Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Down Da 66: Dogs on the Road-- Two Couples on the Road-- Cattle Bandits on the Road

Some New News About an Old Road.

1. DOGS ON THE ROAD-- Nashville's Lost Dogs band is taking a Route 66 Roadtrip in September, filming and making a DVD and an album along the way.

They have a nice logo on their website featuring "The Glory Road and a Route 66 shield. They are planning on performing in old diners and roadside sites along the way.

September 16th they will be at the Cozy Dog in Springfield, Illinois and the 17th at Meramec Caverns.

2. TWO COUPLES ON THE ROAD-- The Salem, Ohio Newsnet of August 24th reports that two couple took a month-long Route 66 trip on their Harley-Davidsons which, according to them, is the only way to truly experience the road.

Cousins Frank and Ed Koran and wives Terry and Penny took the trip. Frank had wanted to do this for 30 years and they spent a year and a half planning it.

They kept a blog under their names, but I couldn't get it to come up.

"The roadside attractions, the food, the hotels, the road icons, the open road. This is what made the trip special."

Terry said, "I never felt so welcome as a traveler."

While Ed chipped in, "The whole trip is pretty much about nostalgia. It's about going back in time."

I believe the Route 66 "bug" has done bit.

3. CATTLE BANDITS ON THE ROAD-- a band from Central Illinois who do a lot about Route 66. They have a picture taken of them by the Palms in Atlanta and have a my space page with songs.

Cruising Along That Old 66. --RoadDog

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Travelin' Down the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway

Back to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Her parents, Charles and Caroline rarely stayed put in one place for long. In the 1870s and 1880s, they "moved more than seven times mostly due to Pa's wanderlust, failed crops and family tragedies."

A 312-mile stretch of highway from her birthplace in Pepin, Wisconsin, in 1867, to a homestead in De Smet, South Dalota. was renamed the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway in 1999.

Other sites along the way:

Burr Oak, Iowa-- Wilder's childhood home.
Spring Valley, Minnesota-- Laura Ingalls Wilder connection?
Walnut Grove, Minnesota-- On US-14-- farmed land here until grasshoppers destroyed their crop.
De Smet, South Dakota-- Wilder attended school regularly here and met her future husband Almanzo.

So, Now You Know, Bonnetheads. --RoadDog

Hey, You Bonnetheads Out There!!!

You know who you are!!!

I've heard of Deadheads and Parrotheads, but until this article, I didn't know what a Bonnethead was. Bonnetheads take a walk on the Wilder side, Laura Ingalls Wilder that is. These are those folks who are really into this pioneer woman whose stories about a little house on the prairie sparked many books and even a TV show that ran for 9 years. I know a lot of my friends think this show is stupid, but I sure enjoyed it. What would mean old Nellie do next? Hey, I also really liked the Waltons.

I found this article from June 29, 2006, about a Chicago Tribune Tempo Road Trip. It was titled "On the Wilder side" by Robert K. Elder. His wife is a bona fide Bonnethead.

He took a trip visiting Laura Ingalls Wilder sites along US-14 in Minnesota and South Dakota. Hey, cruising on an original US highway, how can that be bad?

Over 20,000 fans and Bonnetheads visit the Ingalls home in Walnut Grover annually. In Japan, the books are used to teach English.

More to Come.

Don't That Just Burn You

Listening to Lon Helton's CMT's Country Countdown USA on Chicago's US 99 right now. George Strait, one of my favorite country performers, is guest-hosting. He just set an all-time record with 53 Number 1 hits with his "I Just Saw God." Now that is an impressive accomplishment.

Anyway, to get to what just burned me, it was a commercial for British Petroleum about the wonderful things they are doing with gas. Yeah Guys, Right!!

You're the reason I can't get out on the road as much as I'd like these days. How many people are you and you buds hurting in your quest for obscene profits?

Gas Gouge, Anyone? --RoadDog

No Heritage or Cornfest for Me

Started the car up yesterday, or should say TRIED to start it. No dice. A gasp, then NUTHIN'. Have it on the charger now and much of yesterday, bur it's not moving. Probably have to get it towed in for some work.

So that means not only did we not get out to Rochelle for the Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival, but also we're not going to Dekalb's Cornfest, so old Travis will just have to put on his show without us. Hey, "Here's a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares."

Sometimes, You Just Don't Get to What You Want. --RoadDog

Friday, August 22, 2008

Julia Keller on Roads

Julia Keller writes a column called "Lit Life" in the Chicago Tribune on Sundays. Back on June 15th, she reviewed Marianne Wiggins' novel "The Shadow Catcher" and summed up old roads as well as anyone can.

"Show me your favorite road, and I'll tell you who you are.

Mine would have to be Route 23 heading south from Columbus to Portsmouth, Ohio. At Portsmouth you have to head east on Route 52 to get to Huntington, W.Va., my hometown, but for the length of time you're on Route 23, you know you're in the presence of a real road. Not a sleek and impersonal expressway, not a coyly intricate cloverleaf, but an actual, honest-to-goodness, peerless path hacked through life's vagaries and vicissitudes, as unique and distinctive as a grubby thumbprint."

Ok, at this point, I had to look up vagaries and vicissitudes. I kind of knew vagaries, but not the other.

OK, vagaries means unpredictable erratic action. Whimsical,wild, unusual.

Vicissitudes means change or variation.

So, I have increased my vocab by a couple words. Good words, too. I'll never be able to write like that. She is GOOD.

I really like that "unique and distinctive as a grubby thumbprint" part. Just not my "thumbprint anymore which has been wracked by cellulitis. My thumbprint has developed vagaries and vicissitudes after the two operations.

More Good Stuff to Come. --RoadDog

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some More on US-27

The same article about the Old US Highway Tour had a lot to do with efforts to turn the old road (no longer existing in Michigan, into something comparable with what is happening on Route 66.

The tour's organizer is Craig Parrish of Lansing,Michigan. He is working hard at getting it designated a Heritage Route which would put it line to be a National Scenic Byway like Route 66.

So far, he has enlisted support from all of the Michigan communities along its route and he says other states are getting interested in the road which goes all the way to Miami. Florida.

"This will be the new Route 66. We want the same designation marketing, grants and funding opportunities it has. Twenty years ago, Route 66 was dead until a group of people got together and had it designated...."

US-27 in Michigan was replaced by I-75. The former roadbed is now designated US-127. Back when it was originally designated in the 20s, it replaced the western route of the old Dixie Highway in many places. This was the main road to Miami.

Here's Hoping for the Best, Craig. --RoadDog

Rochelle, Illinois Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival

I should also mention that Rochelle will also be having their annual festival honoring the town and highway the same weekend as the DeKalb Cornfest, about twenty miles eastward.

Music, food, and activities are scheduled for all three days beginning tomorrow. Liz and I are hoping to be there tomorrow for the 50s-60s band. There will also be a fly and drive in at the local airport.

This weekend is definitely a good time on the old Lincoln Highway in Illinois.

Hard to Beat Two Festivals Just Twenty Miles Apart. --RoadDog

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old US-Highway 27 Auto Tour Underway

The August 15th Michigan Live had an article about the Old US 27 Auto Tour which is now underway. This event is increasing in popularity. Last year, 221 classic cars registered and 300 were expected this year.

It began Tuesday in Coldwater and has 4 stops in mid-Michigan, concluding Saturday in Cheboygan. They gathered in Coldwater at the Capri Drive In.

Wednesday-- Marshall and Lansing
Thursday, today-- St. John's, Ithaca, St. Louis, and Clare
Friday-- Harrison and Grayling
Saturday-- Gaylord and Cheboygan

Sounds like a great cruise and it is good to see another one of the great 1928 roads remembered. Perhaps it will become the next Route 66 or Lincoln Highway in popularity.

Nothing Like Cruisin' on Down a Great Old Two-Lane Highway. --RoadDog

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dekalb, Illinois' Cornfest This Weekend

For the first time in thirty years, the annual Dekalb Cornfest will not take place on the Lincoln Highway in downtown Dekalb. It will be held at the Dekalb Taylor Municipal Airport because of major work being done on Illinois Highway 38 (Lincoln Highway).

It is billed as one of the only free musicfestivals remaining in Illinois and will feature three days of enetertainment, mostly by local bands, but Sunday will have old "T-R-O-U-B-L-E", "Here's a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares" himself, Travis Tritt.

Saturday will feature the always popular free corn boil and one hour tours of Dekalb will be given by historian Steve Bigolin. You can also view a B-17 bomber and a Soviet MIG at the airport.

Thinking of getting out there myself.

Always a GOOD Time in Dekalb. --RoadDog

Down Da 66: Route 66 Pulse Closes Shop --New Grand Kid Gets Sir Paul Back to England

Some New News About an Old Road.

1. ROUTE 66 PULSES CLOSES SHOP-- I was very sad to learn that this issue of the Route 66 Pulse will be the final one. This publication was an excellent source of information for us roadies and helped get the word out to others. However,a lack of distribution and advertising brought about its doom. Hopefully, some other publication will take its place.

2. NEW GRAND KID GETS SIR PAUL BACK TO ENGLAND-- I read that Paul McCartney cut his Route 66 trip short to get back to England to meet his newest grandchild. Wow, Beatles with grand kids!! Are we getting that old.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Down Da 66: Route 66 Award-- Needles to Secede?

Some New News About an Old Road. Trying to catch up after the thumb problems of June and July.

1. ROUTE 66 AWARD-- Ethan Suck, a student at Nothbrook Middle School in Mendota, Illinois, won the award according to the May 24th Mendota Reporter.He won the annual Historic Route 66 Illinois Award at the annual Illinois History Expo held Thursday, May 8th, in Springfield.

His project was "Prohibition: Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions."

More than 1400 junior and senior high school students were winners in regional history fairs. The award was presented by Patty Ambrose, coordinator of the Illinois Route 66 Heritage Project.

NEEDLES TO SECEDE? -- Could this be the opening round to another Civil War? Some folks don't like secession. Just ask South Carolina. According to the Seattle Times of June 2nd, Needles, California complains that they don't get "No Respect." Their roads don't get paved, taxes are higher, building codes stricter and gas almost $1 more than the boom towns across the Colorado River in Arizona.

Of course, they are a very isolated part of California and some 220 mils from their county's county seat. They also complain that they are a dumping ground for parolees and sex offenders.

Needles was founded in 1893 after the railroad arrived. It was named for the pointy mountains south of town. They call themselves "The Best Kept Secret on the Colorado River."

I can agree with the gas prices. We were shocked at how high they were when we passed through back in 2006.

Just don't use the Confederate battle flag unless you want even more problems.

Would Have Liked to See the Project. --RoadDog

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lincoln Logs: Busy Buy-Way-- Iowa Road Trip-- 16th LHA Convention

Some New News About a Mighty Old Road.

1. BUSY BUY-WAY-- Mike Hocker from the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Assoviation (did they just mean the LHA?) drove the whole length of Ohio last weekend to see how successful it was. He reports that from Van Wert on the western edge of the state, to Delphos, there were so m,any places that he lost count.

Larry Lee of the Van Wert VCB reports that one person in town made over $1000 in the first two days.

2. IOWA ROAD TRIP-- The Iowa LHA's Road-to-Road trip, the first-ever, and hopefully not the last (I didn't get to go this time) seems to have also been a success. As of July 31st, 51 vehicles had registered, including some classic cars.

He got the idea while running the Illinois Route 66 Association's annual motor tour from 1998 to 2001.

3. 16TH LHA CONVENTION-- About 130 people from 23 states and even the country of Luxembourg registered for the convention held in Evanston, Wyoming. I would have liked to go, but some of that $11 billion-plus profit Exxon made kept me from doing so).

Evanston resident Shelly Horne ran the show. He said that the tours are always a much anticipated part of the convention. Three buses were reserved and tour guides were provided as well as spaekers at the several stops. Best of all, the tour stops included places people don't usually visit, some on private property.

Speakers on the tours and convention will discuss such items as highway architecture, automotive history and Wyoming cultural resources.

I'll definitely be at next year's convention in South Bend, Indiana, and, of course, the following year in my home state of Illinois.

45 Places Your Friends Don't Know About-- Part 5

The August Midwest magazine also listed these places as exceptional tastes. I've never heard of any.

Harry & Izzy's-- Indianapolis, In.-- well, I have heard of this one. Never been though.
Chez Jude-- Grand Marais, Mn
Big Ed's Steak House-- Bird City, KS-- Nothing fancy--Sounds like my kind of place.
Vin De Set-- St. Louis
Blue Sky-- Makanda, Il
Mesh West-- Chester, Oh
Henry's Gourmet Market-- Sugarcreek, Oh

CITIES-- Well, Folks Have Heard of These, But Folks Don't Usually Think of Visiting.

Columbus, Ohio

Rockford, Illinois-- Overshadowed 3rd largest metro area (as you read earlier, Joliet is another place of interest). Has a world-class children's museum, historical village, and a Japanese Garden. We've been to Rockford many times and always enjoy it.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

They had reasons for all of these.


Lucas, KS
Clarksville, Mo
Spring Green, Wi-- also noted for Cornish pasties, and not the stripper kind either.

Well Worth Checking Out This List. --RoadDog

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Down Da 66: Paul's Home-- Buy a Motel

Some New News About an Old Road.

1. PAUL's HOME-- The August 14th Hello Magazine site from London reports that Sir Paul and girlfriend Nancy Shevell are home after a month trip on 66, something Paul McCartney has always wanted to do (especially since he is 66). Plus, this was the first time they got to really be together.

They didn't stay in 5 star motels and met lots of fans.

2. BUY A MOTEL-- Torches Motel in Barstow, California is for sale. For a cool $1,025,000, you too can own a piece of Route 66, even though I doubt that Paul would stay there. That's a lot considering that the Blue Swallow was around $100,000. Even with that neat sign and a 1942 Route 66 pedigree, it wouldn't seem that the 18 rooms with private baths and manager's apartment is worth it.

Good Bye Paul, We Hardly Knew Ye. --RoadDog

Songs for a Road Trip

This past Sunday, Bob Stroud did his summer road trip on his weekly Rock and Roll Roots show, 7-10 am CST on WDRV FM, Chicago's Drive. How's that for the name of a station.

I am alsolisting them on my Downdaroadigo blog, as well as comments as music is very important to me. Here, I will just list the songs. Put these songs on tape (like me), CD, or download, and you have some good cruising tunes.

2120 South Michigan Avenue-- Rolling Stones
Ventura Highway-- America
Easy Street-- Edgar Winter Group
On the Road Again-- Canned Heat
Expressway to Your Heart-- Soul Survivors
Highway 61 Revisited-- Bob Dylan
The Long and Winding Road-- Beatles
Why Don't We Do It in the Road-- Beatles

Carefree Highway-- Gordon Lightfoot
Take the Highway-- Marshall Tucker Band
Roll on Down the Highway-- BTO
The E Street Shuffle-- Bruce Springsteen
Tobacco Road-- Nashville Teens
Route 66-- Rolling Stones
Main Street-- Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
Love Street-- Doors
On Broadway-- George Benson

Wall Street Shuffle-- 10CC
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)-- Simon and Garfunkel
Country Road-- James Taylor
Gasoline Alley-- Rod Stewart
Lake Shore Drive-- Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah

Nice group of songs there, Bob.

Got to Cruise if I Can Afford the Gas. --RoadDog

Chain of Rocks Bridge

The August 4th Poughkeepsie Journal had an article about unused old bridges finding a new life as pedestrian walkways and bicycling trails.

They mentioned a bridge in Tennessee and spent a lot of time talking about what I consider the MOST impressive structure along Route 66, the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

They called it one of the longest, if not THE longest elevated walkways in the US. Festivals, bike races, and antique car shows have been held on it. And, of course, the Illinois and Missouri Route 66 Associations get to drive across it on their annual motor tours. This past June, about 50 cars went over it on their way to the festival in Litchfield, Illinois. Another group crosses it before each September Springfield, Illinois, festival. It used to be free, but now a $5 charge is collected. Well worth it.

At one time, there was talk of dismantling it for scrap metal and even someone suggested putting an amusement park.

Something I didn't know was that one time before it becane a pedestrian bridge, two sisters were raped out at the middle of the bridge, but Trailnet (who now operate it) says that no major crimes have taken place on the bridge since it reopened.

However, there has been an increasing incidence of car breakins on the Missouri side while people are walking or biking. This has led to it being closed most of the time as Trailnet doesn't have the funds to hire security.

Don't Think Paul Got to Cross It. --RoadDog

Paul's on 66? Is on 66

By now, it is apparent that Paul McCartney and his new girl friend are taking a month-long trip, part of which is on the historic Route 66.

The Route 66 e-mail group on Yahoo has been following his trip.

Member Carolyn Hasenfratz of the group said that Paul once said that his song "Helen Wheels" is supposed to br the British version of Route 66 and he mentions several British places,

Another member has done a good job putting Sir Paul's (as they are referring to him) trip in words to the tune of "Band on the Run." Pretty impressive.

In Oklahoma City, the couple ate at Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante and Bar. In Amarillo, they stayed at the historical Skirvin Hilton where they met a Beatle fan couple who even named their 4 month old son Jude. Paul played the harmonica for him but didn't want pictures taken.

In Tucumcari, they spent an hour at Things antique store (should have been the Tepee). They also got take out from Del's Restaurant.

Here's Hopin' for a Route 66 Song on Paul's Next Album. --RoadDog

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

45 Places Your Friends Don't Know About-- Part 4

Again, from the August Midwest Living Magazine.


They gave four, including two groups. I will give all four.

PAXICO, KANSAS-- How did the remnants of pioneer days remain here? Located 30 miles west of Topeka. Redone 1800s buildings with lots of antique stores.

US-12 TOWNS, MICHIGAN-- Three Oaks, Coldwater, Jonesville and other pretty, historic towns. Even a drive-in theater on the original Chicago-Detroit road. Actually the second federal highway in the US. This is a road of my major interest, but I have never been on this stretch. Who knows, one of these days, I might just write a book about this road.

BROWNSVILLE, NEBRASKA-- An old-time paddle wheeler cruises the Missouri River. Located 75 miles south of Omaha. www.brownville,

WINE TRAIL, IOWA-- weaves through northeast Iowa hills to seven wineries and villages, including West Branch and Decorah.

Sounds Like Some Really Great Places to Visit. --RoadDog

More on Joliet-- Part 2: Lincoln Highway and Route 66 Intersect There

Route 66, but no mention of the Lincoln Highway.

One of the interesting aspects of Joliet is that it is one of the only two places where the Lincoln Highway and Route 66, the Father Road and Mother Road, intersected (the other in a later bypass in nearby Plainfield).

The July 12th Chicago Tribune article by Emma graves Fitzsimmons raved about how much was being done with 66, but NO mention of equally important Lincoln Highway.

"An increasingly popular destination is the Route 66 welcome center that opened at the Joliet Area Historical Museum last year. Visitors come from as far away as Japan and Denmark (and England, or the Hamptons if you count Paul McCartney) to travel the road and learn about American history. An imitation drive-in movie theater plays a video about the route's history in the lobby, and the visitor book includes signatures from 35 states and 40 countries."

Said Tony Contos, the museum's interin director, "The legend of Route 66 carries a mystique, and it captures something nostalgic. You get to see America, starting in a big city and winding through towns. You see mountains and deserts--it's a great picture of America."

I could have told you that. What always amazes me is that foreigners seem to have more of a knowledge of 66 than most Americans.

And, hey, let's not forget Lincoln Highway, the very first transcontinental highway, preceding Route 66 by 13 years and one of the original "named highways."

Of course, Joliet also has US-6 and US-52 as well as train and interstate connections.

Great City and Worth a Visit. --RoadDog

Some More on Joliet, Illinois

Some more info from the July 16th entry.

Attractions: Empress casino, Historical Museum, Harrah's Casino, Rialto Square Theatre, Route 66 Welcome Center (even Paul goes there), Pitcher Park Nature Center, Chicago Speedway, Route 66 Speedway, Route 66.

Population growth:

1930- 38,000
1940- 36,000
1950- 50,000
1960-1990- 65,000-75,00
2000- 110,00
2007- 144,316

The influx of gambling money had definitely helped and the city is using it wisely. Lots of public art and restoration going on here. Now, there is a fair amount of tourism money coming in as well. State records show that tourism in Will County grew 9.4% last year, to $585 million.

The city was in the national spotlight July 11-13 as a major NASCAR race was held there.

From a tough, old industrial town, a vibrant city has emerged. In the past it has been associated with decay and, of course, the prisons (although Statesville is not within the city limits).

Joliet, as already mentioned is the fourth largest city, having passed Naperville which has 142,479. Of course, Chicago is the largest. Second largest is Aurora with 170,855, then Rockford with 156,596.

Not a Half-Bad Town. --RoadDog

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paul's On 66?

On the Abbey Road album, we thought that Paul McCartney might be dead bvecause of his being barefoot. But, now we know he is on Route 66. Or, maybe he's on Route 66. Only his hair color person knows for sure.

I belong to the Route 66 e-mail group on Yahoo which has a log of members and correspondence.

Sir Paul being on 66 has gotten some discussion. One person has a picture from Springfield of Paul posing with a group of people, and, he was sighted in Lebanon, Missouri, at a gas station right across from the Bell Restaurant that was visited by Barack Obama this last week.

So, is he on the road or not. Maybe it's just a poser?

Anyway, Beatlemania on 66!!! Hey, I was more of a CCR Fan. --RoadDog

Beatles on Route 66

Well, one of the two remaining Beatles, and, even at that, that's a maybe.

A column in yesterday's Chicago Tribune by Mary Schmich, reports that someone looking a lot like Sir Paul, as in McCartney, was seen, or someone who looks a LOT LIKE HIM, at the Route 66 Welcome Center at the Joliet Area Historical Museum this past Saturday.

Supposedly, Paul asked for no pictures, but he was seen on security tape, and it did look like him.

Supposedly, he asked a museum worker if 66 was pronounced "root" or "rout." He bought sever4al maps of the road. Could that mean he's going for a ride? Today, I see several other sources saying Paul is driving Route 66 this month.

Looking forward to more stories, if this is indeed true. Imagine Paul stopping to visit with Ernie Edwards at the Pig Hip, Bill Shea, having a Cozy Dog, or staying at the Munger-Moss and visiting with Ramona and Bob.

Who'd a Thunk, Beatles on the Route. Maybe He'll Write the New Definitive 66 Song.

Lincoln Logs: Buy-Way-- River-to-River-- Mighty Narrow-- Amish Buggy Accident

Some New News About an Old Road.

1. BUY-WAY-- This weekend, there will be lots of sales along the old Lincoln Highway from Ohio to Iowa as folks put out stuff in garage and yard ales. So, go for a drive and buy Lincoln stuff.

2. RIVER-TO-RIVER-- Also, this weekend, the Iowa Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association will be having their first-ever trip across the state, going from the Mississippi to the Missouri River. I was hoping to go on this, but am still recovering from thumb surgery early in July. Maybe next year.

3. MIGHTY NARROW-- Captain Packrat, in his blog, wrote about an old stretch of the Lincoln Highway by Omaha, Nebraska. He exited West Dodge Street, US-6, at 180th and headed north about three-fourths of a mile to it. He described it as mighty narrow and smaller than most of today's side streets. He noticed they laid concrete along the sides to widen it.

August 2nd entry--

4. AMISH BUGGY ACCIDENT-- The August 2nd Lancaster newspaper reports that 4 people were injured, three of them tourists, when a buggy overturned. It was on a tour from Amish Farm which has been a major tourist attraction since 1955.

On the Road Again, I Really Want to Get on the Road Again. --RoadDog

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2008 Tour of Missouri Cycling Race Features Route 66

An advertising supplement in last Sunday's Chicago Tribune featured a bicycle race that is to take place in Missouri September 8-14 and, instead of one long stretch, will feature seven stage races through 12 host cities and 120 of the world's best cyclists.

Four of the stages feature places along Route 66.

STAGE 2-- CLINTON TO SPRINGFIELD-- September 9-- Mentions the drive-through Fantastic Cavern, where Wild Bill Hickok gunned down Dave Tott in the first recorded western shootout in the Springfield square. Plus, the article acknowledges Springfield as being the "birthplace of Route 66" since it was in Springfield that officials first proposed the name for the new Chicago-to-LA highway on April 30, 1926. Traces of the old road can still be seen along Kearney, Glenstone and College streets.

STAGE 4-- LEBANON TO ROLLA-- September 11th-- The article doesn't mention it, but this one should be right along the Mother Road. One stop will be at Fort Leonard Wood. Of course, we know about the Munger-Moss, but the article didn't mention it. I imagine Ramona wasn't too happy about that. The ad did mention Gary's Catfish and BBQ, a favorite place. In Rolla, it mentioned the half-sized Stonehenge at the college and that Rolla is on historic Route 66. Hopefully they cyclists will go through Hooker Cut.

STAGE 5-- St. JAMES TO JEFFERSON CITY-- September 12th-- Wineries in St. James.

STAGE 7-- St. LOUIS-- CIRCUIT RACE-- September 14th-- Mentions the Gateway Arch and Museum of Transportation where you know part of a famous 66 motel is located.

Plus, the Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour will be around this time.

Sounds Like a Good Time to Me. --RoadDog

More on Richmond, Illinois

I didn't know it, but the July 27th Chicago Tribune Travel section had an article about three restaurants outside of Chicago where the food was outstanding. One of them was Paisano's in Richmond, which has only been open a short time, but is already a crowded place thanks to the moderately priced Italian food and large portions.

The owners used to have Gilardi's in Half Day, but sold because of high land prices and tried retirement, but didn't like it. They bought a small store in Richmond, then had to get a neighboring one and now plans are for a third because of demand.

I sat out on a bench in front of the place for awhile this past Friday at the old car show. Next time, I'll have to go in.


The Tribune also suggested some other Richmond places to visit as long as you're up that way.

SKOOPERS-- Old time soda fountain and lots of collectibles. Great ice cream.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF WINE AND CHEESE-- located very close to the Wisconsin line with lots of alcoholic beverages and a great restaurant. You definitely want to try their house potatoes for breakfast.

DOG N SUDS-- Where everything is so dog gone good. Great Texas burgers and Coney Dogs, not to metion some of the best root beer anywhere. All delivered by carhops. Right out of retro.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

San Francisco Terminus of the Lincoln Highway

One of the newest Waymark entries is about the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It was accompanied by a nice photo of the structure which features a remarkable clock tower.

The long description: "In 1927, the Lincoln Highway was realigned to follow a route now parallel with I-80 through Davis, Vallejo, and Berkeley, where a ferry took Lincoln Highway drivers to San Francisco. In San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway ran from the Ferry Building along Market Street, turned west on Geary Street, then right onto 34th Avenue which became Legion of Honor Drive. The western terminus of the Lincoln Highway is at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park."

Waymarkers-- Documenting the Sites of the US. --RoadDog

45 Places Your Friends Don't Know About-- Part 3

Again, these ideas were compiled by the good folks at Midwest Living Magazine in their August issue.


I'm a pushover for a really nice garden, be it public or at a house. I sure wish mine was better, and I think it would have reached its zenith this summer had I not gotten cellulitis in my right thumb and been unable to do anything with it. It is majorly OVERGROWN.

INTERNATIONAL PEACE GARDEN-- Dunseith, North Dakota-- right on the Canadian border. Spectacular display in honor of the countries' friendship.

MUNSINGERR AND CLEMENS GARDENS-- St. Cloud, Minnesota-- on bank of the Mississippi River.


ARROW ROCK AND BLACkWATER-- Missouri--"Two-lane hishways wind and dip through woods and past farms to neighboring central Missouri towns" about 50 miles northwest of Columbia. Sounds like a real trip back into time. My wife's cousin and husband live in Arrow Rock and we must make arrangements to visit them sometime, the sooner the better.

Things Are Better in the Great Midwest. --RoadDog

Folks Aren't Happy About Lincoln Cuts

Illinois is facing a $2 billion dollar budget deficit and the governor has slashed the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency's (IHPA) by $2.3 million, resulting in the firing of almost all seasonal workers across the street, and especially at the Lincoln sites around Springfield.

Rumors have it that full-time employees are also on the block in the near future. Employees have been warned against talking about it, but the numerous volunteers have much to say, mostly negative.

Hours at all sites have also been cut, as will upkeep on the grounds.

This will not affect the Lincoln home, which is under the National Park Service's operation.

Perhaps the gov should use some of the money he uses to fly back and forth from Chicago to Springfield to offset this important source of revenue. Can you believe that he chooses to live in Chicago despite having a perfectly nice governor's mansion to live in? Plus, I have to wonder about anybody who would rather live in Chicago when you have that great town of Springfield.


I should mention that these cuts are affecting all state sites in Illinois, not just the Lincoln ones. What makes the Lincoln cuts even harder to take is that we are coming up on the big celebration of his bicentennial birthday next year. There will be lots of tourists out looking at places connected with his life. Then, there's the 150th anniversary of the Civil War coming up in 2011.

One Has to Say Hhmmnn. --RoadDog

Friday, August 1, 2008

Some Good Buffets-- McHenry and Round Lake Beach

Sure like those great buffets, especially when they feature ethnic food.


Thursday, Liz and I went to Warsaw Inn on Illinois Route 31, south of McHenry. They feature Polish food and their 80 item buffet. In addition, they have giant chicken wings; none of that small stuff you get at BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings). Then, there's that great cheesecake that you have to somehow save room for at the end of the feast.

Lunch costs $7.98 (48 cents off if you're senior). Drinks are extra.


I know a lot of people like to say Pizza Hut's pizza isn't all that good, but I would never agree with that. I'd just as soon have their pizza as anyone else's. This Pizza Hut has been operating in the same place since the early 1970s, when we lived in the Beach. We visited it today as Liz had a hair appointment.

Lunchtime during the week has always meant a great buffet freaturing a salad bar ( and a favorite Caesar salad with real bacon bits). Then, there is the amazing selection of pizzas they bring out.

Cost is $6 and drinks extra.

Mighty Good Eating. --RoadDog

Richmond, Illinois Cruise In

Tonight, I drove the short distance over to Richmond for their Friday night classic car show. I don't suggest anyone take US-12 because of the huge amound of traffic as it is a major avenue for Illinoisians vacationing in Wisconsin and you have to expect long wits, plus there is evcidently road construction further complicating things. I ended up taking an alternative route.

Most of the stores are open and some also served reasonably priced hot dogs and Polish as well as 50 cent cans of pop. Richmond is known for their antique stores, kind of a small Galena. Police stop traffic so you can cross US-12, otherwise you'd be taking your life in your own hands.

I wold estimate there were 50-75 old cars there. I was most impressed with a 1932 Buick woody. I mean, this vehicle was solid wood where it wasn't metal. None of that just putting a wood veneer over the sides. This must have taken a really long time to restore.

Being a Firebird guy, I once had a 67 convertible and still have an 85, I liked the tow 1968 Camaros. Never heard of a Pontiac Star Chief, but there was a 1956 one with a nice license holder saying "Old Guys Rule." I can go for that. Liked the Wisconsin license plate "REDHT57".

Entertainment was provided by Jeff James of Y103.9 FM who was actually playing 45s on a pair of turntables. This is one excellent deejay and I often listen to his show during the midmorning. I especially like his show at noon where he plays music that was popular on one day in the past.

There will be cruise-ins every Friday during the rest of August Two Fridays from now they will be featuring Corvettes and there will be a big one during their Richmond Days celebration around the 23rd.

Old Cars in an Old Town. Good Combination. --RoadDog