Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visiting with Bill Shea and Ernie Edwards on Route 66-- Part 1: Clutter, What Clutter?

Yesterday, we finally for home after nine days on the road, quite a bit of it on Route 66.

I got gas at the Road Ranger next to the TraveLodge, $3.54, and then went to Mel-O-Cream for a couple of their great doughnuts.

Drove 66 through Springfield, Illinois, and stopped at Bill Shea's on Peoria Road. We hadn't been there for a few years and Bill and his family are completely ingrained on the road.

His son was outside and paid him our $2 apiece to get in. Surprisingly, Bill, Jr., remembered us. We talked about how the people a couple bocks away from the station wouldn't know the station was on Route 66, just Peoria Road. Sad.

Bill Shea was giving another couple a tour. After they left, we went on the tour. Shea's has gotten somewhat modern with the acquisition of an old ATM Machine from a bank. They took it apart and Bill says there wasn't even a penny in it.

Right before we left, Mrs. Shea came in after her hair appointment. Liz and her were talking and she remarked, "See, this is what you get when you NEVER throw anything away," referring to the somewhat cluttered station and property. Liz looked at me for some reason. What? Me Clutter? Not Me.

A Real Route 66 Icon. --RoadDog

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