Thursday, September 22, 2011

Iowa's Lincoln Highway's Youngville Cafe Safe...for Now Anyway

From the Sept. 21st Gazette (Iowa) "New interchange design would spare iconic cafe: The Youngville Cafe stands in the way of Highway 30 extension" by David DeWitte.

Plans for a new interchange at the intersection of US-182 and US-30 involve the historic building located there. US-30 will also be expanded to four lanes for the remaining two lane stretch in the area.

Right now, the cafe stays, but will have a gravel road connecting it to US-30 under the current plans.

It was built in 1931, three years after the Lincoln Highway was paved with intentions of providing food and fuel to travelers. Its distinctive architecture served customers for more than 50 years, but it closed after the construction of I-80 to the south drained the customer base.

Fortunately, the Youngville Cafe is protected because of its listing on the National Register of Historic Places who mandates that nothing can be done to the place when federal funds are used.

A local farmer owned the property and donated it to a historical preservation group which raised $100,000 to restore the place. It reopened in 2002 on a part-time basis as a cafe and museum.

We finally got to tour the inside during the Iowa Lincoln Highway Motor Tour a couple years ago. Some of the best pie I've ever had.

Always Good News When Something from the Past Is Saved. --RoadDog

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