Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A WXRT Labor Day Road Trip Playlist-- Part 2

An asterisk means I hadn't heard it before. I heard some good new stuff going through this list.

11. I'LL TAKE YOU THERE-- STAPLE SINGERS-- go anywhere with "these sultry soul women."
12. *DELIVER ME-- ROBERT RANDOLPH & FAMILY BAND-- "pedal steel guitarist wizard." (I'll have to check him out some more.)

13. *STEADY AS SHE GOES-- THE RACONTEURS-- Keep it steady and get there safely.
14. *GO-- PEARL JAM-- "a fast-driving song."

15. OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY-- LED ZEPPELIN-- "Road tripping to some idyllic countryside getaway."
16. *TRUCKER'S ATLAS-- MODEST MOUSE-- Tells where they're going. (neat name for a group.)

17. *OVERDRIVE-- FOO FIGHTERS-- "great pump up tune"
18. INTERSTATE LOVE SONG-- STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-- great song to listen to while cruising the interstate. (Really? Who would drive on the interstate?)

19. THE PUSHER-- STEPPENWOLF-- getting bored. (The video starts with a truck driving down a dirt road. Well, then there was that whole "Easy Rider" thing.)
20. RUNNING ON EMPTY-- JACKSON BROWNE-- Comparing the road to life. "'65 I was 17 running up 101."

Twenty-five More to Go. --RoadDog

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