lincoln Highway 7-6  going into the third round this weekend.

Mighty Close.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

2018 IHSA Lincoln Highway-Rt 66 Showdown-- Round 3

Round 2 concluded last weekend.

These Lincoln Highway teams lost:  West Aurora, Lincoln Way West, Kaneland,

These teams remain:


Lincoln Way East


St. Charles North


Joliet Catholic




Aurora Christian

Lincoln Highway has 7 teams remaining and leads Route 66 by 7-6.

Tomorrow, the Remaining Route 66 Teams.  --RoadDog

Monday, November 5, 2018

Along 66, Sept. 2018: Who's That Guy Standing On the Corner?

SEPTEMBER 28--  The Standin' On the Corner statue in Winslow, Arizona, is marking its 20th anniversary.  To put it mildly, it is an oft-photographed piece of work.  Who knows how many selfies have been taken there.  Money well spent for the town

Of course, the "Standin' On the Corner" was taken from the Eagles' song "Take It Easy."

The statue was sculpted by Ronald Adamson of Libby, Montana and it is not of one of the song's co-writers and singer of the song, Glenn Frey, as most think.  (Nor is it of the other writer, Jackson Browne.)

Well, you know the words, but I'll write them down anyway:  "Well, I'm standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, (Add 'Right on Route 66' here) such a fine sight to see, it's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at me."

Words Ingrained In My Head.  --RoadCorner

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Along 66, September 2018: New Oklahoma 66 Guide and the Black Experience

SEPTEMBER 21--  There is a new Oklahoma Route 66 Guide available.  It is put out by the Oklahoma Tourism Bureau.  More than 120 Route 66 attractions are highlighted.

And, i thought they already had a very good 66 guide.  Every state should have a guide and lots of signage for Route 66.

SEPTEMBER 22--  A new marker in Bloomington, Illinois, tells of Miller Park's role in the era of segregation.  The Blacks-Only beaches here were in very bad shape.

Again, the Black Route 66 Experience is an underwritten segment of our road;s history and I am so glad that more is being written about it.

So You Thought Segregation Was Only a Southern Thing.  --RoadDog

IHSA US-14 vs. US-12 Showdown 2018

U.S. 12 (Rand Road) teams that lost in the first round:  Fremd (Palatine), Wauconda.

Teams remaining:


Hersey (Arlington Heights)
Lake Zurich



U.S. 14 (Northwest Highway) teams that lost on the first round:    Fremd (Palatine),  Woodstock North

Teams remaining:


Maine South


Hersey (Arlington Heights)
Maine West  (Des Plaines)


Prairie Ridge  (Crystal Lake)
Crystal Lake South

U.S. 14 (Northwest Highway) leads U.S. 12 (Rand Road)  7 to 3.