Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Here at the Munger Moss on Route 66

I was down at the lobby as I usually am while staying here at the Munger Moss Motel here in Lebanon, Missouri, right on the east side and on good old Route 66. All sorts of good conversation.

Ramona Lehman said she remembers ten years ago because she was just getting ready to go bowling, something she does every Tuesday. She was in the office of the motel and saw the first reports and video of the towers.

Bob Lehman remembers he had just bought a brand new Ford pickup truck and picked it up at the dealer. New vehicles come with a tank of gas and the dealer told him to fill up at a local station and bring the bill back.

When Bob got to the station, there was a long line of vehicles waiting to get gas. It was the same way at other stations. He was wondering why until he turned on the radio.

Wonder if Bob ever got that tank of gas?

I was teaching seventh grade social studies at Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois, and that is what we listened to on the radio (couldn't get TV reception) and talked about the rest of that day and for the next several days.

The sky today reminds me of that one ten years ago. Not a cloud in it.

A Day That Will Also Live in Infamy.

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