Thursday, September 1, 2011

Route 66 in Illinois-- Part 1

From the Summer 2011 Route 66 Association of Illinois The 66 News.

It sure seems like this magazine gets smaller each issue. The latest is just 16 pages including the front and back covers.

Even so, there are some interesting articles.

Two pages are devoted to the two new 2011 Route 66 Association of Illinois Hall of Fame Members. This is a short synopsis of both.


A lifetime resident in Lexington (home of that neat neon sign) who ran a Standard Oil station on Main Street before getting a station on Route 66 in 1948. He also did repairs and another family leased a restaurant attached to the station.

Both were destroyed by a fire on Thanksgiving Day 1960. It was rebuilt and he continued until 1989, 41 years on Route 66.

No mention of what is at the site now.


In Odell from 1925 to the 1930s. Family-owned lunch stand known for their hot sandwiches and homemade fruit pies.

Boyd Seth Fairchild moved to Odell in 1905 and lived in a house at the corner of Route 4 and Wolf Street until 1948.

In 1925, he and his brother Roy took their meager savings and built a small lunch stand. Their barbecue sandwiches were especially popular. Pies were fresh-baked and topped with Allen's Ice Cream (made in nearby Pontiac).

Again, no mention of where Boyd's used to be (unless it was in the family's yard).

The magazine also has a two page list of all of the Hall of Fame members dating back to the first group in 1990, which included the Pig Hip Restaurant, Ernie Edwards, Russel Soulsby, Frances Marten, Francis Mowry and John Geske and J.P. Walters.

Back when individuals made a living off the road through their own initiative and sacrifice.

Believe I'll Have a Piece of That Apple With Allen's Ice Cream. --RoadDog

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