Friday, May 2, 2008

NIU Shootings-- Follow Up

The Chicago Tribune reports that Northern Illinois University President John Peters said that Cole Hall, the site of the killings, will be renovated and not be torn down. He said the majority of the campus family wanted it to stay, however, they would be uncomfortable if its lecture status continued.

This is a change of heart because two weeks after the February 14th Valentine's Day incident, he said the hall would be torn down.

They are now looking for feedback on three possible plans for Cole Hall.

Personally, I would like to still have it used for lectures. I'd like to have a section roped off with bullet holes still in the seats to remind students of the event and the fact that education is such a great opportunity.

Regardless, I am happy that the building will remain. We can not let the actions of one idiot cause their destruction.


Illinois Lincoln Highway Association Director Kay Shelton works for the university in the library and has been quite heavily involved with the archiving of items related to the incident. She took 400 of her own photos including the many signs put up by local businesses in the the aftermath.

I imagine parts of these archives will be on a revolving display at some time in the future.

Today is also the last day to give ideas as to what should be done in the way of a memorial. I volunteered the idea of permanent crosses on the berm by the university center where the original wooden ones were placed. These should have the names of the slain and there should be another marker for the wounded.

NIU is located in Dekalb. The Lincoln Highway is the town's main street and part of the Northern campus borders the road.

A Sad Time for the Northern Illinois Family. --RoadDog

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