Saturday, October 1, 2011

Going on the Mineola Chain Crawl

Spent most of today going on the annual Mineola Chili Run. A group of boaters take a run around the Chain of Lakes, stopping and drinking at various places.

This year's theme had the poor lil' chile pepper facing the natural disaster of being flushed down the bowl. After all, we have certainly had the natural disasters this year, both here and around the United States.

Glen and Barb, Kevin and Kelly and I met at KK's home for a food foundation to absorb the alcohol of potatoes and biscuits and gravy. We then went ti GB's and rook their 1976Larsen to the Mineola on Fox Lake. We got there at 9:30 and then had a good old-fashioned military case of hurry up and wait. Eventually, we had about twenty boats and 75 people on the run.


Finally got underway at 11 am, and it was not pleasant. Temps were in the lower 50s and we had a strong wind as well as clouds. However, conditions improved and we ended up with a great day.

First stop was the Sandbar on Lake Marie where we enjoyed $6 pitchers. Then, on to Fairmount Shores on Fox Lake for more pitchers ($10) and more food. They have sweet potato fries and feature southern-cooking.

Next stop was the Legion on Nippersink Lake and $1 drafts. Then on to the Oak Park Bar on Pistakee Lake for $2 pints. This place dates back to 1900.

Last stop was at the Mineola for chile and hot dogs. The Mineola was originally a hotel dating back to the 1880s and based on the design of the Grand Hotel in Mackinac.

Not Finished Yet. --RoadDog

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