Friday, May 31, 2019

Along 66, April 2019: Roy Rogers and Soda Pop

From Ron Warnick's Route 66 News.  I just pick out items he writes about that are of most interest to me.  He has a lot more stories, information and pictures.

APRIL 19--  Roy Rogers' Ranch in Victorville put up for sale.  It is just off Route 66 in Victorville, California., The Double R Bar ranch.  Wonder where he got the Double R?

Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans owned three homes along the Mojave River, a few hours outside of Las Vegas.

I was a big Roy Rogers fan back in my much, much younger days.

APRIL 21--  Route 66 Soda adds to the 300 flavors of soda already offered at the Fanning 88 Outpost west of Cuba, Missouri.  Fanning Outpost is now a mini version of Pops near Arcadia, Oklahoma, which has 500 varieties of soda.

I am so happy Fanning Outpost reopened.

It's Giant Rocking Chair Versus Giant Soda Bottle, You Know.  --RoadDog

Thursday, May 30, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 29: Meanwhile, Back at the Legion Bar and Out On Georgetown Road

SATURDAY, MAY 27   And Nary a "Woooooo" was heard.

Back to the Legion and met Sue, Paul and John at the bar.  The place was just about standing room only and a whole lot of people enjoying themselves and with a really good band, Mississippi Raglips & River Dogs.   Every so often, someone would let loose a "Wooooo!" and inevitably, they would be a lot of responding "Woooos!"

We went out to Georgetown Road, which gets closed to vehicle traffic at night and become a huge promenade for all sorts of strange people and other celebrants to walk up and down it in front on the Speedway.  Lots and lots of drinking going on there as well.

We are glad not to have a parking space right by it as we did one year as many "lightly" tapped on the RV after we had turned in for the night.  Sue was definitely not a happy camper that night.

As usual, there was a lot of police presence, both walking amid the people and riding in all-terrain vehicles.  The walkers were peaceful, but many, as I said, were a bit odd.  And, quite often, "Woooo!" would be heard.

It Was A Woo Thing, You Wouldn't Understand.   --RoadDog

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Greatest Salute to the American Military, Indy 500-- Part 2

Then, the Indy 500 begins its salute to the American military.

12:09 pm:  Military March
12::13:  "America the Beautiful"
12:16:  Military speech delivered by General Michael Xavier Garrett, Commanding General United States Army Forces Command.

12:20:  Presentation of Colors
12:22:  "Taps"
12:23:  "God Bless America"  by Chevel Shepherd  (Flyover by four Army helicopters)

12:26:  "National Anthem" performed by Kelly Clarkson
12:28:  Flyover to be piloted by Air Force Heritage Flight  (Consisted of a P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, A-10 Warthog and F-16.)

12:36:  "Back Home Again in Indiana"  Performed by Jim Cornelison.

12:38:  "Lady and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!"
12:45:  103rd  Running of the Indianapolis 500

And the Race Was On.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Greatest Salute to the American Military, the Indy 500-- Part 1

The reason why I did not post the last five days was that I was there, right across Georgetown Road which runs by the racetrack.  Not only is this "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing," but it has to be the  greatest salute to the honor of the U.S. military, both living and dead and especially those who gave their lives serving, for Memorial Day.

Here is a list of what happened before the race:

8 am:  Parade of Marching Bands
8:45:  Borg-Warner Trophy March to the Bricks
9:30:  Celebrity Red Carpet

10:30:  "On the Banks of the Wabash"  performed by the Purdue Marching Band
10:53:  Delivery of the Green Flag
11:00:  Past Indy 500 winners laps

11:20:  Historic Race car laps
11:26:  Marion Andretti car laps.
11:43:  "God Bless the USA"

12:01:  Driver introductions

Then, we begin the salute to the military.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 28: The 9/11 Truck and Bo's Club


One thing that really impressed at the Chevy exhibit was the 2001 truck painted with pictures of 9/11.  Those burning towers always get me.  On the back of the truck was a painting of the White House War Room where Pres. Obama watched the operation that took out the world's biggest coward, that O. guy.

Back to the RV for cocktails.

I met Bo.  As he drove along, there was what would have to be classified as the world's biggest party.  Celebrants and trash everywhere.

Bo's PBF Club had a big crowd with a cookout and all sorts of drink specials.  Four cans of beer for $7. Lots of friendly folk.  Talked with some Vietnam veterans and there was also karaoke.  Very friendly DJ.  Talked with him and he agreed with me when I said where else can you get free drinks and get paid to party.  (I used to be a deejay.)

It was a real hard drive back to the legion because of the traffic and you had to really keep an eye on tottering people walking along the roads.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 27: Looking At Chevys

Saturday, May 27

Watched the 1992 Indy 500 on the big screen by the Pagoda which had thirteen wrecks.  Al Unser, Jr. won.  It was the closest race in history up until then.  However, close races are pretty much the norm these days.

Probably my favorite thing to do on these Saturday walk-arounds is go to the Chevrolet exhibit and see all those neat cars.  Since Pontiac is gone, I am a Chevy Guy these days.Those Corvettes and Camaros, Wow, get me to salivating.  Of course, a more realistic Chevy for me is the Malibu (we have a 2003 and a 2011 Malibu and the next "family car" will probably be a Malibu).

The 2017 Indy 500 car is the 2017 Chevy Camaro and are they ever decked out for $55,000.If I decide to get rid of our 1985 Pontiac Firebird, there may be a used Camaro in the future.

However, a problem now with Chevy cars is that they no longer come with CD players.  That could be a deal killer for me as I am not a downloader and love my CDs.  And, of course, the last car we got which also had a cassette player was the 2003.I guess it would have to be a post buying product I;d have to have installed.  But Chevy would have to cover it.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 26: Walking Around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Paul made one of his special breakfasts.

We could overhear the pa at the track announcing the names of the drivers.  Helio and Hinchcliffe, my favorite, got huge cheers.  Also Tony Kanaan, Fernando Alonso, an Indy car rookie who normally drives F-1.  Ed Carpenter, local favorite.  and Scott Dixon.  I am getting to know the racers now that I have been here several times.

An RV Black Water waste disposal unit came through the Legion grounds.  Yesterday they were charging $35 to clean out that, but today $45.  In case you're interested, call 800-909-5646 for sanitation to get rid of that pesky black water.

saw an ad for 105.7 Soft Rock station.

It cost $10 to get into the track today.  This is a big walking day.  It's walk, walk, walk and then walk some more.  We walked along every street in Gasoline Alley and then on to the museum.  We didn't go in, but like to check out the store where they sell things for cheap.  Believe me, the IMS makes a whole lot of money on their trinkets for this race.  Nothing cheap.

And, it was a very hot day.  My feet were sore so I tried to sit in Founders' Circle, but it was too hot.  Finally found some shade in the Pagoda Plaza.Saw lots of Cubs shirts since they won the World Series last year.


Monday, May 20, 2019

Along 66, April 2019: Scott Piotrowski and the Coleman Theatre

APRIL 16--  Scott Piotrowski's film "158 Miles to Yesterday" is now on You Tube.It is a 20-minute documentary he uploaded from VHS.

He features two people from Route 66, artist Bob Waldmire and Frontier Motel and Cafe co=owner Mildred Baker, both of who have since died.

Scott also wrote the 2003 book "Finding the end of the Mother Road:  Route 66 in Los Angeles, California." He is president of the California Historic Route 66 Association and also gives walking tours.

We were fortunate enough to meet him back in 2006.  I doubt that anyone knows more about Route 66 in California and especially Los Angeles.

APRIL 17--  The Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma, is marking its 90th anniversary.  They will have a special showing of the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz."  It opened in 1929 as a vaudeville venue and then made the transition to movie house.

Some famed performers who appeared on stage there:  Will Rogers, Tom Mix, Sally Rand and Bing Crosby.

How Do You Pronounce Miami, Oklahoma, Again?   --RoadDog

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Along 66, April 2019: The Ariston in Illinois and Newkirk, New Mexico (A Near Ghost Town)

These are taken from the Route 66 News site, the first place you want to go to find out what is going on along our Mother Road.  I only write about some of the things, the site has a lot more, complete with pictures and video.  Plus, the site goes into much greater detail.  Check it out.

APRIL 12--  U.S. Representative Rodney Davis spoke Thursday about the Ariston Cafe's 95th anniversary in Litchfield, Illinois.  It opened in 1924 in Carlinville, but moved to Litchfield in 1935.

One of our favorite places on 66 and it is so good to see it coming back.

APRIL 15--  Original Route 66 alignment verified near Newkirk, New Mexico.  It was part of the road in the 1920s and part of it is on private land.  It was an unpaved section and was part of US-66 until the road was realigned to the north and on a paved road.

Today, Newkirk is almost a ghost town.  I looked at the Yahoo Image results for the town and they bear out that description.  Wikipedia says the 2010 population was 7.

One notable person from there.  She was Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert (1894- 1991), noted for educator, nutritionist, activist, writer and inventor of the u-shaped fried taco shell.

Perhaps we'll get off at Highway 129 next time through New Mexico.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 25: "Jet Airliner", Bo, Legion


We walked forward a ways and could actually see the band.  Thought I might like to say I saw them, not just heard them.  Well, we could see them on the giant video screens.

"JET AIRLINER"  Final Encore song.

The ground was extremely littered with all sorts of stuff, especially aluminum cans, plastic items, wrecked chairs and bits of clothing.  Kind of reminded me of those pictures of Woodstock back in 1969.  Plus, it was quite muddy after all the rain this past week.  Sure glad I didn't have to clean that mess up.

Great show from a 74-year-old guy.  Thanks Steve.

I met friend Bo, who we had met down at Panama City Beach back in February.  He lives in Speedway, Indiana, and since I was now in Speedway, it seemed the thing to do.  He wanted to show me his Speedway.

He first took me to his private club, which was anything but snooty.  Enjoyed those folks.  Then, we went to Scottie's, a local watering hole and a fun place as well.  The bar manager was wearing a White Sox hat so we had a good Sox talk.

While I was with Bo, a real big storm came through.  It was violent.

Back to the Legion and some standing water.  Sure glad it didn't do that during the concert.

Met Sue and Paul and enjoyed the Current Situation Band.  I didn't, however, enjoy the $5 beers.

Quite a Day.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 24: Jokin' Like An Eagle Rockin' the Jungle


Still with der Steve.

"Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma"

Well, I started off this morning having to wear a sweatshirt, but for not any longer.  Kind of mean-looking clouds would drift across the sun every so often and we were very thankful for it.  It was getting quite steamy hot.

"The Joker"

Another sing-a-long.  Everybody yelled when that guitar slid the notes early in the song.

Guy walks by with a Brazilian flag as a cape and reading "No Engleesh.  Kiss me."

Now Steve and band were really cooking and the crows was going crazy.

"Fly Like An Eagle"

"Rock 'N Me"


"Jungle Love"

One Real GOOD Time.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 23: "Don't You Know I'm the Gangster of Love"


Still at the Steve Miller Band concert.

The next song was one I'd heard before, but wasn't sure of the name. It started with the words "Did you see the light."  I think I heard someone say it was called "Serenade."  I just went to You Tube and found out that was the name.

Then, "Space Cowboy."

Something about it being written in the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco where the floor bounced up and down with the crowd.  Monday they had Johnny Cash, then Chuck Berry.  Wednesday was the Grateful Dead.  Thursday was Big Brother & the Holding Company (any you-know-who).

Steve Miller played there 120 times and said that Santana inspired this song.

A whole lot of yelling for this song and even the youngsters in the crowd singing along.

Who' s a Space Cowboy?  Every so often, funny smells would go through the crowd.

"I told you 'bout living in the USA.  Don't you know  I'm a gangster of love."

"I'm A Space Cowboy.  Bet You Weren't Ready For That."  --RoadDog

Monday, May 13, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 22: Tee Shirts, Beer Cans and Songs


Still at the Steve Miller Band concert.

I had to take a guess as to the names of their next three songs.

'GOING UP THE COUNTRY"   Correct guess.

"THE STRANGER"   On You Tube today and found it was "Stranger Blues."

Tee shirt:   Johnny Cash playing an electric guitar and giving the "finger."

Steve Miller is playing a blue guitar with white stars on it.  Now, he has a different electric guitar.

Tee shirt:  "I'll call in sick for Carb Day."


Tee Shirt: "All hustle, No luck."

Well, if you go around gathering aluminum cans to sell, this is where you want to be.

Beer Cans All Around.  --RoadCarb

Saturday, May 11, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 21: Beer Can Towers, Sugar Babe, True Fine Love


There were several towers of beer cans, duct taped together, in evidence at the Steve Miller concert, one of which was near us.  After a while, they got so high they were practically touching the ground, but everyone was having fun.  A gravity thing I suppose.   I have to wonder if this was pre-planned or not.  Who goes to a concert carrying duct tape.  Perhaps you never know when you're going to need duct tape.  When the Barenaked Ladies had seen them, they made up that song about them right on the stage.

First say "Joker" and then they kicked it off with the song "Sugar Babe" as they did in 1973.

People were walking around selling Steve Miller 2017 Tour tee shirts for $20.  Paul bought one.  They look sharp, but I sure don't need anymore tee shirts.

"True Fine Love"

I didn't know this song so wrote down some lyrics as best I could:

""Get your rocks off,  I'm gonna knock your socks off.  We're gonna raise a family."

"Dance, Dance, Dance"    Off the "Fly Like An Eagle" album.    A real country hoe-down.  Banjos and everything.   Steve played an acoustic guitar on this one.

I Want That Tee Shirt.  --RoadShirt

Friday, May 10, 2019

Indy 500 2017-- Part 20: Crown Me With a Cheseboiger

The songs:


Gone are the days when you'd get in trouble for videoing at a concert.  Lots and lots of videos being taken. And those young folks were really enjoying our old "Geezer" music.

A guy came by and offered us a shot of the new Crown Royal Apple drink.  We took a shot.  Good stuff, but hey, after our trips to Florida I have become a big fan of anything Crown Royal.  Probably shouldn't take shots from people we don't know.  Oh well.

"Livin' In the U.S.A."

Steve played a harmonica.  His voice was not quite as good on this one, but sounded good as ever on most of the rest.  This is my song of the 60s.  I was wondering if Steve would say, "Somebody Give me A Cheeseburger!"  He did.  As did most everyone there.

Tee shirt:  "Somebody Shut the Front Door."

"Take the Money and Run."



Thursday, May 9, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 19: Of Cheeseburgers, Flying Horses and Space Cowboys


The Steve Miller Band started right when they were scheduled to start at 5 p.m., something I really like.  I hate when a concert doesn't start on time and often it is just the performer(s) being egotistical.  The MC said, "Welcome Stevie Guitar and his band."

No big surprise, but Steve Miller is getting lots of gray hair, but, in his defense, he HAS been  around for a lot of years.  He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1943 and formed his band in 1966 and is still playing music.  I remember his first big hit, "Somebody Give Me A Cheeseburger," no "Living in the U.S.A." in 1968.

He comes on stage and says, "Nobody loves you like I love you."

Of course, we were so far back and blocked by tall people, but if you moved up a little you could see him on some huge screens on the side of the stage.

By now, the already wet ground was getting pretty muddy with everyone walking around.  I wasn't going to sit down in that mud, so stood.  And as I get older, standing for a long time is less of an option.

We had already seen them, but especially now we saw the "Space Cowboy" tee shirts with the famous flying horse logo of Steve Miller.  I was really tempted to buy a Steve Miller tee shirt, but already have WAY TOO many tee shirts.  Paul bought one, though.

A Real Trip Back.  --RoadWooooo

2017 Indy 500-- Part 18: Of "Woooooos" and Milk


That loud "Woooooo" we heard was none other than pro wrestler Ric Flair who was introducing Steve Miller about 25 minutes before he was set up to play.  This guy is a complete nut, but a fun nut.  We don't know what he might have been on or if this is usual schtick.

Needless to say, when Ric yelled "Wooooooo" the crowd "Woooooed" him back.  As a matter of fact, the rest of that day and until late Sunday night, you would occasionally hear "Woooooos."  We did it quite often ourselves.  As a matter of fact, I'm doing a "Woooooo" right now.




Saw a a tee shirt : "In my sport if it goes out of bounds, It's not coming back."  A hat with the words "Winners drink milk."  A classic for the Indy 500 as the winner traditionally drinks milk.  As a matter of fact, the field has to write down their milk preferences before the race and there are bottles awaiting whoever might win.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Nice Picture of Old Motel in Hinckley, Illinois, on US Highway 30

From the December 12, 2018, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

A photograph, probably 1930s or 1940s of an old motel with rooms in separate cabin buildings.  Three of the cabins are one room and one is a double room judging by the doorways.

The caption reads Hampton's Cabin Court Restaurant and Service Station in Hinckley along Route 30.

I found a postcard of the same scene which dates the postcard to 1940s to 1950s.    I can fin no further information about the place.

Worth A Look.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 17: Big Bang, Hits and "WOOOOOO!!!"


I did not know that the Barenaked Ladies were the ones who wrote the theme song of "Big Bang Theory," but they played it and it was.  Learn something new all the time.

They ended their show with some of their big hits "One Week" and "If I Had A Million Dollars."

To see the band in person, well we could see them up on the Jumbotron as we were quite aways away from them, they sure don't look like a group of guys who would call themselves Barenaked Ladies.  They look real regular.  But we definitely could hear them.

The crows was eating their music up as well and really went crazy on their medley to end the show.  A rap song, "Shout" and "New York, New York."

Great show, and we still had Steve Miller coming on the stage.

This is where we heard a yell out that we would be using amongst the four of us the rest of the time at Indy.  We were just talk when we heard, really loud, "WOOOOOOO!!!!"  Then "WOOOOOO!!!" again.  Well, this got our attention.

Who Was That????   --RoadWoooooo

2017 Indy 500-- Part 16: Drunks, Beet Towers and the Ladies


The concert area definitely needs a 55+ age area.  Old as I am, though, I still manage to get by, but next time will bring along a folding chair.  All that standing is getting rough in these old days.

And was it ever hot with a blazing sun beating down.  Every so often a breeze would provide relief and I sure appreciated the occasional clouds to blot out the sun.

It was a very youthful crowd and there were a lot of drunks.  You can bring your alcohol with you at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, even on the 500 race.  That is sure a break from the overpriced beverage choice most anywhere else you go.  I would have liked to have the aluminum can concession afterwards. Lots and lots of cans.

Lots of drunks and, of course, with the younger set, lots of tats.

The lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies said he would run the race track tomorrow in a race car , but expects to be some sort of hazard.

We had several groups of people using duct tape to tape together beer cans and form towers, one of them must have been 15 feet or higher.  The problem was that the higher the tower got, the more it bent over.  The Barenaked Ladies saw this and threw together an ad lib song about the beer towers.

Watch Out for Falling Beer Cans.  --RoadTower

Monday, May 6, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 15: Barenaked Ladies and Steve Miller Concerts


After the activity at the racetrack, we walked northward to near Turn 4 where the concerts are held.  This is a long walk with a whole lot of people.  It is definitely not for Old Farts like me.  But on I went.  This is definitely a highlight of the whole Indy 500 race thing, the concert for Carb Day.

There is also a concert on Saturday, usually a country act.  We don't go to this one, but sure enjoy seeing those young hard bodies strutting their stuff in those really short Daisy Dukes and then the really funny looking cowgirl boots.  I can tell you two things that just don't look right together and that is Daisy Dukes and cowgirl boots.  Reminds me of someone wearing socks with flip flops or black socks with sandals.  Just ain't look right.

Well, we had a great pair of bands for  Carb Day this year:  Barenaked Ladies and the Steve Miller Band.

The Barenaked Ladies are a Canadian group and opened for Steve Miller.

I didn't recognize some of their songs, but even then, those were good.  The Ladies can sing a song.  One of the first I recognized was "Brian Wilson."

Unfortunately, there are no seats in the concert area.  And, with the wet ground from all the rain and the fact that if you sit down it is highly likely that someone will trip over you.  Much better idea to stand.

Back to the Bare.  --RoadDog

Friday, May 3, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 14: Reba's Boy and the Brazil Kid in the Freedom 100 Indy Light Race


Shortly after the Indy cars were towed off the track, the Freedom 100 race took place.  This race features what they call the Indy Light cars.  These are driven by racers who want to "graduate" to the Indy Car Series, and, of course, the Indy 500.

Reba McEntire sang the "Star-Spangled Banner."  She is the mother of one of the Indy Light racers, Shelby Blackstock.  There were 14 cars in the race.  In order to race, each one had to achieve a 199.9 mph speed.  They would race 40 laps (The IMS is two and a half miles around the track.) or 50 minutes.  These guys are real eager and there was an accident on the first lap.

The race was won by 18-year-old Mattheus Leist of Brazil.  He is now partnered with Tony Kanaan and ran his first Indy 500 in 2018, finishing 21.


2017 Indy 500-- Part 13: Getting Hooked on the 500

The spotters saw something on the track so we now have a yellow flag.

My favorite racer is James Hinchcliffe who hails from Canada.  When I first started coming to the Indy 500, I never thought I'd get into it, but I have, somewhat.  John, Sue and Paul are huge fans of Brazilian racer Tony Kanaan.  Terri, probably the biggest Indy Car fan in the world, and someone I taught school with fot 25 years, favorite racer is Helio Castroneves.

There is a whole lot of talk about an F 1 racer named Fernando Alonzo.

Came across a guy trying to sell some tickets where we sit for the race for $220 apiece.

Now, we're sitting in the upper grandstand right across from where the #3 spot pits in the race.

Alexander Rossi won the 100th Running of the Indy 500 last year as he had just fumes left in his tank as he crossed the finish line and ran out of fuel part way around the track on his victory lap.

Hinchcliffe's car broke down coming off the yellow flag and spent the entire time in the pit.

Our #3 spot had the fastest time today at 227.336 mph.

This is the last time the car engines will be started until Sunday's Race Day.


2017 Indy 500-- Part 12: Watchin' the Cars Go Round


We're inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway now and the cars that will be racing on Sunday are running around the track and it is noisy,especially where we are sitting (not where we watch the race as we move around on Carb Day to get the different spectator experiences.  Right now we are in the main grandstands just north of Turn One.  We normally sit on what is called the Catwalk, way  up high between the 1st and 2nd turns.

A whole lot noisier here.

Most of the cars pitted after just one lap for adjustments.  They don't have to run for the whole hour, just until they're satisfied with their car's performance.  The pit crews are not moving as fast as they will on race day when every tenth of a second counts dearly.

Scott Dixon, who was held up earlier this week is in car #9, sponsored by Game World.

We took the elevator up to the upper grandstand.  Stairs really get me with my age.  Only too happy to take an elevator whenever possible.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 11: Hockey, Bo and Carb Day

Friday, May 26

The Shack now has lunch with two pulled pork sandwiches for $3.  Why eat anywhere else?

Pittsburgh Penguins won last night's game in double overtime and will face the Nashville Predators Monday.  One thing nice about the Blackhawks not being in the Stanley Cup is that the pressure is not on to watch the other games.

I called Bo, a friend we met earlier this winter in Panama City Beach, Florida, and we will be getting together after the Carb Day festivities.  He lives in Speedway,  Indiana, just a short distance from the track.

They were playing "Fly Like an Eagle" on the Indy public announcement system at 10 a.m..  Steve Miller is the main show at the Carb Day festivities and Bare Naked Ladies will open for him.

We paid out $30 to get into Carb Day.  For that we get to watch the cars in Sunday's race get their final fine tunes, a 100 mile Freedom 100 race by the Indy Light cars, which are racers in training to get into the big race.  Then, there is a concert in the afternoon.

One nice thing about Carb Day is that you get to sit anywhere along the race track so we, of course, try out seats elsewhere.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 10: In the Newspapers, 15 Millionth Model T, Scott Dixon Robbed


Newspaper articles this morning.

Ninety years ago today, Henry Ford and his son Edsel drove the 15 millionth Model T out of their factory.

Vehicle headlights back then were stuck in the tech Dark Ages and were not bright enough.

"Millennials fuel growth in RV sales"  It is expected that RVs will ship 446,000 RVs in 2017, up 5.6%.

OPEC is cutting back oil production.

This year's Indy 500 Pole Setter, Scott Dixon, as robbed at gunpoint Sunday night at the Speedway Taco Bell.

It is getting so warm that I take my sweatshirt off.

Off to the Miller Light Carb Day.  --RoadDog