Friday, February 27, 2009

Wauconda, Illinois

Today, I had one of the best breakfasts ever at Lakeside Inn at 110 Main Street in downtown Wauconda. This structure has been there since the turn of the 20th century. I heard that it was at one time a stage stop and for many years a hotel for visitors to Wauconda when it was a resort town for Chicagoans.

It is very rustic and has a great two story bar araa that looks straight out of the 1890s. You can also dine upstairs and even overlook the bar area.

Not your typical Applebees and worth a visit. The two egg skillet actually comes with four eggs, your choice. Then there is the homemade jam. Hard to beat.

Good Eating in a Bit of History. --RoadDog

Thursday, February 26, 2009

And, Speaking of "When the Saints Go Marching In"

Back in the old days, we used to have our own little Mardi Gras parade every time the infamous Dekalb Footstompers performed at Andy's in downtown Dekalb, Illinois.

If you ever get a chance to see these guys, who still perform around the area and have been doing so since about 1975, do it. It will be one FUN time, guaranteed.

They consist of a tuba player, accordionist, drummer, and guitarist. Quite a combination. They have their own, mostly risque songs, plus play lots of polkas and oldies.

At one point in every show, they play "When the Saints Go Marching In." Back then, part way through, they would leave the stage and walk through the bar and out the door onto Lincoln Highway. They would be followed by pretty much every person in the place but the bartenders. The poor bouncers would be busy taking away drinks from people as they were exiting. In Dekalb, it is illegal to have alcoholic beverages on the streets, and the police were very aware of the tradition. And waiting.

They couldn't do anything, if you didn't have a beer in your hand, though. They never got having a parade without a permit, though.

We would then dance our way about half way down Lincoln Highway (on the sidewalk) and then back into the bar. It really got a bit cold during the winter if you didn't take your coat.

The last several times we've seen the Footstompers, they unfortunately didn't do it.

Man, Those Were Some Good Times. --RoadDog

If You're Only Going to Get One Mardi Gras Album...

Tom Marker played two cuts from the album New Orleans Party Classics which is put out by Rhino Records. If you are ONLY going to get ONE album to celebrate the good time, this would be the one to get.

It is on my "Ultimate Jukebox" which consists of 300 discs that hold near and dear.

Here are the songs on the album:

GO TO THE MARDI GRAS-- Professor Longhair
DON'T YOU JUST KNOW IT-- "Piano" Smith & the Clowns

I GOT LOADED-- 'Lil Bob the Lollipops
SEA CRUISE-- Frankie Ford
PEANUT VENDOR-- "Red" Tyler & the Gyros
WHO SHOT THE LALA-- Oliver Morgan

IKO IKO-- Dr. John
BIG CHIEF--PART 1-- Professor Longhair
HEY POCKY WAY-- Neville Brothers

LI'L LIZA JANE-- Dirty Dozen Brass Band
DANCIN' JONES-- Neville Brothers
DO WHATCHA WANNA--PART 3-- Rebirth Brass Band

What, no "When the Saints Go Marching In?" Oh, well.

Now, This is Some Mighty Fine Stuff. Get Your Mardi Gras On. --RoadDog

Our First Mardi Gras Parade

Liz and I got to go to our first-ever Mardi Gras parade while we were in Panama City Beach, Florida, a few weeks ago, Feb. 7th.

We've always wanted to go to one, but, alas, it is too cold here in the north lands. I was quite excited when I saw Panama City was going to have one along with a celebration with food, vendors, and a live Cajun band at a downtown city park. We drove the twenty miles from out motel to PC, stopping on the way at Wal Mart which had a huge collection of Mardi Gras stuff (something you don't see that much around here, must be more of a Southern Thing). Glad we did, as the vendors were a lot more expensive.

The park was located near the end of the parade route. Heavily-loaded people with beads and otherwise lined the street several deep. Cops were present, but very laid-back and more interested in blocking the side streets. There were lots of pets as well, some in full Mardi Gras attire.

The smells of all that good carnival food filled the air, but we didn't have any as we were planning to stop at Golden Corral afterwards. Stopped in a bar to await the parade as they were quite late getting to our area. It must take a long time to throw all those beads.

Gettin' Our Mardi Gras On. More to Come. --RoadDog

Music for Mardi Gras

Every Monday before Mardi Gras, Tom Marker on Chicago's WXRT 93.1 FM runs his "Lundi Gras Show" on his weekly Bluesbreakers broadcast from 9 to 10 PM.

This is about the only place I know of in the "World Capital of the Blues," Chicago, where you can get the blues, unfortunately.

He dedicates the show to the music of 'Nawlins and Luisianne.

This past Monday, his set list and comments:

CARNIVAL TIME-- AL "CARNIVAL TIME" JOHNSON-- His one big hit is also his middle name. I've seen him when he only does this song, but he does it right.

DO WHAT CHA WANNA, PART 3-- REBIRTH BRASS BAND-- One of the best New Orleans brass bands. Comes from a compilation called "New Orleans Party Classics" on Rhino Records that also includes the first song.

NEW ORLEANS IS A PARTY TOWN-- MARCIA BALL-- "Long Tall" Marcia Ball, Y'all (hey that rhymes!!!) from her Grammy nominated album that came out just after Mardi Gras last year "Peace, Love & BBQ."

BIG CHIEF-- HOODOO KINGS-- Three big time Louisiana blues and r&b: Eddie Bo, Raful Neal, and Rockin' Tabby Thomas from 2001.

RIVER IS WAITING/SIMPLY GRAND-- IRMA THOMAS & HENRY BUTLER-- 2008 Grammy-nominated album with Irma accompanied by some great piano players.

CITY THAT CARE FORGOT-- DR. JOHN-- From his Grammy-winning 2008 album.

LILY MAE-- SNOOKS EAGLIN-- Sure sorry that he died just a few weeks ago. An amazing, original, one-of-a-kind guitar player and person.


MY FEET CAN'T FAIL ME NOW-- DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND-- New Orleans' best known brass band.


MARDI GRAS BAYOU-- LOS HOMBRES CALIENTE-- "Mardi Gras" and "Bayou" in one song.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO MISS NEW ORLEANS-- LOUIS ARMSTRONG-- The number one musical star of New Orleans with the best tribute ever to that city, a 1946 recording.

Tom Marker has hosted Bluesbreakers for over 20 years now. In the mid-80s, he took a trip to Memphis and New Orleans and has been hooked on the blues ever since.

WXRT streams live as well. Check him out and all the other great stuff they do.

"Lundi Gras," Don't Start Your Mardi Gras Without It. Thanks Tom. --RoadDog

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras in St. Louis

I was wondering if there were any big-time Mardi Gras celebrations here in the Midwest. Asked on the Route 66 Yahoo e-mail group and found out that there is a big one down in St. Louis called the Soulard Parade.

Went to the website and saw film clips of it, and I'm planning on being there next year. This appears to be a good one, with major bead-throwing parade the Saturday before Mardi Gras and a dog parade the Saturday before called the "Barkus Pet Parade."


I even suggested that perhaps the good folks of Route 66 might get involved. Perhaps call ourselves the KICKUS SIXTY SIXUS KREWE.

That would be fun to ride a float and wing beads, and, AFTER ALL, Route 66 DOES Go Through St. Louis.

Mardi Gras, Not for the Weak of Heart. --RoadDog

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doing the Mardi Gras Thing Here Along the Stateline

This is not New Orleans or even Mobile for that matter. Only about 1000 miles removed. But, nonetheless, we still are able to have our own facsimile of the celebration.

PJ'S COURT HOUSE INN in Sycamore, Illinois, has its Crawfish Festival complete with beads, Cajun food, New Orleans drinks and drink specials and, the Dekalb Footstompers, not your usual band. They have it the Saturday before Mardi Gras.

HOGS AND KISSES in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has their Mardi Gras Blow Out the Sunday before Mardi Gras. Complete with Cajun food, drink specials and a band. They have had Cajun and blues bands.

POPEYE'S in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. (Not the chicken chain) Enjoy some fine New Orleans style food with that fantastic view of the Riviera Docks, ice fishermen on Geneva Lake, and all the nautical decor you can handle. Today, they had Bayou Pork and garlic mashed potatoes for $3.99 and a heaping bowl of shrimp jambalaya for $4.99. Add their famous cheddar broccoli soup and roll for $2 and you have a great meal.

DONOVAN'S REEF in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin-- Beads and $2 domestic bottles and $1.50 domestic pints during Happy Hour. Fifty cents more otherwise. Solemn "Beading ceremony."

Recipients bow head, beads places on neck with the words, "You have been beaded. Go forth and Par-Tee!!"

O'LEARY'S in Ringwood, Illinois-- Found this one by accident on our way to Woodstock yesterday. Joy, the owner, had ordered a $50 King Cake from New Orleans and it was the best I've ever had, even if we didn't get the baby. No luck for us,but at least we don't have to get the one for next day. Also, free jambalaya and gumbo, as well as $2 bottles of Miller products and $4 Hurricanes.

Weren't There, But Still Had a G-o-o-d Time. --RoadDog

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eisenhower's Roads to Prosperity...Can Obama Do It Again-- Part 2

On June 29, 1956, the $25 billion Federal Aid Highway Act passed to build a 42,000 mile interstate system by 1972. Final cost was $130 billion and the last link was finished in 1993, the Century Freeway in Los Angeles County.

This greatly changed the make up of the nation. Just like with railroads, each interchange encouraged growth. Today, the 16,000 plus interchanges have done just that. Businesses, factories, subdivisions and even towns have sprung up by them.

However, planners never envisioned the displacement of people nor America's dependency on foreign oil and automobiles as Americans moved further from their jobs in search of homes and land.

Are More Roads Needed. Can't Hurt. --RoadDog

Eisenhower's Roads to Prosperity...Can Obama Do It Again?

The Dec. 26, LA Times had an article by Tom Lewis comparing President Obama's creation of millions of jobs to work on the nation's infrastructure with President Eisenhower's creation of the interstate system in the 1950s.

In 1956, the US interstate system was established due to a lot of push by Eisenhower. He was the first republican to hold the office since Herbert hoover in the early 1930s and there was a mild recession going on.

The Bureau of Public Roads (today's Federal Highway Administration) figured that every federal dollar spent on the project resulted in a half hour of employment. There would be 50 tons of concrete and 20 tons of steel in every mile of pavement.

In 1919, Eisenhower had participated in the Army's transcontinental convoy along the Lincoln Highway which ended up lasting 62 days on horrible roadways. One person termed it a trip "through darkest America in truck and tank." Eisenhower had also seen Hitler's excellent autobahn road system in Germany at the closing of World War II.

More to Come. --RoadDog

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Didn't Get Kicks... But On 66

The Jan. 9, 2009 Pasadena Star-News had an article on the town of Arcadia, Oklahoma. Even though it didn't get mention in Bobby Troup's famous "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" (because it didn't get incorporated until 1987), locals hope to prove its 66 heritage at the Ruth and Charles Gilb Arcadia Historical Museum.

The hope to bring back memories among older patrons and introduce younger people to the road. There is a map of Route 66 on one side and on he other, Arcadia memorabilia. Among that, there is a menu from the Chas. Carpenters Cafe from the 1940s offering an inch-thick steak for $1.

There is free admission and it is open from 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

380 Huntington Drive.

Also in Arcadia is the famous Round Barn, Pops, and the Washington Irving Monument. In 1832, he visited the Oklahoma Territory and wrote about herds of wild horses.

It Goes Through Arcadia. --RoadDog

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lincoln Logs: Collection for Sale-- Postcards-- Students Involved

Some New News About an Old Road-- The Lincoln Highway!!!

1. COLLECTION FOR SALE-- There is/was an impressive Lincoln Highway collection for sale on e-Bay offered by a person from St. Petersburg, Florida. It included 80 postcards, all but three from 1915 to the 1950s. It also included the LHA Forum Vol 1 to Vol. 5, as well as books by Drake Hokanson and Brian Butko and a Route 30 tee shirt.

2. POSTCARDS-- There is a great old postcard trip across central Pennsylvania from Gettysburg to Ligonier. You can see it at

3. STUDENTS INVOLVED-- The Dec. 19th Chambersburg Public Opinion reported that students of the Franklin County Career and Technology Center are building a replica of a 1920 Selden apple truck which will be placed along US-30 as part of the Lincoln Highway heritage Project. This is an important part of Somerset and Bedford county's heritage . There will also be a display on US-30 which will be integrated into classrooms. The 1.5 scale truck will be eleven feet tall, 25 feet long, and thirteen feet wide.

Now, You Know. --RoadDog

Friday, February 20, 2009

New NTN Sites-- Search for the Warm-- Part 4

On the way back, we went to three new NTN places, all in Newburgh, Indiana, which is a little east of Evansville.

We'll have to go back to this town in the daylight as it is very historical, but it was night when we arrived so we didn't see much, other than lots of piles of limbs along streets from the recent ice storm.

STATE STREET-- Evidently right close to downtown. Judging from the reasonable prices and friendly bartenders, a great place to visit when the big poker tournament isn't underway. The bar area was full as well, so we ended up at a table and played a couple games.

We couldn't locate Boston's using GPS and asked the bartender if he knew after he had asked if we wanted a menu. Probably not good timing, as he immediately piped in that they have really good pizza as well. We explained we were just playing a few games in each place as we wanted to hit all three sites. (He told us how to get to Boston's). We'll definitely go back to this place.

BOSTON'S GOURMET PIZZA-- Very much like an Old Chicago restaurant, and just as expensive. Elegant and generic. You've been to one, you've been to them all.

ARCHIE & CLYDE'S ROCA BAR-- Hey,the name alone should be enough to get you to visit. What could be going on in a place named that? In a shopping strip mall with a neat sign outside. Huge place with a big bar. This place continues serving pizza the way the first pizza place in Evansville did back in the 1950s. Only problem is that to view the TVs, you have to look to the walls, instead of behind the bar.

We'll be back here as well.

For the trip, we went to 16 new (to us) NTN-Buzztime sites and revisited one we'd been to before in Columbus, Indiana. Perhaps we'll get to see Mrbrns next time.

I'll be ranking these places in the near future.

Hittin' the Road and NTNin'. --RoadDog

Down Da 66: Restaurants-- Meadow Gold-- Weak Dollar

Some New News About an Old Road.

1. RESTAURANTS-- From Route 66 News, I read that a Culver's is coming to Webb City, Missouri and will have a Route 66 theme. It is set to open in March. Now, if they'll just get signage through the area so you don't lose the route while driving through.

Atlanta's vintage Palms Grill is set to open by spring. A little tropics in the cold Midwest. Looking forward to stopping there for lunch.

2. MEADOW GOLD-- Also from the Route 66 News-- The wonderful old Meadow Gold advertising sign is going up again in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

3. WEAK DOLLAR-- The Jan. 4th NewsOk (Oklahoma) site reports that the weak US dollar is drawing foreign tourists to Oklahoma.

Amanda Davis, of the Miami (not pronounced the way you'd think) (Ok) Convention and Visitor's Bureau, says that Oklahoma is a big draw because of its Indian connection and 426 miles of Route 66.

Big stops are the Blue Whale in Catoosa, Coleman Theater and Waylan's Kuku Burgers in Miami, Totem Pole in Foyil, and now, Pops in Arcadia.

She said that a motorcycle group might spend 30 to 45 days on Route 66, of which perhaps 15 in Oklahoma where they will spend money in every town. They might spend up to $8,000 a day.

Now, You Know. --RoadDog

So, What Did I Buy?

Since I'm retired and have really run out of places to put stuff, I try to buy less and less while on the road. Actually, I am getting better at not buying souvenirs, but still have my lapses.

Had a semi-lapse in Panama City Beach. My excuse is that it was the FIRST time we'd been there. And, I'm sticking ....

I bought several pirate figures (one on a motorcycle and another on a surf board, never thought of a pirate on a surfboard, dude), a hat, and shot glasses at WAL MART. Also, two sets of Mardi Gras beads..

A "Bad to the Bone" sign at SHARKY'S.

A Donovan's Reef tee shirt at DONOVAN'S REEF. It got some comments at "our" Donovan's Reef back home in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

A sweatshirt at ALVIN'S ISLAND. My EXCUSE here is that it was very c-o-l-d for several days. Really, it was. Had to wear jeans, jacket, and sweatshirt to be comfortable, and I'd only bought one seat shirt.

A bumper sticker and four large postcards at MARGARITAVILLE. Something reasonably priced from old JB, WOW!!! Really like the bags they put your stuff in. Might have to cut it up and put it on the wall.

An ash tray, several shot glasses, sea shells, and a mini alligator in a box at two different EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR stores.

A couple Jimmy Buffett mouse pads and license plates at WRECK SHIRTS (on sale).

Oh, Well!! --RoadDog

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lincoln Highway Association Convention

The Feb. 12th Inside Indiana Business had an article about the upcoming June 15-20th 2009 Lincoln Highway national Convention. It is co hosted by the City of South bend and the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association.

Lots of activities are planned, as well as the usual pre and post convention auto tours and two days of bus trips along alignments and sights.

In addition, 2009 marks quite a few anniversary observances:

200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the road's namesake.

100th anniversary of Alice Ramsay's drive across the US in 1909 in her 1909 Maxwell. She was the first woman to drive transcontinental. The anniversary touring team will be in South Bend June 16th.

100th anniversary of the Indianapolis Speedway, founded by Carl Fisher who started the Lincoln Highway.

90th anniversary of the 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy which will be in town during the convention and will feature one hundred old military vehicles and antique vehicles.

Sounds Like a Lot of Fun. Unfortunately, I Will be on a Mediterranean Cruise, So Won't Be Able to Go. But Next Year, It is in My Home State of Illinois. --RoadDog

Souveniring in Panama City Beach

Like any good beach, Panama City Beach has lots and lots of places to plunk down your hard-earned money to show that you've been there.

One place I didn't see, though, was a Wings. Nary a one anywhere along the 14 miles. You can hardly go to a beach on the east coast without seeing two to four of them. Seemingly every couple miles.

Anyway, here are some souvenir places along PCB.

WRECK SHIRTS (or is it SHIPWRECK SHIRTS? I can't remember.)-- Kind of an upscale souvenir place, but with some really great special sales. Bought some Jimmy Buffett items here on sale for a lot cheaper than you can get at Margaritaville.

EVERY THING'S A DOLLAR-- Like it says, everything was a dollar and few items less. If WRECK SHIRTS is upscale, this ain't. But, if you look around, you can find some really good deals on decent stuff. Good place to get shot glasses and Florida ash trays.

ALVIN'S ISLAND-- Several of them, evidently the Wings of the Gulf. Very much like a Wings, actually, maybe they're the same company, different name. But, I was impressed with the one that really looks like an island on the outside and is one of the largest I've ever seen. It took a l-o-n-g time just to walk around. Then, there was the live shark and two very noisy birds as well as Eastern European/Russian employees.

MARGARITAVILLE-- overpriced as is everything Jimmy Buffett, but we love him anyway.

DONOVAN'S REEF-- Tee shirts sold in attached liquor store. Drink it here or take it with you. They also have a convenience store serving some great fried chicken. Fill your belly for around $3 while quenching your thirst and wearing some very hip apparel.

WAL-MART-- This place is loaded with beach-type souvenirs. And very reasonable. They had a whole aisle of Mardi Gras stuff as well.

Hey, Get Me a Tee Shirt!! RoadDog

Panama City Beach, Florida NTN Sites-- Search for the Warm-- Part 3

Panama City Beach has four NTN-Buzztime sites, two at the east end and two in the west.


PINEAPPLE WILLY'S-- One of the "big bar/restaurants" in PCB, no doubt jammed with Spring breakers in March. Unfortunately, they had put the NTN out at the Pier Bar which was opened yet, so we didn't get to play. Could be a great place to play and have a great view of the Gulf of Mexico while doing so. We'll have to get back and check it out.

TIME OUT-- Attached to a gas station and a typical sports bar.


BUFFALO WILD WINGS-- In Pier Park, a major tourist attraction in PCB, a short walk from Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Your typical BW3, but very friendly bartender, who told us about those great wings at Joe's.

CALYPSO-- Located right across from our motel, the Driftwood Lodge. We figured we'd get a lot of NTN-playing in during the evening hours, BUT....

Here's a place with every TV you could ever want to see, but who NEVER had NTN on, even Hold 'Em. The staff, with the exception of one bartender, was helpful when we asked for the game, but it always seemed like a big bother for them to put it obn a set. Too bad, because they also had dollar pints/$4 pitchers of Coors and Bud Light.

I doubt that they'll be keeping NTN for too much longer. Too bad.

Going Down the Road and Playing NTN-Buzztime. --RoadDog

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Real Locals Oyster and Seafood Place in Panama City, Florida

I have a distant cousin who lives near Panama City in Florida, and on our recent effort to avoid all the Global Warming that's been going on this winter in Illinois, we visited this area for the first time. Last year, we got to within 50 miles at Destin, but found out the college Spring Breakers were out in force at Panama City Beach, so proceeded no further.

Called him and asked him if we could get together at a really good locals seafood joint, and he recommended Hunt's Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant at 440 Grace Avenue in Panama City.


He gave good directions, but we evidently drove right by it and ended up in downtown Panama City where we had to ask for directions. Got them, back tracked and still couldn't find the place. Stopped at a gas station and asked where it was. I hate when this happens, but I was told it was "NEXT DOOR."

In my defense and my excuse is that this is a VERY NONDESCRIPT, one story building AND there is NO sign out by the street. The name is on the wall and windows which are not readily seen from the road, especially with the much larger and impressive Shrimp Boat Restaurant across the street. We must have been looking at that when we first drove by.


Joint is a good way to describe the place. If you're looking for elegance, this just ain't the place. This is a place for communing, drinking ice colds, and eating great seafood and at a reasonable price. There is absolutely nothing fancy about the place.

My cousin, his sister, and parents were already there, devouring plates of oysters and drinking beer when we arrived. He had made reservations and when we first entered, I was wondering why as there weren't that many people in there at 4:15. But, by 5, the line was out the door. They really pack the locals in.


A dozen oyster, fresh shucked at the counter, was $4.50. I could only look as I got ahold of a bad oyster 20 years ago and spent a real long two months getting over it. I still can't eat a raw oyster as the old body reminds me of what happened last time. I could just look longingly. I made up for it with lots of fried grouper balls, something you have to try when there. For dinner, I had a pound of the best jumbo Cajun shrimp I've ever tasted. Then, there were the hush puppies and coleslaw.

Phone number in case you get lost: 850-873-6313.

In Short, I Highly Recommend This Place. --RoadDog

New NTN Sites: Search for the Warm-- Part 2

Continuing from yesterday's entry.

Even if you're not hooked on NTN-Buzztime as Liz and I are, these are good places to visit while on vacation.


MULLIGAN'S-- Next to the Best Buy, north of town. Typical sports bar.

JOE'S CORNER PUB-- About a mile east of the bridge to PCB and hard to see from US-98, especially if driving west. Nondescript one-story white building with no windows. Wasn't too sure about going into this place, but quickly became a favorite. Mighty friendly place and definitely locals.

They just got NTN and a few folks are playing it, but they didn't know about having to have five boards to get a chance at a national ranking. They were wondering why we were playing more than a board apiece and had to explain.

This place is noted for their chicken wings, which is pretty much the only thing I saw served the two trips there. Get this, while at Buffalo Wild Wings at Pier Park, we mentioned to the bartender that we hadn't been able to find the place the first time we looked for it. He said that he shouldn't be saying this, but, in his opinion, they were the best wings anywhere around the area. Another customer quickly agreed. Now when BW3 says it's the best....

We ordered twenty for $7, and it was everything they said it would be. The bartender at Joe's suggested we try the blue cheese dressing. We don't usually like blue cheese, but she gave us a taste and we went with it. I didn't know which was better, the blue cheese dressing or wings.

Well worth a stop if you visit. One warning though, smoking is allowed.

More to Come. --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Gross-Out TV Commercials-- Then, It Gets Worse-- Dead Goats-- Speaking of Goats

Just a Few Things That Really Burn Me.

1. GROSS-OUT TV COMMERCIALS-- Anybody besides me fed up with seeing the repulsive Cialis and Viagra commercials. This does not need to be on TV. Can you imagine watching it with your mother in the room? Now, they take it to new levels of depravity with the Exten-se commercials. Talk about your double-entendres! Hey, I don't get it, Bob. Next thing you know, Dennis Hopper or Billy Mays will be pitching them.

2. THEN, IT GETS WORSE-- However, last night, these were trumped with a commercial for a Trojan personal vibrator for the ladies. I mean, really!! Did we need to see that? It featured two ladies talking discreetly about it at a restaurant and an older lady overhearing them and looking disgusted, until we find out she already uses one. Even something Billy won't pitch, or will he?

3. DEAD GOATS-- Read in today's Chicago Tribune that two cut up dead goats have been found in Skokie, Illinois in the past month. While vacationing in Panama City Beach a few weeks ago, I read an article about seven decapitated goats being found around the county in the last couple years. Is there some kind of a goat conspiracy going on? Just leave my buddies on Goat Hill on Il-120 going to Woodstock, alone!!

4. SPEAKING OF GOATS-- And, speaking of goats, what about Illinois' junior senator. You'd think he would have told all the whole time, even if the line of questioning went elsewhere. Didn't he figure he'd come into some scrutiny after his controversial nomination by Blago? Surely another embarrassment.

Actually, these little observations are normally posted on my blog, but I goofed.

Don't Look Back, They May Be Gaining. --RoadDog

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New NTN Sites: Search for the Warm

Here is a partial list of new (to us) NTN sites we visited in our annual Search for the Warm earlier this month.

DOTHAN, ALABAMA January 30th

PLAN B SPORTS PUB-- Free membership, but $5 cover charge for band, so didn't play here. Tried to tell the girl at the door that we were just going to play a game and leave, but to no avail.

LEGENDS-- no membership required. No one else playing and friendly bartender and patrons.

POCKETS LOUNGE-- paid $1 membership only to find NTN wasn't working,so left. Loads of billiard tables.

BEEF O'BRADY'S-- No membership required. Every seat in place taken and everyone playing Texas Hold 'Em. We left without playing. A national chain where a lot of them have the game.

TIME OUT-- Bought one membership (Liz got in as a visitor). Played a couple games. Typical sports bar.


THIRSTY GOAT-- In an old hotel dating back to about 1900, perhaps older. Very small bar and they weren't open yet when we visited, but they were nice enough to let us play. Might go back sometime and stay.


MANGO MARLEY'S-- Great Beach Bar. Like they say, "Floribbean Food, Fun, & Rum." Nothing fancy about this place located across the street from the Gulf. Picnic tables serve as seating if you're not at the bar. We were called "Snowbillies" by one patron. I'll take this as a compliment. Send us all your snowbirds, we need your money. Might have stayed at Mexico Beach, but couldn't find any likely motels within walking distance.

More to Come. --RoadDog

To NTN or Not to NTN

Well, we NTN'd our way south, in Panama City, and back. We went to a total of sixteen new NTN sites. Whenever we're on the road, we're also stopping at new NTN sites as well as ones we already visited.

There were the five I already mentioned in Dothan, Alabama, three of which wanted us to join as they were private clubs, something to do with ABC alcohol permits. It wasn't too bad because they were only a dollar, and one was free. You still had to fill out a form and put your address. I hope the folks who moved into our old house in Round Lake Beach will understand when they get advertisements from Dothan. We didn't want to give our current address.

We had planned to go to a lot more NTN sites, but that didn't happen when we decided to stay in Panama City Beach the whole time.

We were fortunate to have a place right across from the motel, Calypso's, which had NTN, but had such a hard time getting them to put it on, so only played there twice. Over the nine days we stayed, we got to all six sites in PC and PCB.

On the way home, we stopped at three more new sites in Newburgh, Indiana, just east of Evansville.

The List of New Sites Coming Up. --RoadDog

Monday, February 16, 2009

Memorial in Dekalb, Illinois

Remembrance ceremonies for the five slain Northern Illinois University students this past Saturday, the one year anniversary of the stunning even, partly centered around the new memorial which will be built just east of Cole Hall.

There will be five cardinal red granite panels with the names of the five slain along with the words "Forward, Together, Forward, Together, Forward" on them. These words are taken from the Huskie fight song.

A carved walkway will wrap along the stones along with 20 dawn redwood, white oak, and evergreen trees. Benches will also be situated in front of the stones for contemplating.

The estimated $150,000 cost is being entirely funded from private sources. A 40 member design committee selected this memorial from some 200 entries.

Dekalb, Illinois, is located in northern Illinois and is also on the Lincoln Highway, Illinois Rt. 38.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lincoln Highway to Be Celebrated in Philadelphia

The Lincoln Highway runs through Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue. A group met to discus ways to honor it. Joel Spivak, trolley historian and chairman of the Philadelphia planning group plans to educate people about the Lincoln Highway because of the 200th anniversary of the road's namesake.

One of the first things they plan to do is to have stores along the alignment put up replicas of the 1913 sign.

News of the Road. --RoadDog

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snowbirds or Snowbillies?

Last year was our first experience with folks sometimes called snowbirds. In the Florida Panhandle, they seem to mostly hail from the Midwest.

For one thing, the panhandle and Gulf Coast are much closer to the Midwest than South Florida. Also, this whole area is Central Time Zone. I don't know about you, but I am not much of a fan of the Eastern Time Zone.

There are even clubs for most Midwest states along the Gulf Coast which hold monthly meetings. Several bars in Panama City Beach cater to Midwesterners with the Big Ten Network.

While at the Driftwood Lodge, the neighbors to one side of us were from Indiana and on the other were from Ohio. A walk through the parking lot found cars from Illinois, Missouri, and quite a few from Ontario.

Some of the people were getting special monthly rates as low as $700 and to a $1000. Not bad when you also have no worries about the place when you're not there as you would if you owned a second home.

I think this is the way we might end up going. Just rent a place for awhile, although I don't think I want to stay for a month or more at this time. I'm thinking a couple weeks in one place and a couple more in another. What we will end up doing is still to be seen.

By the way, one lady at Mexico Beach calls those coming down for the winter Snowbillies."

Not Sure If I'm a Snowbird, Snowbilly, Or, Just Lost. --RoadDog

Friday, February 13, 2009

Search for the Warm Part 3

Originally, the plans were to go to Panama City, stay there for a few days, then head west for Destin and Fort Walton Beach before Gulf Shores, Alabama.

We wanted some warm weather, sun, playing NTN, and mom/pop motels.

The drive from Dothan, Alabama, was all four lane highway, but boring for the most part. They was a really nice Florida Welcome Center, though, and free orange juice for some reason.

We went through some towns on the way, but weren't impressed.

Ate some good barbecue at Smitty's in Panama City. The place has all sorts of aircraft hanging from the ceilings and pictures on the walls. Tyndall AFB is nearby.

Drove out to Panama City Beach to check it out, since we'd never been to it before. Found some likely places to stay.


There was an NTN site at both these towns located on the Gulf shore, so drove west out to them.

The Thirsty Goat in Port St. Joe is located in an old hotel dating back at least to 1913. The bar wasn't open yet, but they let us play NTN by the fire place.

Mexico Beach had the Mango Marley's which can best be described as a perfect Beach Bar. Nothing fancy, including seating at picnic tables if you're not at the bar.

We had thought to stay in one of these towns, but, didn't find any motels nearby, so drove back to Panama City Beach.

Finally, Getting Warm. --Cooter

The Lincoln Highway's Coffee Pot

The good folks at the HMdb recently spotlighted the Lincoln Highway's Coffee Pot in what was called programmic architecture designed to appeal to the driving public. This type of structure was an over-sized building designed to look like something.

There were many in Pennsylvania along the LH like the Ship Hotel and Shoe House.

In 1927, Bert Koontz designed and quickly erected the Coffee Pot in the west end of Bedford, Pa.. At first, it was a restaurant with gas station next door. In 1937, it was converted into a bar with a hotel built in back of it. A Greyhound bus depot was located next door.

In 2004, the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor moved and restored it. The article has a picture of the marker and the Coffee Pot.

Bedford, Pennsylvania, also has the Espy House, where George Washington stayed on his way to crush the Whiskey Rebellion.

There is also a marker where the Lincoln Highway meets the Super Highway, the Pa. Turnpike. It says that Pennsylvania has three centuries of American transportation from Indian paths, to wagon trails, canals, railroads, along with roads and highways.

Rolling Down the Old Lincoln. --RoadDog

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Do Golden Corrals Do It?

This grazing spot is now quite high on my list of places to stop on the road.

I've known about these restaurants for awhile, but had never stopped at one until I was on a bus trip to Philadelphia. We stopped at one in Maryland on the National Road, and I was hooked. I now have my wife Liz just as enamored of the places.

You can eat as healthy as you like or really pig out. And, we're not even going to talk about the desserts and don't you go telling Doc.

We ate at two of them on this most recent trip to the Florida panhandle. One was in Panama City right after our first-ever Mardi Gras parade. This was also the first time we've eaten dinner, and that is a great deal as well, with two types of shrimp, the Applewood grill and steaks cooked the way you want them. And that was all for $9.99, along with the regular items.

The other was in Terre Haute, Indiana, just south of the I-70/Us-41 exit. Almost drove by it as it sits a little off the road, behind a Walgreen's.

Lunch is $7.29. Drinks are extra.

This last November, I ate a breakfast buffet at the one by Lexington, kentucky, and that was mighty good as well.

Is That a Yellow and Red Sign Up Ahead? Quick, pull over.

Always Eat Too Much. --RoadDog

Lincoln Logs: Happy 200th-- Parade Included-- Running the Ohio LH-- LH Eastern Terminus-- Mr. Lincoln Highway Ailing

Some New News About an Old Road.

1. HAPPY 200th-- Big Happy Birthday to our highway's namesake today. For some interesting Lincolnia facts, look at today's entries.

2. PARADE INCLUDED-- From LH News-- Obama's inauguration parade included vehicles from the LH-related 90th anniversary of the Army's transcontinental convoy which included Lt. Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower which will be coming to a Lincoln Highway town near you this summer.

3. RUNNING THE OHIO LH-- Eric Ebinger, 31, leaves today for a 241-mile run across the Ohio section of the LH. He plans on running 50 miles a day and will be joined by cross-country teams from high schools along the way. This summer, he plans to revisit the path to spend more time. He is keeping a blog of the trip.

4. LH EASTERN TERMINUS-- The LH News also reported that today, NY City will be installing a temporary marker for the Lincoln Highway's eastern terminus at 42nd street and Broadway. Just in time for you know who's birthday.

5. MR. LINCOLN HIGHWAY AILING-- The LH News also says that a man who can truly be called "Mr. Lincoln Highway', Gregory Franzwa, a LH Association founder, editor of the LHA Forum quarterly magazine, and author of many books on the road, is ailing. Here's hoping for a fast recovery, Mr. Franzwa.

Now, You Know. --RoadDog

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Made it Home

Arrived home here in Spring Grove, Illinois, last night. Went out to the mailbox to get the Advertiser still wearing my shorts and tee shirt from sunny and warm Florida. And..., I didn't freeze. I wasn't even cold. That is an amazing feat for February 10th. Hard to believe it was just about as warm here in Illinois as in Florida.


Most interstate folks don't know what a good road US-41 is on its route through western Indiana, but it is four lane divided the whole way, except where it breaks away and heads northeast north of Terre Haute. However, you can take Indiana Highway 63 which continues four lanes.

With the exception of Evansville and Terre Haute, there are no major towns you have to drive through. You might have to stop at a few small towns along the way, though.

But overall, this is a great alternate route to I-65 and a much more direct drive if you're heading for Nashville and points south. I-65 cuts quite a ways east to Louisville and then back west to Nashville.

Love the Road, Good to get Home. --RoadDog

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ice Storm Damage Continues

Driving south to Florida, we encountered lots of damage from an ice storm that hit Kentucky the day before we left. Trees were practically on the lanes of I-65 and definitely bending low. At Horse Cave, the McDonald's and gas station were closed. We didn't see a real lot as it was dark.

The next day, leaving Franklin, Tennessee, we saw several convoys of electric trucks heading north for Kentucky.

Coming back this past Monday, we saw several convoys of trucks heading south, their job in Kentucky apparently finished. There were still downed trees along the sides of roads in Kentucky.

We drove around Newburgh, Indiana, and saw many, many piles of limbs. The Tuesday Evansville, Indiana, newspaper reported that limb pick up was to start Feb. 16th, with two areas a day picked up until completion.

They really got nailed by that ice storm.

No More Monster Tacos

Two items from yesterday's drive.

We had been wondering whether several signs for places called Jack's located along I-65, might have had something to do with one of our favorite places to eat, Jack in the Box. Liz is particularly fond of their Monster Tacos and I also like the Jumbo Jacks.


We got to talking about how, while a Delta Sig at Northern Illinois University, my roommate, George, got a job at the new Jack in the Box located at Village Commons. His return from the evening shift was always anxiously awaited at the fraternity house on Greenbrier Road, as he would bring any items left over. He's be met at the door by more than a few hungry frat rats. Hey, free food, more money for beer!!!

This got me hooked on Jumbo Jacks. Naturally, as THE ROOMMATE, I got first choice.


Shortly after getting onto I-24 (and we hit Nashville at the evening rush hour and didn't have too bad of a time), we saw a sign for Jack in the Box. We didn't know they had them in Tennessee.

We weren't too happy to see that the Jack in the Box was 2.7 miles off the road. I wish they could let you know that bit of information before you exit. But, we were hungry enough that we decided to drive on to it.

Upon arriving, we searched the menu board looking for Monster Tacos and couldn't find it. We saw a two tacos for 99 cents deal, but no Monsters. Asked the manager who said they were discontinuing them, but he had a few left in the freezer. We ordered five. I'm not sure why they would discontinue them. They are quite popular, and even when the Chicago Tribune ran an article on nearest fast food chains to Chicago (nearest Jack in the Box in Litchfield, Illinois), they mentioned people liking that Mexican creation.

We bought the two smaller tacos to compare them to the Monster, and they're essentially the same, but not to Liz's taste.

I think Jack in the Box is making a mistake doing away with MONSTER TACOS.

I, by the way, did have a Jumbo Jack.

Playing Taps for a Great American tradition. --RoadDog

Just About Home

And speaking of warmth, we're getting it on the way back home, both yesterday and today. Still wearing my beach shorts and polo shirt and intend to wear them all the way back home. Who'd have figured it would be in the 60s today in Spring Grove, Illinois? February 10th, and 60 degrees. However, that lately has come to mean, WATCH OUT for some particularly nasty weather.

Yesterday, drove from Panama City Beach via Florida Hwy 79, which turned into Alabama Hwy 167 to US-231 in Troy to Montgomery, where we picked up I-65 to Nashville. Again, enjoyed the big Confederate flag between Birmingham and Montgomery, compliments of the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, then there was that huge rocket at the Alabama Welcome Center. Definitely two landmarks.

Gas was about 10-15 cents more expensive in Florida than Alabama. The most expensive gas I bought on the trip was $1.98 in Florida by I-10.


Took I-24 west from Nashville to Penneyville Parkway (US-41) and future I-69 Corridor. Amazing road, in that it was a tollway constructed with the promise that when it was paid for, it would become free, AND IT ACTUALLY DID!!!! Hear that Illinois??

Went to Newburgh, Indiana, and played NTN at three places: State Street, Boston's, and Archie and Clyde's Roca Bar. That brought us to a total of 16 new sites visited for the trip. It could have been more, but we stayed longer in Panama City Beach.

Got a room at the Evansville, Indiana, Super 8 and actually have decent wireless reception, about the only shortcoming of the Driftwood Lodge in Panama City Beach, where we stayed from January 31st to yesterday.

Love the Road, But Good to get Home. --RoadDog

There Really Was an HMS Edinburgh and Lots of Gold

I looked up the HMS Edinburgh on the internet and found out there really was such a ship that carried gold bullion from Uncle Joe (Stalin) to the Allies to cover war materiel he was receiving. I first heard about it while talking with the guy from Alaska at Donovan's Reef in Panama City Beach which I had a blog entry on Feb. 5th.

I'd never heard of this ship, or the gold, before. The Edinburgh was a light cruiser that was escorting a convoy from Murmansk, Soviet Union, when it was hit and disabled by two torpedoes fired from a U-Boat. While being towed back to Murmansk, it was attacked by German planes and three destroyers and finally crippled beyond salvage. The British attempted several times to sink her, including exploding depth charges alongside it, but finally succeeded with torpedoes.

A dive company recovered most of the gold ingots in 1981 by cutting through the hull. So, this must have been the guy's participation in the event.

I'll report more on the story in my Cooter's History Thing blog,

You just never Know Who You'll Meet While on the Road. --RoadDog

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Search for the Warm-- Part 2

From Columbus to Louisville, the trees had been "painted" by mother nature. Nothing much prettier than all that white outling the trees. Once past Louisville, it turned to ice and the limbs were weighted down. Some of the trees were lying right next to the I-65 lanes. We found closed gas stations at Horse Cave and a McDonald's which only had the drive-thru open because of problems from the ice storm.

Visited with my nephew, wife, and kids in White House, Tennessee for several hours and got a room in Franklin, Tennessee, for the night.


One nice thing about Franklin is that we were south of Nashville and that congestion as we continued southward. Passed the exit for Elm Springs, the national headquarters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (even had a Confederate flag on the the interstate exit sign, I wonder how that got by the pcers?)

Between Birmingham and Montgomery, we saw a big Confederate flag on top of a giant flagpole visible for miles with the words Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans on a sign roadside. Way to keep it flying high and proud.

Encountered some of the most congested driving ever on US-82 south of Montgomery as we left I-65 for US-231 to go to Panama City. Better planning is definitely needed here.

Took it to Dothan, Alabama, where we spent the night. Went to five places with NTN and had to buy three memberships to places because of ABC alcohol laws.

Almost There. --RoadDog

Gonna Miss This

As Trace Adkins sings, "I'm sure gonna miss this."

Sitting at a picnic table right now listening to "Gimme Good Lovin'" by Crazy Elephant on the radio station Beach 95One here in Panama City Beach with the waves of the Gulf of Mexico crashing ashore onto that striking white beach.

What started out as a two day stay here at the Driftwood Lodge was extended three more days, and finally until today (four more). And now, it is going to get considerably warmer, to the 70s. This past week, it was a bit nippy at upper 40s. If I didn't have to work Wednesday, I'd stay a few more days.

We've been watching them build the Pier Park pier and were even awakened last Sunday morning by them pounding forms into the sand.

This is a great place and we will be back.

Sure Gonna Miss It. --RoadDog

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Donovan's Reef (Florida Version)-- Part 2

Continuing with Interesting Folks.


Well, not the REAL Willie Nelson, but this guys knows how to walk like Willie, talk like Willie, look like Willie, and sing like Willie at karaoke. We were shocked to learn he was a retired bank president from Tallahassee. When I asked him how he got into Willie, he said that one time he was at a karaoke place and someone said he sounded so much like Willie, he might as well go with it. And, he has.

You'd swear he was Willie, right down to the hair and grizzled beard. He has fifth row tickets to see Willie when he comes to PC in March. He is what you would call a character.


Speaking of Willie, yesterday I bought the new Willie and the Wheel album at Best Buy. Not only do I like Willie Nelson, but he is singing Western Swing, and singing it with one of my favorite groups, Asleep at the Wheel. I like Western Swing as well. Like Ray Benson says, "Western Swing Ain't Dead, It's Asleep at the Wheel."

This is a mighty good group of songs. Give it a Listen. --RoadDog

Donovan's Reef (Florida Version)-- Interesting Characters and Karaoke.

We've spent some great times since Saturday at Donovan's Reef Bar across Front Beach Road from the Driftwood Lodge where we're staying. Of course, Donovan's reef is the place we hang out at more often than not at home.

This is our kind of place with very friendly locals and snowbirds. Been enjoying their $1.25 frozen mugs of Natural Light, plus karaoke Wednesdays to Saturdays. Some of the folks can sing, but others are pretty bad. One guy in particular makes up for inability to sing with enthusiasm.


Quite a few snowbirds, including neighbor Larry from Indiana hang out there. We've gotten to meet Gary, a retired Ford autoworker from Detroit, who I will dub as the "Mayor of Donovan's." He has retired full-time to here.

Plus, there was the couple from Alaska who are snow-birding it. He is a deep water welder who works on oil rigs and also recovered gold from the WW II wreck of the Edinburgh which was carrying gold bars for the Lend-Lease Program. I'll have to look that up. They said that their home is right by the area that the film "North to Alaska" was based on and knew the people actors Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, and John Wayne were based on as well.

More to Come. Really Interesting Folks at Donovan's. --RoadDog

Mighty Cold and Wi-Fi Probs

This morning, there was actually ice on some of the grass and the girl in the office said she hit some ice on the way to work. It got about as cold as it has ever been here last night. We SURE didn't come here for c-o-l-d and could have had plenty of it at home.

It was sunny, but temp about 50 degrees with lots of cold in the heavy wind, so didn't get much of a chance to sit out by the Gulf Of Mexico. And, yesterday, back home in Illinois, the temp was -3 for a low going up to 15 degrees for a high. I'll take this.

We're also having reception problems with the wi-fi so its hard to post. I've had several longer posts that were lost, something I am not happy about.

This weekend, Panama City is having a Mardi Gras celebration, so we're going to get a chance to get some beads and great Cajun and Zydeco music.

We were going to drive west to Destin, but decided to stay here on Panama City Beach.

As the Snowbirds say, "Yeah, It's Cold, But at Least Sunny. --RoadDog

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Criteria for Picking a Great Beach Motel

Whenever Liz and get to a new beach, the first thing we do is take a ride about. We look first at places on the water or at least across the street from it. Then, we want to find a mom and pop place with one or two stories.

You can usually tell that the motel is a good place if the landscaping and exterior or in top shape. You never know for sure what you're going to get with a mom and pop. Sometimes, we will ask to see a room, but usually if the outside is good, the inside is good as well.

Next, we want to see if there are nearby bars and proximity to any place we want to go.

If it meets these criteria, it's a go.

We found just such a place in Panama City Beach, the Driftwood Lodge, dating back to the 50s with he same family running it. Even better, nightly rentals are $55 to $60 during the off-season, which is now in the Florida Panhandle.

We have a room just across the dunes from some of the whitest sand you'll ever see, and, then there's that water. I'm typing away right now at a picnic table overlooking the beach. Makes for slow typing above and beyond my two-finger technique.

Across the street, we have a place with NTN and $1 pints of Coors Light and a locals bar called Donovan's Reef, the same name as our favorite place in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, out home NTN bar.

Thinkin' We Just Might Stay Awhile. --RoadDog

Mighty Good Traveling Radio Station-- Beach Music

Well, we made it to the warm, sort of. Earlier this week, temps were in the 70s here in Panama City, but low 60s today and a definite cold in the air. But still better than at home which actually got over freezing for the first time in wekks.

Yesterday, while doing the seek on the radio, I came across a station that surprised me by playing Beach Music, and that was Beach 95 One, 95.1 FM. I did not know they had beach music this far off the Atlantic coast. They refer to it as Panama City Beach, Beach Music. They also play oldies about two-thirds of the time, but not jut a few same-old, same-olds. They dig deep down for half of these oldies.

I guess they have several stations, as I also got it on 106.3 FM and its coverage area goes from Panama City to Destin, Florida.

To give you an idea of what they play, here is a set list from 2 pm. Probably the only drawback of the station, however, is that they don't say the songs. ?- Not sure * Beach Song

Western Union-- Five Americans
So In Love-- Tymes*
Dock of the Bay-- Otis Redding
That Girl-- Gene Chandler
Thank You John-- Willie Tee*
Oh, Carol-- Chuck Berry
Ain't No Mountain High Enough-- Gaye and Ross?
Why ?*
La La La Means I Love You-- Delfonics
It Doesn't Matter Anymore?-- Buddy Holly
First Impressions-- Catalinas?*
Da Doo Ron Ron-- Ronettes
Ruby Tuesday-- Rolling Stones
It's Gonna Rain?--*
River Deep, Mountain High-- Supremes & Four Tops?
What'd You Do That For? -- ?
Walk Away Renee-- Left Banke
Big Rear Window-- ?*
Patches-- Clarence Carter

Now, That's One Really Good Line Up. Like they say, "Good Times, Great Music, and Lots of Beach Music." "We don't play the same 200 songs over and over and over." "You know, that sand gets into everything, and we love our Beach Music."
"Not your typical oldies station."

Believe Me, My Radio's Stuck. --RoadDog