Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need to Be More Aware

Tuesday, we were preparing for our Missouri trip which we are taking in the 2011 Malibu.

We keep it parked in the garage, so I backed it out. Liz was away getting some last minute stuff and when she returned in the "old" Mailibu (2001), she parked it where the new one had been. For some reason, she locked the old one.

In awhile, I had to go put something into the new car,so absent-mindedly went to the one in the garage and thought it was strange that it was locked. Out came the key to the 2011 and it wouldn't go in.

I'm a bit puzzled right now. Why won't that key go in. I kept trying a few more times. Still no luck.

Wait a minute! Oh, yes, I backed the new car out and it is in the driveway. This is the 2003.

No wonder the new key wouldn't work in the old car.

Don't Surprise Me None. --RoadDog

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