Saturday, September 3, 2011

Missing the "Old Coot on 66," Ernie Edwards-- Part 2

Ernie signed items "The Old Coot on 66" at the Pig Hip Museum in Broadwell. I wish that I had had the opportunity to visit the Pig Hip when it was open, but was a devoted superslab guy at the time, so probably never would have gotten off I-55 to visit.

I also would love to have had a Pig Hip sandwich. I just missed one on one Route 66 Association of Illinois Motor Tour.

At least, I did get to meet and talk with Ernie Edwards many times, especially after he opened his museum. And even after it burned down, he still held "court" in the little sun room behind his house.

About five years ago, I was driving past the museum and saw Ernie busy moving some of those big split rail fences, something a guy in his upper 80s had no business doing, so stopped and helped him. He was always quite the character.

His house is now for sale (or at least it was back at the end of April. He and Fran are not going to come back. If you're interested in buying it, the real estate sign reads: ME Realty, 217-735-5424,

I'd never noticed it before, but his mailbox was painted pink with a pig on it.

I understand Ernie now lives in a retirement home in Lincoln.

Sure Glad I Had the Opportunity. --RoadDog

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