Saturday, May 18, 2019

Along 66, April 2019: The Ariston and Newkirk, New Mexico

These are taken from the Route 66 News site, the first place you want to go to find out what is going on along our Mother Road.  I only write about some of the things, the site has a lot more, complete with pictures and video.  Plus, the site goes into much greater detail.  Check it out.

APRIL 12--  U.S. Representative Rodney Davis spoke Thursday about the Ariston Cafe's 95th anniversary in Litchfield, Illinois.  It opened in 1924 in Carlinville, but moved to Litchfield in 1935.

One of our favorite places on 66 and it is so good to see it coming back.

APRIL 15--  Original Route 66 alignment verified near Newkirk, New Mexico.  It was part of the road in the 1920s and part of it is on private land.  It was an unpaved section and was part of US-66 until the road was realigned to the north and on a paved road.

Today, Newkirk is almost a ghost town.  I looked at the Yahoo Image results for the town and they bear out that description.  Wikipedia says the 2010 population was 7.

One notable person from there.  She was Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert (1894- 1991), noted for educator, nutritionist, activist, writer and inventor of the u-shaped fried taco shell.

Perhaps we'll get off at Highway 129 next time through New Mexico.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 25: "Jet Airliner", Bo, Legion


We walked forward a ways and could actually see the band.  Thought I might like to say I saw them, not just heard them.  Well, we could see them on the giant video screens.

"JET AIRLINER"  Final Encore song.

The ground was extremely littered with all sorts of stuff, especially aluminum cans, plastic items, wrecked chairs and bits of clothing.  Kind of reminded me of those pictures of Woodstock back in 1969.  Plus, it was quite muddy after all the rain this past week.  Sure glad I didn't have to clean that mess up.

Great show from a 74-year-old guy.  Thanks Steve.

I met friend Bo, who we had met down at Panama City Beach back in February.  He lives in Speedway, Indiana, and since I was now in Speedway, it seemed the thing to do.  He wanted to show me his Speedway.

He first took me to his private club, which was anything but snooty.  Enjoyed those folks.  Then, we went to Scottie's, a local watering hole and a fun place as well.  The bar manager was wearing a White Sox hat so we had a good Sox talk.

While I was with Bo, a real big storm came through.  It was violent.

Back to the Legion and some standing water.  Sure glad it didn't do that during the concert.

Met Sue and Paul and enjoyed the Current Situation Band.  I didn't, however, enjoy the $5 beers.

Quite a Day.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 24: Jokin' Like An Eagle Rockin' the Jungle


Still with der Steve.

"Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma"

Well, I started off this morning having to wear a sweatshirt, but for not any longer.  Kind of mean-looking clouds would drift across the sun every so often and we were very thankful for it.  It was getting quite steamy hot.

"The Joker"

Another sing-a-long.  Everybody yelled when that guitar slid the notes early in the song.

Guy walks by with a Brazilian flag as a cape and reading "No Engleesh.  Kiss me."

Now Steve and band were really cooking and the crows was going crazy.

"Fly Like An Eagle"

"Rock 'N Me"


"Jungle Love"

One Real GOOD Time.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 23: "Don't You Know I'm the Gangster of Love"


Still at the Steve Miller Band concert.

The next song was one I'd heard before, but wasn't sure of the name. It started with the words "Did you see the light."  I think I heard someone say it was called "Serenade."  I just went to You Tube and found out that was the name.

Then, "Space Cowboy."

Something about it being written in the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco where the floor bounced up and down with the crowd.  Monday they had Johnny Cash, then Chuck Berry.  Wednesday was the Grateful Dead.  Thursday was Big Brother & the Holding Company (any you-know-who).

Steve Miller played there 120 times and said that Santana inspired this song.

A whole lot of yelling for this song and even the youngsters in the crowd singing along.

Who' s a Space Cowboy?  Every so often, funny smells would go through the crowd.

"I told you 'bout living in the USA.  Don't you know  I'm a gangster of love."

"I'm A Space Cowboy.  Bet You Weren't Ready For That."  --RoadDog

Monday, May 13, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 22: Tee Shirts, Beer Cans and Songs


Still at the Steve Miller Band concert.

I had to take a guess as to the names of their next three songs.

'GOING UP THE COUNTRY"   Correct guess.

"THE STRANGER"   On You Tube today and found it was "Stranger Blues."

Tee shirt:   Johnny Cash playing an electric guitar and giving the "finger."

Steve Miller is playing a blue guitar with white stars on it.  Now, he has a different electric guitar.

Tee shirt:  "I'll call in sick for Carb Day."


Tee Shirt: "All hustle, No luck."

Well, if you go around gathering aluminum cans to sell, this is where you want to be.

Beer Cans All Around.  --RoadCarb

Saturday, May 11, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 21: Beer Can Towers, Sugar Babe, True Fine Love


There were several towers of beer cans, duct taped together, in evidence at the Steve Miller concert, one of which was near us.  After a while, they got so high they were practically touching the ground, but everyone was having fun.  A gravity thing I suppose.   I have to wonder if this was pre-planned or not.  Who goes to a concert carrying duct tape.  Perhaps you never know when you're going to need duct tape.  When the Barenaked Ladies had seen them, they made up that song about them right on the stage.

First say "Joker" and then they kicked it off with the song "Sugar Babe" as they did in 1973.

People were walking around selling Steve Miller 2017 Tour tee shirts for $20.  Paul bought one.  They look sharp, but I sure don't need anymore tee shirts.

"True Fine Love"

I didn't know this song so wrote down some lyrics as best I could:

""Get your rocks off,  I'm gonna knock your socks off.  We're gonna raise a family."

"Dance, Dance, Dance"    Off the "Fly Like An Eagle" album.    A real country hoe-down.  Banjos and everything.   Steve played an acoustic guitar on this one.

I Want That Tee Shirt.  --RoadShirt

Friday, May 10, 2019

Indy 500 2017-- Part 20: Crown Me With a Cheseboiger

The songs:


Gone are the days when you'd get in trouble for videoing at a concert.  Lots and lots of videos being taken. And those young folks were really enjoying our old "Geezer" music.

A guy came by and offered us a shot of the new Crown Royal Apple drink.  We took a shot.  Good stuff, but hey, after our trips to Florida I have become a big fan of anything Crown Royal.  Probably shouldn't take shots from people we don't know.  Oh well.

"Livin' In the U.S.A."

Steve played a harmonica.  His voice was not quite as good on this one, but sounded good as ever on most of the rest.  This is my song of the 60s.  I was wondering if Steve would say, "Somebody Give me A Cheeseburger!"  He did.  As did most everyone there.

Tee shirt:  "Somebody Shut the Front Door."

"Take the Money and Run."



Thursday, May 9, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 19: Of Cheeseburgers, Flying Horses and Space Cowboys


The Steve Miller Band started right when they were scheduled to start at 5 p.m., something I really like.  I hate when a concert doesn't start on time and often it is just the performer(s) being egotistical.  The MC said, "Welcome Stevie Guitar and his band."

No big surprise, but Steve Miller is getting lots of gray hair, but, in his defense, he HAS been  around for a lot of years.  He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1943 and formed his band in 1966 and is still playing music.  I remember his first big hit, "Somebody Give Me A Cheeseburger," no "Living in the U.S.A." in 1968.

He comes on stage and says, "Nobody loves you like I love you."

Of course, we were so far back and blocked by tall people, but if you moved up a little you could see him on some huge screens on the side of the stage.

By now, the already wet ground was getting pretty muddy with everyone walking around.  I wasn't going to sit down in that mud, so stood.  And as I get older, standing for a long time is less of an option.

We had already seen them, but especially now we saw the "Space Cowboy" tee shirts with the famous flying horse logo of Steve Miller.  I was really tempted to buy a Steve Miller tee shirt, but already have WAY TOO many tee shirts.  Paul bought one, though.

A Real Trip Back.  --RoadWooooo

2017 Indy 500-- Part 18: Of "Woooooos" and Milk


That loud "Woooooo" we heard was none other than pro wrestler Ric Flair who was introducing Steve Miller about 25 minutes before he was set up to play.  This guy is a complete nut, but a fun nut.  We don't know what he might have been on or if this is usual schtick.

Needless to say, when Ric yelled "Wooooooo" the crowd "Woooooed" him back.  As a matter of fact, the rest of that day and until late Sunday night, you would occasionally hear "Woooooos."  We did it quite often ourselves.  As a matter of fact, I'm doing a "Woooooo" right now.




Saw a a tee shirt : "In my sport if it goes out of bounds, It's not coming back."  A hat with the words "Winners drink milk."  A classic for the Indy 500 as the winner traditionally drinks milk.  As a matter of fact, the field has to write down their milk preferences before the race and there are bottles awaiting whoever might win.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Nice Picture of Old Motel in Hinckley, Illinois, on US Highway 30

From the December 12, 2018, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

A photograph, probably 1930s or 1940s of an old motel with rooms in separate cabin buildings.  Three of the cabins are one room and one is a double room judging by the doorways.

The caption reads Hampton's Cabin Court Restaurant and Service Station in Hinckley along Route 30.

I found a postcard of the same scene which dates the postcard to 1940s to 1950s.    I can fin no further information about the place.

Worth A Look.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 17: Big Bang, Hits and "WOOOOOO!!!"


I did not know that the Barenaked Ladies were the ones who wrote the theme song of "Big Bang Theory," but they played it and it was.  Learn something new all the time.

They ended their show with some of their big hits "One Week" and "If I Had A Million Dollars."

To see the band in person, well we could see them up on the Jumbotron as we were quite aways away from them, they sure don't look like a group of guys who would call themselves Barenaked Ladies.  They look real regular.  But we definitely could hear them.

The crows was eating their music up as well and really went crazy on their medley to end the show.  A rap song, "Shout" and "New York, New York."

Great show, and we still had Steve Miller coming on the stage.

This is where we heard a yell out that we would be using amongst the four of us the rest of the time at Indy.  We were just talk when we heard, really loud, "WOOOOOOO!!!!"  Then "WOOOOOO!!!" again.  Well, this got our attention.

Who Was That????   --RoadWoooooo

2017 Indy 500-- Part 16: Drunks, Beet Towers and the Ladies


The concert area definitely needs a 55+ age area.  Old as I am, though, I still manage to get by, but next time will bring along a folding chair.  All that standing is getting rough in these old days.

And was it ever hot with a blazing sun beating down.  Every so often a breeze would provide relief and I sure appreciated the occasional clouds to blot out the sun.

It was a very youthful crowd and there were a lot of drunks.  You can bring your alcohol with you at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, even on the 500 race.  That is sure a break from the overpriced beverage choice most anywhere else you go.  I would have liked to have the aluminum can concession afterwards. Lots and lots of cans.

Lots of drunks and, of course, with the younger set, lots of tats.

The lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies said he would run the race track tomorrow in a race car , but expects to be some sort of hazard.

We had several groups of people using duct tape to tape together beer cans and form towers, one of them must have been 15 feet or higher.  The problem was that the higher the tower got, the more it bent over.  The Barenaked Ladies saw this and threw together an ad lib song about the beer towers.

Watch Out for Falling Beer Cans.  --RoadTower

Monday, May 6, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 15: Barenaked Ladies and Steve Miller Concerts


After the activity at the racetrack, we walked northward to near Turn 4 where the concerts are held.  This is a long walk with a whole lot of people.  It is definitely not for Old Farts like me.  But on I went.  This is definitely a highlight of the whole Indy 500 race thing, the concert for Carb Day.

There is also a concert on Saturday, usually a country act.  We don't go to this one, but sure enjoy seeing those young hard bodies strutting their stuff in those really short Daisy Dukes and then the really funny looking cowgirl boots.  I can tell you two things that just don't look right together and that is Daisy Dukes and cowgirl boots.  Reminds me of someone wearing socks with flip flops or black socks with sandals.  Just ain't look right.

Well, we had a great pair of bands for  Carb Day this year:  Barenaked Ladies and the Steve Miller Band.

The Barenaked Ladies are a Canadian group and opened for Steve Miller.

I didn't recognize some of their songs, but even then, those were good.  The Ladies can sing a song.  One of the first I recognized was "Brian Wilson."

Unfortunately, there are no seats in the concert area.  And, with the wet ground from all the rain and the fact that if you sit down it is highly likely that someone will trip over you.  Much better idea to stand.

Back to the Bare.  --RoadDog

Friday, May 3, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 14: Reba's Boy and the Brazil Kid in the Freedom 100 Indy Light Race


Shortly after the Indy cars were towed off the track, the Freedom 100 race took place.  This race features what they call the Indy Light cars.  These are driven by racers who want to "graduate" to the Indy Car Series, and, of course, the Indy 500.

Reba McEntire sang the "Star-Spangled Banner."  She is the mother of one of the Indy Light racers, Shelby Blackstock.  There were 14 cars in the race.  In order to race, each one had to achieve a 199.9 mph speed.  They would race 40 laps (The IMS is two and a half miles around the track.) or 50 minutes.  These guys are real eager and there was an accident on the first lap.

The race was won by 18-year-old Mattheus Leist of Brazil.  He is now partnered with Tony Kanaan and ran his first Indy 500 in 2018, finishing 21.


2017 Indy 500-- Part 13: Getting Hooked on the 500

The spotters saw something on the track so we now have a yellow flag.

My favorite racer is James Hinchcliffe who hails from Canada.  When I first started coming to the Indy 500, I never thought I'd get into it, but I have, somewhat.  John, Sue and Paul are huge fans of Brazilian racer Tony Kanaan.  Terri, probably the biggest Indy Car fan in the world, and someone I taught school with fot 25 years, favorite racer is Helio Castroneves.

There is a whole lot of talk about an F 1 racer named Fernando Alonzo.

Came across a guy trying to sell some tickets where we sit for the race for $220 apiece.

Now, we're sitting in the upper grandstand right across from where the #3 spot pits in the race.

Alexander Rossi won the 100th Running of the Indy 500 last year as he had just fumes left in his tank as he crossed the finish line and ran out of fuel part way around the track on his victory lap.

Hinchcliffe's car broke down coming off the yellow flag and spent the entire time in the pit.

Our #3 spot had the fastest time today at 227.336 mph.

This is the last time the car engines will be started until Sunday's Race Day.


2017 Indy 500-- Part 12: Watchin' the Cars Go Round


We're inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway now and the cars that will be racing on Sunday are running around the track and it is noisy,especially where we are sitting (not where we watch the race as we move around on Carb Day to get the different spectator experiences.  Right now we are in the main grandstands just north of Turn One.  We normally sit on what is called the Catwalk, way  up high between the 1st and 2nd turns.

A whole lot noisier here.

Most of the cars pitted after just one lap for adjustments.  They don't have to run for the whole hour, just until they're satisfied with their car's performance.  The pit crews are not moving as fast as they will on race day when every tenth of a second counts dearly.

Scott Dixon, who was held up earlier this week is in car #9, sponsored by Game World.

We took the elevator up to the upper grandstand.  Stairs really get me with my age.  Only too happy to take an elevator whenever possible.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 11: Hockey, Bo and Carb Day

Friday, May 26

The Shack now has lunch with two pulled pork sandwiches for $3.  Why eat anywhere else?

Pittsburgh Penguins won last night's game in double overtime and will face the Nashville Predators Monday.  One thing nice about the Blackhawks not being in the Stanley Cup is that the pressure is not on to watch the other games.

I called Bo, a friend we met earlier this winter in Panama City Beach, Florida, and we will be getting together after the Carb Day festivities.  He lives in Speedway,  Indiana, just a short distance from the track.

They were playing "Fly Like an Eagle" on the Indy public announcement system at 10 a.m..  Steve Miller is the main show at the Carb Day festivities and Bare Naked Ladies will open for him.

We paid out $30 to get into Carb Day.  For that we get to watch the cars in Sunday's race get their final fine tunes, a 100 mile Freedom 100 race by the Indy Light cars, which are racers in training to get into the big race.  Then, there is a concert in the afternoon.

One nice thing about Carb Day is that you get to sit anywhere along the race track so we, of course, try out seats elsewhere.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 10: In the Newspapers, 15 Millionth Model T, Scott Dixon Robbed


Newspaper articles this morning.

Ninety years ago today, Henry Ford and his son Edsel drove the 15 millionth Model T out of their factory.

Vehicle headlights back then were stuck in the tech Dark Ages and were not bright enough.

"Millennials fuel growth in RV sales"  It is expected that RVs will ship 446,000 RVs in 2017, up 5.6%.

OPEC is cutting back oil production.

This year's Indy 500 Pole Setter, Scott Dixon, as robbed at gunpoint Sunday night at the Speedway Taco Bell.

It is getting so warm that I take my sweatshirt off.

Off to the Miller Light Carb Day.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 9: Wake Up Time

Continued from April 2, 2019.


Much nicer day.  No rain.  I spent  a lot of last night getting used to my sleeping chair in the RV so didn't get a lot of sleep.  Or at least I think I didn't get a lot of sleep.  By the second night I have that chair figured out so sleep much better.  The alarm at the track went  off.  If I wasn't already up, I'd sure be up now.  It was loud and we are very close to the track (right across the road).

I walked over to the American Legion Shack which is manned by the auxiliary, a place I go every morning to buy coffee, a newspaper and those delicious $1 sausage biscuits.

Some Indy facts from the paper:

Indy cars go from 0-100 mph in 3 seconds.

Kent McCord is 74 and was in the TV show "Adam 12."    His first time at the 500 was in 1970 and he was in the parade and is a fixture in the parade.  he still comes.

Florence Henderson will be at the race.  She was in the TV show "The Brady Bunch."


Monday, April 29, 2019

Along 66, March 2019: Efforts At the Painted Desert Trading Post

MARCH 21--  An original Route 66 road side shield is to be auctioned off for the Painted Desert Trading Post project.

An enthusiast is offering it on e-Bay.  It was used between 1981 and 1985 in Texas, but the exact location is not known.  As of March 28, the sign had 30 bids on it and the amount was over $1,100.

Also at auction is a 1940 Conoco map.

MARCH 25--  The Painted Desert Trading Post in Arizona finally got a new roof.  The building was getting in worse and worse shape so it is good to see some Route 66 enthusiasts are taking care of it.

We'd sure hate to have another John's Modern Cabins.

Get A Real Piece of 66  for the Trading Post.  --RoadDog

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Along 66, March 2019: Ariston's Neon Sign To Be Relighted

MARCH 20--  Through a joint project between the Illinois Route 66 Association and the Rt. 66 Association of Missouri, the Ariston's neon sign in Litchfield, Illinois, will be relit.

Current owners Will and Michelle Law and Marty and Kara Steffins, and the old owners, Nick and Demi Adam plan a real big to-do for the occasion, scheduled for May 4.

They received a $10,250 cost-share grant from the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program.

The Ariston opened in Carlinville in 1924 on the future Illinois alignment of Route 66 and then moved to Litchfield to 413 Old Route 66 in 1935 after the road was realigned.

Nick Adams began working there, at his parents' place, in 1966 and sold it last summer.  It was listed on the NRHP in 2006 and inducted into the Illinois Hall of Fame in 1992.

Quite the Place.  --Roadiston

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Along 66, March 2019: Coleman Theatre Anniversary and Missouri Hick Bar B Que

These are taken from the Route 66 News blog.

MARCH 16--  The Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma, will be celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.
A beautiful structure.  Never been in it though and still can't correctly say the name of the city.

MARCH 17--  Missouri Hick Bar-B-Que in Cuba, Missouri, is up for sale.  The owner has had it 17 years and wants to retire.  Great food and an eye-catching building.  Hope someone keeps it going as is.

And right next door to that neat old Wagon Wheel Motel.


Friday, April 26, 2019

Route 66 Experience Hub, Pontiac Region

I am going to list what the hub says to do in one of our favorite stretches of Illinois Route 66, Pontiac.

Along with the map:

1.  The Log Cabin Inn

2.  A Bridge to the Past

3.  Patrolling "Bloody 66" at the old State Highway Patrol headquarters

4.  Protecting travelers  (same building)

5.  Route 66  Association Hall of Fame and Museum

6. An underground Route 66 crossing

7. Historic Chenoa

8.  Memory Lane in Lexington

9.  Lexington neon sign and Filling Station restaurant

10.  A Geographic Journey Parkway in Towanda

These, along with excellent signage will keep you right on the road.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Route 66 Experience Hubs in Illinois: There Are 13 of Them

From the Illinois Route 66 Info/Experience site.

There are 13 of these sites in Illinois.  Each one covers a town and a region and gives maps and a list with short explanations for sites to see in the area.

You can find the Experience Hubs in (going north to south):




Chain of Rocks

A State That Knows Its Route 66  Heritage.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Along 66: A New Route 66 Experience Hub in Illinois

MARCH 5--  A nine-foot tall Route 66 Experience Hub kiosk at Main and Jefferson streets in downtown Bloomington, Illinois, has been laced in an effort to boost tourism.  It shows Route 66 attractions in that city.

This is the 14th Experience Hub in Illinois.  This one is located near the Cruisin' With Lincoln On 66 exhibit at the town's visitor center.

Again, I am so very happy that Bloomington has finally, at long last, discovered its Route 66 heritage.  For far too long, they seemed to completely ignore it.


Monday, April 22, 2019

About Last Weekend-- Part 3: Burning Leaves, 8-inches Snow, Pancakes, Snowblower and Sunnyside


With some difficulty, I was able to burn some leaves in the backyard before the forecast inch of snow started.  I came in when it started.  My working conditions specifically say I don't have to work outside when it is snowing.

And, that one-inch was soon on the ground with no signs of stopping.  When we drove over to the Spring Grove fire station for the annual Explorers pancake breakfast, there was a little snow now on the streets, but nothing too bad.

It cost $6 for auce pancakes, sausage and drinks.  By the time we finished about 30 minutes later, we went outside to find the car covered with two inches of snow and the streets nearly impassable.  I don't drive too bad in the snow, but this was a real hard drive home.

Hey, April 14th winter.  Come on!!

And, it kept snowing.  We figure, judging by the accumulation on the deck rails that we received eight inches of the white stuff.  I fired up the snowblower and cleared the driveway.  I didn't have to as the rest of the week was supposed to be 50 degrees plus, but this was an opportunity to run the oil/gas mixture out of it.

By then, the streets in our subdivision were clear of snow an we went over to Sunnyside in Johnsburg.

Who'd Have Figured Eight Inches At This Late Date.  --RoadDog

About Last Weekend-- Part 2: Record Store Day, Tommy's Hot Dogs, Stucky's, Uncle Will and "The Legend of the USS Titanic


After the Easter Egg hunt, I drove over to the Vinyl Frontier Records store in McHenry, Illinois, and did my Record Store throwback thing, see the recent Record Store Day posts.

Then, after my vinyl attack, I had a hot dog attack, a good old Chicago Dog attack.  And, there is a Tommy's store in McHenry, so drove over to that.  They gave a great hot dog special:  two dogs, fries and drink for $7, including tax.  And those are Chicago Dogs.  The best.

Later, Liz and I went over to Stucky's in Johnsburg and had a good time with Uncle Will who has become one of our favorite performers.  He has a great knowledge of music and I try to stump him on requests.  He even knows "Two Hangmen" by Mason Proffitt and he learned how to play "The Legend of the USS Titanic" by Jaime Brockett, a thirteen minute long song about the real reason the Titanic sank, involving 297 and a half feet of rope and the first mate.

If you have never heard the song before, you owe it to yourself to check it out on You Tube.  Check out the video by Eggs Zachtly.  In honor of 4/20.

"It Was Midnight On the Sea, the Band Was Playing 'Nearer My God To Thee"  Fare the Well, Titanic, Fare the Well."   --RoadDog

Sunday, April 21, 2019

About Last Weekend-- Part 1: Squirrel Wars, No Luck and Eggs


Weather bad again today.  Fought and lost to the squirrels, who despite my best efforts, broke through my defenses of the bird feeders and gorged themselves.  They are worthy opponents.  However, I went to Menard's and bought out the anti-squirrel heavy artillery, a metal sparrow feeder and a feeder that drops down a covering over the food ports when squirrels get on them due to their weight.

TAKE THAT SQUIRRELS.   But I know they will figure out how to get through these.

Met Kevin and Kelly at the Legion for 50-50.  As usual, no luck for us.


I went to the Fox Lake American Legion and helped the SAL, Sons of the American Legion to which I belong, put out Easter eggs for the kids.  The real little kids are worth the price of admission.  There was one little girl who had a small Easter basket and was eagerly running around, grabbing eggs, tossing them into her basket, only to have them pop out immediately.  There was a Dad following her and grabbing the fallen eggs.

Another Mom was admonishing her young boy not to keep looking at the Easter bunny because he wasn't going to give him eggs, he had to get them himself.  She failed to convince him.

It's a Good Thing I Like Squirrels So Much.  --RoadDog

Along 66, March 2019: Bloomington's (Ill.) Parkview Inn Reopens

Theses Along 66 posts come from the Route 66 News blog which has many other things happening on our favorite road and in much greater detail.  I just pick out some of the posts I am most interested in.  But if you want to know what is going on along 66, I strongly suggest you check it out.

MARCH 4--   The rebuilt Parkview Inn in Bloomington, Illinois, is to reopen this month.  Afire in 2016 did $300,000 in damage so bad the place had to be rebuilt from the ground up.  The new structure cost $1.1 million.

It pays homage to Route 66 in its interior decor and on the sign outside.

It was originally built in 1928 and is on the 1930-1940 Route 66 alignment and at 1003 Morris Avenue.

At the time of the fire, it was reportedly Bloomington's oldest restaurant on Route 66.

We have never been to this place, but now that Bloomington-Normal seems to have become cognizant of their Route 66 heritage and pushing it (hey, there's money to be made) we have more often not taken the interstate around those two towns.  Plus, they now have signage which they didn't in the past.

So Proud of Bloomington-Normal, Finally.  --RoadDog

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Record Store Day, 2019-- Part 3: It Came, I Went, I Bought, I Ate


I immediately popped the "Pet Sounds" into my truck's CD player.  That's right, I still play CDs in my vehicles.

I had a hot dog attack and cruised over to Tommy's on Illinois Highway 120 and got their dog special:  two Chicago-style hit dogs, fried and a drink for $7, including tax.    While I was making up my mind, I made the mistake of letting a guy go ahead of me, not knowing he was ordering ten meals for his work.  And, I had to wait for him to fill ten drinks at the machine.  I tell you, no good deed goes unpunished.

But the hot dogs are so very good (but without sport peppers) and the fries perfectly augmented by generous ketchup dips.

I then went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and actually found a couple boomboxes with dubbing cassettes, but didn't have my cassette tapes along to see if it worked so didn't buy either.

Yes, I Still Use Cassette Tapes.  --RoadDog

Friday, April 19, 2019

Record Store Day 2019-- Part 2: It Came, I Went, I Bought

The Vinyl Frontier also has a standing special where you pay $20 if you buy five CDs.  Right up my alley.

I bought my five CDs.

PET SOUNDS--  Beach Boys

THE VERY BEST OF--  Elvin Bishop

THIRTY YEARS OF FUNK 1969-1999--  Grand Funk

ANTHOLOGY--  Tommy James & the Shondells


I'd never had the opportunity to listen to "Pet Sounds" but was familiar with the songs "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Sloop John B", "God Only Knows", and "Carolina No."

I'm going to be doing a lot of good listening indeed.

CD's and Vinyled Out.  --RoadRecord

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Funeral for Dayton Native, Doolittle Raider, Richard Cole Set For Today

From the April 18, 2019, Springfield (Ohio) News-Sun.

Dayton, Ohio, native Richard Cole,  the last surviving member of  the Doolittle Raiders, will be honored today during a memorial service at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.

Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" Cole was born in Dayton September 7, 1915, and graduated from Steele High School in Dayton and attended two years of college at Ohio University in Athens before enlisting as an aviation cadet on Nov. 22, 1940.  Receiving orders to report to Parks Air College in East St. Louis, Illinois, for training before arriving at Randolph Field, Texas, and later Kelly Field in Texas where he completed pilot training and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in July 1941.

He retired from the Air Force in 1966 with a whole lot of honors and medals as well as a Congressional Gold Medal given in 20014 for all of the Doolittle Raiders.

At the bottom of the article is a place for you to click titled "Photos: Doolittle Raiders through the years." Well worth a browse through.

Like I Said, the Greatest Generation.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Record Store Day 2019-- Part 1: It Came, I Went, I Bought

Not that I don't go to my mom and pop record stores every so often throughout the year, but Record Store Day is very special to me.  A day to honor my past.  A day to flip through those old vinyl albums and yes, you can even flip through CDs, just not as easily.

I went to my old mom and pop record store, The Vinyl Frontier Records (still a great name for a record store) in McHenry, Illinois, and perused the place.  It was crowded as it always is for Record Store Day which made moving around in the narrow aisle a challenge.  The owner said there had been a big line waiting outside when he opened, but not as long as in the past.

I bought two vinyl albums, well, one and a three album set:


AMERICAN ROADS--  a collection of country town, city and road-related songs on three albums.  (40 songs)

Some of those songs:

GOD BLESS THE USA--  Lee Greenwood
TEXAS (WHEN I DIE)--  Tanya Tucker

LONG HARD ROAD--  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
HIGHWAY 49 BLUES--  Ricky Skaggs

ALL THE GOLD IN CALIFORNIA--  Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers
YOU'RE THE REASON GOD MADE OKLAHOMA--  Shelly West / David Frizzell

WICHITA LINEMAN--  Glen Campbell
EL PASO CITY--  Marty Robbins
SOUTHERN NIGHTS--  Glen Campbell

Some Good Listening.  --RoadDog

Monday, April 15, 2019

"Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin' "-- Part 2: Robert Spencer

From Joel Whitburn's  "Top Pop Singles:  1955 to 1993."

Bubblegum studio concoction of producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz.   Robert Spencer of the Cadillacs on lead vocals, Joey Levine (Ohio Express and Reunion) on backing vocals.  Touring group formed later.

So, it was Bubblegum Music.  I didn't know that.

From Discogs.

Robert Spencer was a former member of the Cadillacs who had a hit in 1956 with "Speedo."  He also wrote "My Boy Lollipop"  (#2-1964).

Still Love This Song, Just Not 20 Times In a Row.  --RoadDog

Sunday, April 14, 2019

"Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin' " by Crazy Elephant

In honor of Record Store Day and the April 14, 1969, WLS Top 40 Silver Dollar Survey, Chicago's 890 AM radio powerhouse, I am going to write about this song.  It was #14 this week fifty years ago.  It debuted March 24 at #36 then went to #29 and #19 on April 7.  It then went to #8 and peaked at #5 for two weeks.

They were truly a One-Hit Wonder.  This is their only song to crack Billboard's Hot 100 at #12

In other words, we heard it a lot, a whole lot.  But I never got tired of it (like with the Beatles "Hey Jude").  The more I heard it, the more I liked it.  As a matter of fact, I have now listened to it probably ten times and still movin' to it.

Every time I do the WLS Top 40 on my Down Da Road I Go blog, which I do once a month around the second week, I listen to all of the songs on the chart on You Tube which always has one or more versions of the songs.  This really takes me back.  The rest of each month I do the WLS Top Ten with weekly debuts.

This song is great Frat Rock or do you say Garage Rock.  I even saw one comment on one of the versions saying this was not Bubble Gum Music.  Yes, I can see where it might be Bubble Gum Music as it certainly is catchy.  And, I REALLY LOVE my Bubble Gum Music.

There is only one PROBLEM with the song.  It is way too short.  No jamming here.   Depending upon the version, it is anywhere from 1:57 to 2:03 minutes long.  I have had to go back and hit replay many times.

Well, after twenty times, I must admit I am getting Jes' a Little bit tired of the song, but I will recover and come back to my senses.

One thing You Tube likes to do for you is automatically go to a list of like songs that you might like and they do a real good job.  Right now I'm listening to "Build me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations with "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin up next and then "Hang On Sloopy" by the McCoys.

Now, This Is Some Good Music.  --RoadSong

By the way, in a short time I have to go out and crank up the ol' snowblower as, here it is April 14 and we already have gotten six inches of snow and IT IS STILL SNOWING!!!!  I was out burning leaves earlier this morning.  Now I'll be removing snow.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Along 66. Feb. 2019: Another Bicyclist Killed

FEBRUARY 22--  Another bicyclist is killed on Route 66 west of Galena, less than two years after two German cyclists were killed.

The Kansas Historical Route 66 Association has placed a Ghost Bicycle near the spot, painted white.

If motorcycling Route 66 is fun, bicycling it must be even better, but there is, unfortunately, not a lot of it, other than in Illinois, that has been turned into a bicycle trail.  I fully support making large stretched of the abandoned 66 into bike trails.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Along 66, February 2019: Route History Store Opens in Springfield, Illinois

FEBRUARY 21, 2019--  The Route History Store in Springfield, Illinois, had a soft opening on February 16.  It has Route 66 souvenirs and a tribute to local Black History.  It is at 737 E. Coda in the former Just Off 66 Sandwiches and Souvenirs.

It is in an old gas station and two blocks off the Springfield Ninth Street Route 66 alignment.

We had once eaten at the earlier place which had good stuff to eat.

Some of the proceeds of the place will go to renovate the Lincoln Colored Home at 427 S. 12th Street.  (I'd never heard of this place, but I'll write about in this blog next week.)  It opened in 1904 and is on the NRHP and was one of the first black orphanages.

This new place will also feature exhibits on the Negro Motorist Green Book, Jim Crow Laws, the Great Migration, black-owned Springfield businesses and the Springfield Race Riot of 1908.

Looks Like An Interesting Place to Check Out.  --RoadDog

Two Days to Record Store Day!!!

This coming Saturday, April 13, is Record Store Day, our annual salute to those old record stores, you know, the mom and pop stores.

To me  it is a chance to do one of my  favorite things and flip through albums, one of my all-time favorite things to do.  CD flipping is Okay, but nowhere as much enjoyment as album flipping.  And, there is NO fun in download flipping.

I plan on going at least to Vinyl Frontier Records in McHenry, Illinois, my main mom and pop store.  I'll likely buy several vinyl albums and several CDs.

I also enjoy seeing young people, mostly high school age, in there looking at vinyl albums.  Perhaps there is hope after all for us old dinosaurs.

Flipping Albums.  Yes!!  --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Death of the Last Doolittle Raider, Richard Cole

While working on my Tattooed On Your Soul:  World War II blog today, I suddenly got to thing about the Doolittle Raiders and whether or not any of them were still alive.  I did a search and found out the last one, Richard Cole, 103, had died on Tuesday April 9, just short of the anniversary of the raid by nine days (April 18, 1942.

That is quite a coincidence.

I have written about the raid many times:

World War II blog--  91 times
History blog--  20 times
Down Da Road I Go blog--  3 times

This raid, coming so soon after Pearl Harbor, was a huge lift to American morale and a great blow to the Japanese who were sure it would be impossible.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Four Days to Record Store Day, April 13

Getting more excited as we approach the date.  One of my favorite days of the year.  The day to take a step back into history and visit your local mom and pop record store.

I don't miss this chance to revisit my past.  Back before all this downloading stuff.  Back when you actually owned the music right there in your hands.

Lots of specials going on and special vinyl.  But, by far my biggest kick is seeing all those young people, even high school students in the stores.  Maybe there is hope for us old dinosaurs after all.

And, I am lucky to have four places within 12 miles of where I live (all in northeast Illinois):

Vinyl Frontier Records, McHenry.  My favorite local record store.  Now, if there is a better name for a record store, I'd sure like to know what it is.
Siren Records, McHenry

Reef Records, Antioch
Track One Vintage Stereo, Antioch


Monday, April 8, 2019

Gerald Ellis, Hero-- Part 4: The Funeral Procession

The procession finally arrived, heading west on Illinois Highway 173 and turning south on Deep lake Road.  By then I'd estimate about 200 people at our spot (along a 30-35 mile route).  And, it was silence as befitting the procession and man.

First, came a group of motorcyclists, then the hearse and family.  After that was around 300 police cars.  They went by at about 25-35 mph as all roads were blocked.  There were a lot of unmarked cars which was unfortunate because we'd sure like to know where they were from.

The farthest away police cars were Louisiana and Texas.  Pretty much every Lake County town was represented, including all four Round Lake villages.  Plus, Illinois towns were in the the procession, including Sangamon County where Springfield is located.

Some of the people in the cars were filming us and others waved as they went by.

This was a good thing, not only to honor a hero, but also to show the police that they still gave our backing, especially in these days where certain people have nothing but hatred for the police.  I should say that I never heard one BLM or other black group offer condolences to a true hero.

But to us, it is the Blue Lives Matter.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

Gerald Ellis, Hero-- Part 3: The American Legion and a Show of Support

Like I said, we had quite a long wait before the procession showed up.  A guy came over and said, "I thought that was you."  It was Dale from the Fox Lake American Legion, past commander of the Sons of American Legion to which I belong in honor of my grandfather who was an original Legion member of the Legion as he served in WW I and joined in the early 1920s.

We have the U.S. flag at the Legion flying at half mast for the three Illinois State Troopers killed in the line of duty so far this year, the most in 66 years and we're just into April.

We both agreed this is a make up for 2015 when the Fox Lake police officer (I won't use his name) was thought to be killed in the line of duty and we found it later to be a suicide as a way to avoid being caught for criminal activity.  There was a huge outpouring a public support, fundraisers and a massive police procession. And, as it turned out all for a crook   We were embarrassed.  But I look at it as a show of support for the job the police on all levels do for us.

And, of course, now with certain groups all upset that the police are targeting them, it is good to show them that the general public is still on their side.

Gerald Ellis, Hero-- Part 2: Dies Saving Lives in a Wrong-Way Crash

From the March 30, 3019, ABC News  "Illinois state trooper Gerald Ellis dies in a wrong-way crash, 2nd officer  killed in a roadside accident this week."

Officer Gerald Ellis, 36, and an 11-year-veteran was killed in the line of duty early Saturday morning at 3:30 am after being struck by a vehicle driving in the wrong direction on I-94.  He was in his squad car and headed home when he saw a vehicle driving east in the westbound lanes.

To keep the other car from smashing into others who were behind him, he intentionally crashed his squad car into the oncoming one.  Both he and the other driver, who had been drinking, were killed.

Now, that is the ultimate sacrifice.

Ellis is the second Illinois State Trooper killed this week.  Brooke Jones-Story, 34, a 12-year-veteran was struck during a traffic stop.  Another State Trooper was killed in January.

A Dangerous Job.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Honoring Illinois State Trooper Gerald Ellis-- Part 1

I was out there most of this afternoon for the funeral procession of fallen State Police Policeman Gerald Ellis. He gave up his life in the line of action so that others might live.  The true definition of a hero.  And he was sent off in a correct manner.  By fellow officers and a whole lot of the general public around where I viewed it at the corner of Illinois Highway 173 and Deep Lake Road east of Antioch, Illinois.

Services were held at the College of Lake County in Grayslake and then a procession left there and went to the Tri-State Tollway and north to Randall Road by the state border and then to 173 to Deep Lake and Lake Villa.

We had around 100 people where I saw it along with two fire trucks with ladders up flying a huge American flag, several hundred smaller American flags and quite a few of the Blue Line American flags including the one I was holding.

Unfortunately, the procession was delayed almost an hour in starting so we had a long wait.  Fortunately, the weather was fairly nice.

I told several people the significance of the flag I was holding and talked quite a while with one man who had been drafted in the Vietnam War but had served his time in Korea along the dangerous DMZ as an artillery observer.  Sadly, he told me that after his tour of duty was over, his group went to Hawaii for shots and were told to take off their uniforms and get into civilian ones.

They found out why when they got stateside, when, despite civilian clothes, they were recognized as soldiers, sworn at and spat upon with calls of murderer and baby killer.

This never should gave happened.  Whether you were for or against a war or president, you never ever treat out military that way.  Sure hope this never happens again.

To Honor the Blue: Funeral Procession of Illinois State Policeman Gerald Ellis

Illinois is reeling right now after the deaths of three state troopers, a McHenry County Sheriff's Police officer and a Chicago police officer in the last just over a month's time.

It is a dangerous job.  One that certain people don't seem to appreciate.

I am leaving to meet some former Magee Middle School (Round Lake, Illinois) teachers in Bristol, Wisconsin, in a few minutes and afterwards will try to find a place along the funeral procession route of State Trooper Gerald Ellis, who sacrificed his life to keep innocents alive from a wrong-way driver on an interstate last week.

I hope to view the procession, which I understand to be two hours long somewhere along Illinois Highway 173 east of Antioch.  I'll have my Blue Lives matter U.S. flag with me.

A Real Hero.  Thank You for Being There

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 8: Hockey, "Idge" Phones and Twisted Kilt

Those Millennials!  On their bloomin' "Idge" phones most of the time.  Hey, there is a big game on the TV and you're blankly staring at your phone!!  

The winner of this game goes to the Stanley Cup Championship.  Big game.    End of 1st a 0-0 tie.  Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup last year.  Penguins score, then Senators do ten seconds later.

The guy behind us in full Penguin gear and a huge fan.  Talked with him and found out he loves Put-In-Bay.

Just found out that Twisted Kilt will be at the Legion tomorrow and running things.  That is a fairly big restaurant chain whose waitresses and bartenders do a Hooters in the way they dress.  But male bartenders and waiters also dress sexy and in kilts.  Should be interesting.

Group of Millennials just left and three of five are staring at their "Idge" phones.  Hope they trip.  I call them "Idge" phones as my brother refers to our old flip phones as "Dumb Phones."  I am fairly certain you have to be an "Idiot"  "Idge" to devote your life to one of those new so-called "Smart" phones.

Tied 2-2 at end of regulation and Pittsburgh wins in overtime and will go to play for the Stanley Cup against the Predators.

Back to the RV.  Real busy day.

Go Pittsburgh!!!  --RoadDog

2017 Indy 500-- Part 7: Doing My Hockey Thing At the Lehion

MAY 25

The name and logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins is not very scary, nor is the name and logo of the Anaheim Dicks.  Sorry, Ducks and Penguins just aren't scary.  The Nashville Predators are already in the Stanley Cup Championship and I will be pulling against them no matter who they play against in this series.  And this because of their treatment of Blackhawk fans.  It is unacceptable.

The problem revolves around the Predator fear of Hawk fans taking over the arena as Nashville is fairly close to Chicago and there would be lot of red in their home, something they didn't like.  But, the way I see it, if a guy is willing to get ripped off at NHL prices it shouldn't matter whose jersey they are wearing.

I am pulling for Pittsburgh as I am not a fan of Canadian teams.

Too bad the Blackhawks aren't there, but I am not surprised.  They had the best record in the NHL, but lost 6 of their last 8 games including several blowouts and then got swept by those gosh-durn Predators.


Monday, April 1, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 6: Good Eating and a Hockey Playoff Game (Not the Hawks)

Continued from February 25, 2019.


We now returned to the RV and had Sliders and Paul did some grilling.  We eat well the whole time we're at the Indy.

Afterwards we went to the American Legion where they had a deejay and $2 drafts.

We watched the hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins.  Sadly, no Blackhawks as they were swept in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  One time during the much ballyhooed "Dynasty" days of the Hawks when they played a must-win game against the Detroit Redwings.  A loss and the Hawks went home.

At first there were a few Detroit fans in the Legion, but more and more Hawk fans began arriving and with our guys playing well and all the cheering, pretty soon the Detroit fans were gone.


Saturday, March 30, 2019

Bucket List of Illinois Events-- Part 5: Driving, Buildings and a Fort

17.  SPOON RIVER SCENIC DRIVE--  Fulton County  First two weekends of October

Rural area made famous by Edgar Lee Master's "Spoon River Anthology.  Roughly 140 miles.

18.  OPEN HOUSE CHICAGO--  Chicago  Early October

Free access to over 200 buildings for a behind-the-scene peak.  Many are not regularly open to the public.

19.  FORT MASSAC ENCAMPMENT--  Metropolis   Middle October

Hey, Superman's home and see what life was like in Illinois back in the late 1700s at Fort Massac.


Tens of thousands on Catholic pilgrims, many of then Mexican make their way to pray or lay flowers at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Friday, March 29, 2019

Salute Those Vietnam Veterans Today

Today is National Vietnam Veterans Day.  I have my flag flying.

Over 58,000 Americans died.  Over two and a half million served.

In the early 1960s we sent military advisors to South Vietnam and by 1963, some 16,000 Americans were there.  After the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution the conflict expanded and by 1968, there were 500,000 military there.

The last American fighting troops left on March 29, 1973, which is why we commemorate their service today.

Hats Off to the Vietnam War Veterans!!!

Bucket List of Illinois Events-- Part 4: Swept Under the Table at the House

13.  ARCOLA BROOM CORN FESTIVAL--  Arcola    Early September

Get swept away at this broom corn bash.  Arcola is a leading producer of brooms made with ornamental grass.


Enough pumpkins are processed here each year to fill 50 million pumpkin pies.  That's why they call themselves the Pumpkin Capital of the World.

15.  VINTAGE ILLINOIS--  Utica    Mid-September

Drinkin' wine spo-de-doh.  Get a taste of Illinois-made wines.

16.  TOUR OF HISTORIC GALENA HOMES--  Galena   End of September

Much preservation in this city with so many homes pre-Civil War.  Hey, and U.S. Grant's home is here also.

Wine and Pumpkins  --RoadDog

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bucket List of Illinois Events-- Part 3: Tugging the Corn At the Parade

These were put out in honor of the Illinois Bicentennial of statehood in 2018.

9.  GREAT RIVER TUG FEST--  Port Byron   Early August

Teams from Illinois and Iowa pull their weight on a  2,700 foot rope between Port Byron and Le Claire, Iowa.  And, that would be across something called the Mississippi River.  As of 2018, Illinois leads 20-11.  Sorry Hawkeyes.

10.  MENDOTA SWEET CORN FESTIVAL--   Mendota  Early August

More than 50 tons of sweet corn gets devoured after being cooked by a vintage steam engine.

DeKalb has a Corn fest near the end of August.

11.  ILLINOIS STATE FAIR--  Springfield    Mid-August

A life size cow made of butter is just one thing to see.  And, you can eat Cozy Dogs.  Worth admission right there.

12.  BUD BILLIKEN PARADE--  Chicago   Second Saturday of August.

Just the way to get you ready for school.  The largest black parade in the country.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bucket List of Illinois Events-- Part 2: Superman, Milk and a Taste

5.  HARVARD MILK DAYS,  Harvard  Early June

Billed as the state's longest-running hometown festival started in 1942.  I remember dropping one of our actives off  in Harvard after taking him for a ride when I was pledging Delta Sigma Phi in 1970 and thinking about taking the cow statue downtown for a ride.  We didn't.

6.  SUPERMAN CELEBRATION, Metropolis   Early June

Way downstate, but with a name like this town has, you'd kind of have to do this.  See the 15-foot-tall statue of "favorite son."

7. MORE ON 34    US Highway 34  Aurora to Galesburg    Mid-June

All sorts of stuff for sale in flea markets, yard sales and etc..

Lincoln Highway also has a Lincoln Buy-Way along its route during the summer.


These two towns are about twenty miles apart and have these two festivals at the same time.  We live right between them and I keep trying to get them to have it at different times, but no luck yet.


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bucket List of Illinois Events to Visit-- Part 1: Groundhog Days and Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor Festival

From the January 7, 2019, Chicago Tribune.

This was in honor of Illinois' Bicentennial of statehood last year.

1.  GROUNDHOG DAYS,  Woodstock  Around Feb. 2, Groundhog Day, you know.  Site of movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray.  Activities over the whole weekend.

2.  BLESSING THE BIKES,  Alto Pass   Motorcyclists kick off season in Shawnee National Forest.  Late April.

3.  RED CARPET CORRIDOR FESTIVAL, Joliet to Towanda along Route 66.  Each of 13 towns has something going on that weekend.  Early May.  There is also a Blue Carpet Corridor Festival for cities south of Springfield in September.

4.  BIKE THE DRIVE , Chicago    For one morning in late May, cars are kicked off Lake Shore Drive and bicyclists get their shot.


Monday, March 25, 2019

Along the Lincoln Highway: The Penn-Irwin Motel Closes in Pennsylvania

From the March 22, 2019, Trib Live  "A Route 30 mainstay, historic Penn-Irwin Motel closes as owners retire" by Steve Huba.

The motel has operated for 73 years on U.S. 30 and the western terminus of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but new interchanges were built on the turnpike and people began bypassing the old Irwin at North Huntington.  Owners Gary (71) and Deb (68) Salada decided it was time to retire and closed their doors on Saturday, March 23..

They have owned the historic motel for the last 34 years and are the third owners since the place opened in 1946.  It is setback from the highway but visible in the woods with its neon sign reading "A Quiet Night's Sleep Assured."

There were originally five buildings, each with two rooms featuring knotty pine walls and wooden furniture.

The property has been sold to Colony Holding who has plans to develop the property.


Friday, March 22, 2019

Along 66, Feb. 2019: "Green Book" and A Passport

FEBRUARY 20--  The Smithsonian Channel's "Green Book" documentary will air Monday, Feb. 25 at 8 pm Eastern.  Too late.  You missed it as did I because we don't have the Smithsonian Channel.  Too bad as I really would like to have seen it.

Sure glad it is not necessary to have a Green Book anymore, but I am glad people are becoming aware of it now, including myself.

FEBRUARY 22--  The Route 66 Navigation creators are working on a Route 66 Passport. as a smart phone app.  You get stamps at select visitors centers.

Passports are always good to help spark tourism.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Along 66, Feb. 2019: A Bridge, A Sign and No More Trailers

FEBRUARY 18--  Work to replace the historic Horse Creek Bridge near Afton, Oklahoma, is underway.  It was built in 1936 on the east side of town.  Now it is structurally deficient.

We must have driven over it if it is on 66, but don't remember it.

FEBRUARY 19--  The Sonrise Donuts sign in Springfield, Illinois, came down.  It was on top of the building for 70 years and Springfield purchased the sign recently for $22,000.  But, it will be restored to its former glory and placed somewhere, so it is not gone.

Always enjoyed looking at it as we drove by and we once ate in the building when it was open.

FEBRUARY  20--  The Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post is no longer renting out its vintage tractors.  It is in West Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In the past you could stay in a 1974 Silver Streak, 1959 Spartan, 1969 Airstream or 1956 Yellowstone.

They said it was too expensive to keep the trailers in condition.  That would have been a trip back into time.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Along 66, Feb. 2019: Launching Pad Food and Neon Signs

FEBRUARY 16--  The Launching Pad Drive-In in Wilmington, Illinois is hoping to be offering a full-service menu by April.  It is owned now by Tully Garrett and Holly Barker.  They bought the place in 2017 after it had been closed for seven years.

It opened in 1960 as the Dairy Delite by John and Betty Korelc and renamed the Launching Pad in 1965, after the U.S. space program.  The Gemini Giant also came in 1965.

Of course, this is the home of the world famous Gemini Giant.

They are offering a selection called a Carolina Dogs.  Could this be one with cole slaw.  And if they have that, how about some of that great Carolina 'Cue?

My biggest problem with the Launching Pad is that it is too close to the Polka-Dot in Braidwood. You can't eat at both as you'd be way too full.

FEBRUARY  17--  The Tulsa Route 66 Commission will soon begin a neon sign program.  Always time for more neon signs in my book.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Along 66, February 2019: H.R. 66, Ted Drewes

These stories are taken from the Route 66 News blog which has many more and more in depth stories.  If you're keeping up with Route 66, that is the place you want to go.

FEBRUARY 6--  Fire has damaged the historic, but closed Brookshire Motel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It is at 11017 E. 11th Street.  It has a neat looking main building.

FEBRUARY 7--  The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Route 66 Centennial Commission Act.  How's this for a bill number:  H.R. 66.  Hey, anybody looking for a member?  I'll sign up.

FEBRUARY 13--  Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard gas opened for its 90th year.  I am just about through with my St. Louis boycott because of the removal of the Confederate monument so look forward to tasting that good stuff again.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Got Our Irish On This Past Weekend

The objective was to eat lots of corned beef & cabbage, drink a lot of green beer, see a parade and have lots of entertainment.  After all, it only comes once a year.  Enjoy it while you can.


Movie Day.  I saw the new movies "Captive State" and "Captain Marvel" at the Fox Lake Theatre.  Then went to the Fox Lake American Legion for the corned beef & cabbage dinner, green beer and a deejay.


Went to the Fox Lake/Grant Township Historical Society meeting in the morning, then to Lake Villa for the St. Patrick's party at the VFW and parade on Main Street.  I have a long history with this party as I deejayed at Ed's Cedar Inn for many years.  However, it is closed now.

We had a great you-know-what meal, lots of green beer and enjoyed the band Typhoid Mary.  Stopped at the Fox Lake Legion on the way home as well as Britt Street in Spring Grove.


We went to Stucky's and had the best corned beef & cabbage dinner yet and enjoyed Jim Sieg on the guitar.  Stopped at Sunnyside Tap on the way home.

I'd Have To Say We Accomplished a St. Patrick's Party.  --RoadO'Dog

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Some Good Irish Party Music on You Tube

Spent way too long of late checking out Irish drinking and party music on You Tube.

It's all in the way you approach St. Patrick's.

These are some of the real, really good ones.





I'M SHIPPING OFF TO BOSTON--  Dropkick Murphys

DRUNKEN SAILOR--  Irish Rovers


IRISH PUB--  High Kings

COME OUT YE' BLACK AND TANS--  Irish Descendants

THE SPICY McHAGGIS JIG--  Dropkick Murphys

Set the Mood.  --RoadDog

The Sorry State of the Streets in 1919

From the February 20, 2019, MidWeek  (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

1919, 100 Years Ago.

"The dirt crossroads of the city were being given attention yesterday by the commissioner and the big grader, and many of them heretofore impassable, are today in good shape.

"A number of the cross streets of the city have been in bad shape for some time past and delivery men and  others driving about the city were detouring rather than try to get through on some of the thoroughfares.  The work of the grader has helped in some instances, and had the weather remained mild, it was the intention of the road men to give all the side streets a going over."

I don't know if this city was DeKalb or Sycamore.


Friday, March 15, 2019

Gettin' Our Green On This Weekend

Since this is you-know-what this weekend, we surely intend to get our green on as much as possible.  And that includes plenty of corned beef & cabbage CB&C, beer, bands and a parade.

In just a little bit, we're on our way over to the Fox Lake American Legion for CB&C, a band and this weekend also marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the American Legion in Paris, France, in 1919.  We'll be celebrating both.

Saturday we have a choice of two parades, food, bands and beer between nearby Lake Villa and McHenry, Illinois.  We're thinking Lake Villa because last year the one in McHenry was way too big and crazy.  Although they will be dying the Fox River green in McHenry.

Sunday, Stucky's in Johnsburg for more CB&C and a band.

Doing Our Best.  --RoadIrish

Chicago's Best Corned Beef-- Part 3

8.  MANNY'S CAFETERIA & DELICATESSEN--  Corned Beef sandwich, $14.95

7.  KAUFMAN;S BAGEL & DELICATESSEN--  The New Jersey Bypass sandwich. $13.75

6.  CHITOWN SANDWICH CLUB--  House-Cooked Corn Beef sandwich, $11

5.  VIENNA BEEF FACTORY STORE--  Corned Beef sandwich, $9.99

4.  A.P. DELI--  Original Corned Beef sandwich, $10

3.  HARRINGTON'S CATERING AND DELI-- Corned Beef sandwich, $8.79

2.  STEINGOLD'S--  Uncle Rube sandwich,  $12.75

1.  BOEUFHAUS--  Reuben sandwich  $14

Gettin' Hungry Typing This.  --RoadDog

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Chicago's Best Corned Beef-- Part 2

#15    Moon's Sandwich Shop, Moon's Famous Corned Beef Sandwich.  $9.30   Everything plus lettuce and tomato.  Open since 1933.

#14   New York Bagel and Blaly   Corned beef rye bagel sandwich  $7.19.  Bagel?  And what is Blaly?   Lincolnwood

#13   Chief O'Neill's Pub & Restaurant    Corned beef sandwich  $14   You can also do it Reuben-style for a buck more.

#12   Eleven City Diner   Corned beef sandwich  $15.29

#11  Onion Roll Restaurant & Deli   Corned beef sandwich   $7.85   Jewish-style deli.  Oak Park

#10.  Morry's Deli   Hot corned beef sandwich   $8.99    Opened 1960

#9  JB's Deli   Corned beef sandwich  $11.95  Inside a pharmacy


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Chicago's Best Corned Beef-- Part 1

From the March 13, 2019, Chicago Tribune by Louisa Chu.

"Chicago is a corned beef town, unlike New York, Los Angeles or Montreal, where they prefer pastrami.  We like our brined and braised beef served steaming hot, sliced thin and piled high in rye bread sandwiches, or cut thick with cooked cabbage."

I like my corned beef in either sandwiches or the classic corned beef & cabbage (CB&C) dinners we get around this time of year for some reason.  I already had a CB&C dinner this past Saturday at the Fox Lake Fire Department and have plans for CB&C Friday at the Fox Lake American Legion, Saturday at the Lake Villa VFW and Sunday at Stucky's.

Anyway, she visited 31 restaurants and sampled their corned beef sandwiches.  She said all have merit, but came up with a list of her favorite 17.  I sure would have liked to go along with her, but, truthfully, I don't believe I ever met corned beef I didn't like.

All are in Chicago unless otherwise noted.  She gave reasons why she liked them so check out the article for info and addresses.

#17.  City Mouse    The corned wagyu beef sandwich.  $14   My question, what is wagyu beef?  She says the fries almost stole the show.

#16.  Schmaltz Delicatessen   The No. 5 Wall Street  $12.49     Naperville

More Corned Beef, Please.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Listening to That New Orleans / Louisiana Music

I spent a goodly amount of time these last several weeks listening to this kind of music on my CDs.

PICK UP ON THIS--  Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers


LA TOUSSAINT--  Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys

COME ON JOE--  Jo-El Sonnier

SNAKE BITE LOVE--  Zachary Richard



Primed and Now It's Gone For A Year.  --RoadDog

Monday, March 11, 2019

That New Orleans/Louisiana Kinda Music: Ground Zero For Fun!!!

Well, along with Mardi Gras food (anything from New Orleans and Louisiana), a big part of a correct and functional Mardi Gras would have to be the music.  And what a gumbo of music you get from that area.  You have your Cajun and Zydeco as well as Second Line, Blues, R&B, Jazz, Dixieland and lotsa others.

I listened a lot to the CD I wrote about earlier and now would have to regard that as the first album you get if you're getting into this kind of music.

My first introduction to music from this part of the country was back in 1986 with the movie "The Big Easy."  The movie was so-so, but the music!!!!  Wow, it just blew me away.  How could that kind of music have been there for so long and I bot know about it?  Well, I had to go right out and buy that album and listen to it over and over and over again.

And then, I had to go out and start buying as many songs and artists of it as I could.

It Was Ground Zero for My Immersion in This Great Music.  --RoadDog

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Along 66, Feb. 2019: National Parks, Signage and a Diner

I take these from the Route 66 News Blog.  That site has more information and a lot more items (as well as pictures and information).  I just pick out the ones I am most interested in and write about them.  So if Route 66 is of interest, I highly recommend the site.

FEBRUARY 1--  Damage was done to California's Joshua Tree National Park during the U.S. government's partial shutdown.  That was really sad business, both at the park and in the government.

FEBRUARY 4--  In Tulsa, Oklahoma, they have painted Route 66 shields on the pavement on both the eat and west sides of the city.  I always enjoy seeing the shields on the road.  Shows pride in heritage and is good signage as well.  The first place we ever saw shields on the pavement was Dwight, Illinois.

FEBRUARY 6--   Woody's Diner on 66 in Miami, Oklahoma is for sale for $330,000.  It is a 1930s diner.  I don't remember it, but when we'rein Miami, it  is Waylon's for us.


Along 66, Jan. 2019: Camp Joy Cabin in Lebanon and Bedrock City in Arizona

JANUARY 30--  The last standing cabin of Camp Joy in Lebanon, Missouri has been donated to the Lebanon Route 66 group.  It is a 16-foot square structure.  It is located across the street from The Cowan Civic Center.

Camp Joy was built on a four-acre site in 1927 and closed in 1981  Some famous folks who stayed there were Bonnie and Clyde Barrow, Pretty Boy Floyd and Tex Ritter.  After that the cabins became long-term rentals.  All but this last one were torn down in 2010.

The cabin was donated by its owner, Lee Sing of Sing rentals.

The cabin is to be restored. But nothing was said about where it would be.  Liz and I read about it in the excellent tourist booklet put out by the county this past summer and drove over to see it.  We didn't know it was there before that.

JANUARY 31--  Bedrock City, near Williams, Arizona, inspired by "The Flintstones" TV show, has closed.  It is on 30 acres near Valle, Arizona.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Gettin' Our Mardi Gras ON-- Part 6: The Day Arrives


The day before Lent arrives.  Time to fatten up and party.  And, we did.

First, we drove to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin,  after gathering up our Mardi Gras tree and beads we caught down in Panama City Beach and Panama City.  Then to Bodi's on Twin Lakes' Main Street.  It's an old time kind of bakery.

We picked up our King Cake which was huge and decorated with beads, masks and two babies.  One on top and one baked inside.  It is good luck if you find the inside baby if you don't accidentally eat it and choke.  They also had probably thirty different kinds of Polish paczkis and we picked up four different ones.

Then, on to Donovan's Reef where they were having their own Mardi Gras party.  Bartender Heather had also gone to a bakery and stocked up on paczkis, plus they had Hurricane and Grenade drinks for $3.25.

Everyone got a piece of King Cake and pieces of paczkis.

When we left there, we also went to Sunnyside Tap in Johnsburg to finish off our Mardi Gras Day.

Good Times Here Anyway.  --Roadpaczki

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Your Ultimate Mardi Gras CD

Nothing like listening to some good old New Orleans-style Mardi Gras music to get you in the mood.  and this one is a good one.

There are 15 songs on the CD.

1.  THE SECOND LINE--  Stop, Inc.

2.  BIG CHIEF  (COMPLETE VERSION)--  Professor Longhair and Earl King

3.  THEY ALL ASKED FOR YOU--  Rockin' Dopsie, Jr.

4.  COLD, COLD MARDI GRAS--    DJ Dynamite Red

5.  HEY, HEY MARDI GRAS--  Big Al & the Heavy Weights

6.  DO WHATCHA WANNA--  Rebirth Brass Band

7.  ALL IN A MARDI GRAS DAY--  Big Al Carson

8.  MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS--  Olympia Brass Band

9.  CAJUN ROUX--  Big Al & the Heavy Weights

10.  BALLIN' ON ZYDECO--  Lil' Nathan

11.  DOWN AT THE MARDI GRAS--  Rockin' Dopsie, Jr.

12.  MARDI GRAS MAMBO--  Fredy Omar  Con Su Banda

13.  SMOKE MY PEACE PIPE--  Buig Chief

14.  NEW ORLEANS MUSIC--  Rebirth Brass Band

15.  BECAUSE I GOT HIGH--  Big Al Carson

Believe me, this one'll get your toes a'tappin' and body movin'.

You can listen to it in its entirety on You Tube.  Just type in Ultimate Mardi Gras.

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Getting Our Mardi Gras On-- Part 5: Cinco de Marcho Day

TUESDAY, MARCH 5   Mardi Gras

In my Down Da Road I Go blog I have a weekly post (s) on I'd Celebrate It!!!  This is a list of the daily things you can celebrate like National Oreo Day and so forth.

March 5 is also Cinco de Marcho Day.  This is a day to start getting you ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, just 12 days away at this point.  I like that idea.  The best way to prepare for St. Patrick's Day is to start eating lots of corned beef & cabbage as well as drinking beer (both green and amber, well dark Guiness) and, of course, Irish whisky.

This day is especially intended for you that don't often drink.

Oh yes, I now will pull out my Irish CDs, cassettes and LPs.  It's a music thing as well, don't you know.

And this year, we don't get a month off to recover from Mardi Gras, just these 12 all-too-short days (well, 11 days now)..

The Count Down to Paddy's Day Begins.  --RoadDog

Getting Our Mardi Gras On-- Part 4: Lundi Gras New Orleans Food and Music

MONDAY, MARCH 4  Lundi Gras

Of course, had heated up Muffuletto and jambalaya today and listened to New  Orleans music both by the computer on CD player and in the car.  In the car we've been playing a really great CD compilation called "Ultimate Mardi Gras."  If you are only going to have one CD of Mardi Gras music, this would be the one.  I'm listening to it right now on You Tube  and they play it straight through.

Met Kevin and Kelly, who were off school today because of Casimir Pulaski Day here in Illinois, at J's, played NTN, enjoyed $1.50 pints and half-price BLT pizza.


Monday, March 4, 2019

Getting Our Mardi Gras On-- Part 3: Muffulettos and Jambalaya

We may not have been down PCB, but we sure ate our Mardi Gras' worth of food up here in the freezing north.


It was almost all Monkees on Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots show on WDRV, 97.1 FM, Chicago's Drive, as he Root Saluted them after the death of Peter Tork last week and Mickey Dolenz's upcoming 74th birthday this Friday.  What is Mardi Gras if it is not about music and any kind of music.

We went to Corkscrew Pointe in McHenry, Illinois, for a muffuletto (spelled many different ways) sandwich, one of the few places around that makes them.  This was originated by Italians in New Orlenas and consists of and olive sauce,  salami, ham, Swiss cheese, provolone, and mortadela on a toasted bun.  Absolutely delicious and a huge sandwich.  Liz and I could just finish half which means today we get to eat it all over again.

We then went to Stucky's in Johnsburg and had a great time with the people there and played a lot of  music on the juke box.  They had jambalaya with shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage.  Even though we were full, we ordered one for $8.75 and snacked on it, but had plenty left over to eat another meal today.

Hey, you don't get jambalaya just everyday.  You eat it when you get the chance.

I was disappointed that Tom Marker did not feature New Orleans music on his Bluesbreakers show on Sunday.  When he was on the air on Mondays, he used to have a great Lundi Gras (Fat Monday) show.

Listening to a CD by Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys right now while I'm typing this.  Doesn't get much more Cajun than that.

Eating Our Way Through Mardi Gras.  RoadDog

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Getting Our Mardi Gras On As Best We Can In his Land of the Cold

Even though we aren't in Panama City Beach, Florida, for their Mardi Gras fun (and Panama City had their St. Andrews Mardi Gras parade last Saturday) we are doing the best we can here in northern Illinois to recreate some of it.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the Legion and partied with Joe Kadlec on the guitar and watched the Hawks lose as well as the Cubs.  But, baseball has something to do with spring and the end of the winter, doesn't it?

And Friday, I found out that Jewel does sell king cake, but in bundt cake fashion, so bought one.  We also placed an order with Bodi's Bakery in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for a more traditional king cake which we will bring over to Donovan's for their Mardi Gras party, complete with Hurricanes and Hand Grenade drink specials.

Today, we are going over to Corkscrew Pointe in McHenry for a muffeletta sandwich, a New Orleans tradition, and maybe one of their ultra bloody marys.

Doing the Best We Can Up In the Cold.  --RoadDog

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Getting Our Mardi Gras On As Best We Can

Liz and really wanted to be down in Panama City Beach (PCB), Florida, this weekend because of their annual Mardi Gras parade and celebration.  Sadly, due to the hurricane this past fall, the Driftwood Lodge has been sold out for months, so no go for us.

The parade actually passes by the front of the motel (and it is one of those old mom and pop motels you so rarely see anymore on PCB where the sky seems to be the limit in height).  To me, that just isn't beach.

Anyway, I looked up PCB's schedule for today and tomorrow and I'll tell you WHAT we WOULD have been doing:


7 pm--  Second Line Parade Crawl  Pier Park

7:30 to 8:30 pm--  Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band at Celebration Stage

8:30 pm--  fireworks


Noon to 1:15 pm:  Chicks With Hits:  Terri Clark, Pam Tillis, Suzy Boggus  at Aaron Bessant Park

1:30 to 2:45 pm--  Lonestar  at Aaron Bessant Park

4:15 to 5:45 pm--  Krewe of Dominique Youx Mardi Gras Parade

5:45 pm--  Waylon Thibodeaux  Celebration Stage

7:00 pm--  Fireworks

And, weather there Saturday is supposed to be 70 degrees, but thunderstorms.  Weather here in Spring Grove today has a high of  31 degrees.  Right now, at 6:46 am it is 26 degrees with snow falling.

I don't know if I should be hoping they get thunderstorms or not.

Man, We're Missing a Whole Lot of Fun.  --RoadDog

Friday, March 1, 2019

Bob Lehman (October 11, 1937-February 28, 2019)

From the Laclede (Missouri) Record.

Robert  "Bob" Lehman.  Born Oct. 11, 1937, in Postville, Iowa.  Married Ramona Jean Hopperworth in Iowa November 15, 1957.

They have owned and operated the popular Route 66 icon, the Munger-Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri, since June 1971.

Funeral service will be Monday, March 4 at Shadel's Colonial Chapel.

I am going to miss our morning coffee talks in the motel lobby and seeing Bob zipping around on that golf cart.  he was some character and a great guy.

We'll sure miss him, Ramona.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

So Long Bob Lehman of the Munger-Moss

I just heard that Bob Lehman, owner of the Munger-Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri, died.

Another of the wonderful Route 66 folk who are no longer with us.

But, Liz and I were able to meet with and talk with him many times over our Route 66 days so we are thankful for that.

Our condolences to his wife Ramona.

Along 66, January 2019: "Roamin' Rich" and How To Avoid Crime on 66

JANUARY 27--  "Roamin' Rich" Dinkela, becomes Missouri Route 66 Association's new president, replacing long-time President Tommy Pike.   Many thanks to Mr. Pike for the job he did.

"Roamin' Rich" as he calls himself is a social-media Route 66 activist who is very involved with the whole road, especially, of course, the Missouri stretch.

He is quite the get-up-and-go sort of guy.

JANUARY 29--  How to avoid crime on Route 66.  Along with the great fun you'll have cruising the Mother Road, there is also, unfortunately, the possibility of bad things happening to travelers.

Ron Warnick, whose Route 66 News these items are taken from, acknowledges this and prepared a list of helpful suggestions to keep your trip "fun."

**  Keep everything locked up as much as possible.

**  Stay aware of your surroundings.

**  Don't engage in risky behavior.

**  Nighttime is not the right time.  Be extra careful.

**  Smaller towns are better as far as safety, but still beware.

**  Carry non-lethal defensive weapons.

Thanks Ron.  More details at his site for this date.

Timely Information.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Get Your Kicks, Illinois'10 Must-See Route 66 Attractions-- Part 2

6.  Sprague Super Service, Normal

7.  Funk's Grove, Shirley

8.  Downtown Atlanta

9.  Ariston Cafe, Litchfield

10.  World's Largest Catsup Bottle, Collinsville

And, Many More Than That.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Get Your Kicks, Illinois' 10 Must-See Rt. 66 Attractions-- Part 1

From the February 10, 2019, Chicago Sun-Times  "Get your kicks:  Illinois' 10 must-see Route 66 roadside attractions" by Ryan Smith.

Pictures and more information accompany the article.  I'm just listing them.

1.  Art Institute, Chicago

2.  Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket, Dell Rh Willowbrook

3.  Gemini Giant, Wilmington

4.  Standard Oil Station, Odell

5.  Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum, Pontiac


Along 66: January 2019: Golden Spur and Marshfield

From the Route 66 News site.

JANUARY 24--  Easter Seals of Southern California purchased the closed Golden Spur restaurant in Glendora and say they'll repurpose the place.  It has a neat neon sign and was open for over one hundred years.

However, the building has been remodeled so many times over the years that it has lost its historical significance.

They will either have to save it or donate it.

Better than nothing.

JANUARY 25--  Details of the new Route 66 park in Marshfield, Missouri given.  It is on the former Route 66 through town.

While they're at it, I hope they put up better signage.  We got lost looking for the Hubble.


Monday, February 25, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 5: Back to O'Reilly's

As I said in the last post, Main Street in the town of Speedway is having a major urban renaissance and new places are opening and many efforts are being made at improving the street , sidewalks and buildings.

It was so crowded inside O'Relly's that we had to sit outside in the sidewalk eating area where we saw a guy gilt painting Tullamore Dew and Paddy Irish Whiskey signs onto the windows, surely the signs of a new place opening.  But, how long ago did it open?  Also put up a THE MACALLAN--  The Malt.

We talked to the hostess who said the place had been open for three to four hours.  So, we were first-nighters, well, afternooners.  Well, we sure felt honored.


Friday, February 22, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 4: Major Urban Renewal on Speedway's Main Street and Plans for Georgetown Road

Continued from January 22, 2019.


We stopped at a new place on Speedway's Main Street called O'Reilly's Irish Pub & Restaurant.  It was very crowded.

New places are opening all over Main Street.  The first couple years I went along with Paul, Sue and John, I must admit Speedway's Main Street was considerably down at the tooth.  But, not any more.  Speedway is cashing in on the race track as well it should.  They are trying to turn Main Street into an Indianapolis destination year round, not just during races.

This is urban renewal on a large scale.

At one time Georgetown Road was also targeted for redevelopment as well.  Everything along this road, which is next to the Speedway on the west side, was supposed to to be torn down.

This would include the American Legion Post 500 where we stay in the RV.  The post was offered a large section of land on Main Street in trade, but turned it down.

But. planners met much opposition. and so far everything remains as it was.


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Road Cruising Back to 1968: "Mrs. Robinson"

Monday, Bob Stroud went back to 1968 on his Ten at Ten show on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, the Drive.  Well, this was a great high school year for me at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois.  That and working at the local Burger King for $1 an hour but all the Whoppers I could eat.  I see that soon, minimum wage in Illinois will be up to $15.  I missed my time.

Anyway, these songs sure took me back.  Perhaps you as well.

LIGHT MY FIRE--  Jose Feliciano
BLACKBIRD--  Beatles

CRIMSON AND CLOVER--  Tommy James & the Shondells
LITTLE WING--  Jimi Hendrix
I PUT A SPELL ON  YOU--  Creedence Clearwater Revival

MAGIC CARPET RIDE--  Steppenwolf
MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel

For a good song, while on this topic, Go to YouTube and listen to "1968" by the Turnpike Troubadours.

Name That Tune  (from the above songs):  "You Better Stop The Things That You're Doing."  Answer below.   --RoadDog

"I Put A Spell On You"

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Needing My Music, The U.S. Coast to Coast Cities: "The Night Chicago Died"

From Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten City to City on WDRV FM, 97.1, the Drive.

On this slip-sliding day of a really crummy winter so far (the Groundhog lied!!), these were refreshing and with thoughts of getting my old '85 Firebird redone this spring for some happy cruising.

Going for a road trip.

City to City

PLEASE COME TO BOSTON--  Dave Loggins  (Kenny's brother)
LA GRANGE--  ZZ Top    Refers to La Grange, Texas
THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED--  Paper Lace    The East Side of Chicago would be kinda wet, though.

ALLENTOWN--  Billy Joel
MEMPHIS--  Johnny Rivers

OH, ATLANTA--  Little Feat
GALVESTON--  Glen Campbell

The shows plays again at 10 pm CST, tonight at

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "They Got A Place Down Kentucky Right Near Ohio."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Oh, Atlanta"

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Along 66, Jan. 2019: Galena, Kansas, and Jensen's Point

JANUARY 15--  Man vows to reopen 1939 Texaco station in Galena, Kansas.  The station is located at 6th and Main Street.  Aaron Perry is the man.

Glad to see something else being restored in Galena.

JANUARY 19--  Book review of "Jensen Point:  Story and Reminisce" by Wayne Winchester.

He bought Jensen's Point in 1991 and fence it off to keep vandals out as much as possible, but always planned on reopening it to the public in the future.

This is a 90-page book with lots and lots of photos.

I was named for  botanist Lars Peter Jensen the director of Shaw Arboretum in Gray Summit, Missouri who died at age 71 in 1941, two years after Jensen's Point opened.

I'd sure like to go to the top of it sometime.  That view has to be something else.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Charles W. Nash (General Motors)-- Part 2: A Poor Beginning

From Wikipedia.

Charles Nash was born into a poor farming family in Cortland, Illinois, in DeKalb County, on what became the Lincoln Highway, now Illinois Highway 38, on January 28, 1864.

His parents separated when he was six and he was abandoned.  As a result of a court order, he worked as a farmhand in Michigan as an indentured servant under an agreement that was to last until he was 21.  He had only three months of schooling a year during this time.

At age 12 he ran away and became a farmhand, first in Grand Blanc, Michigan,  for $8 a month.  Then for Alexander McFarland in Mount Morris, Michigan, for $12 a month.  On McFarland's farm,  he learned the carpentry trade.  While there, he formed the Adams & Nash concern to press hay.

He also met his future wife, Jessie Halleck, and married her on April 23, 1884.  Due to her poor health, the couple moved to Flint, Michigan,  in 1890, where he was hired by William C. Durant of the Flint Road Cart Company, which later became the Durant-Dort Carriage Company.  And we know where it went from here.

A very poor beginning.

William C. Durant, I've Heard the Name Somewhere.  --RoadDog

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Charles W. Nash (General Motors) Born On a Farm in DeKalb County

From the February 13, 2019, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

1944, 75 Years Ago.

"A story appearing in a New York paper telling of the 80th birthday of Charles W. Nash, former president of the General Motors and Nash Motors and founder-chairman of  the Nash Kelvinator Corporation, is of special interest in this locality.

"His birthday was celebrated January 28 at Los Angeles.  Mr. and Mrs. Nash will celebrate their 60th anniversary in April.

"He started his career building wagons and carriages and later entered the automobile industry.  In 1912 he headed the General Motors and in 1937, along with G.W. Mason negotiated the Nash-Kelvinator merger.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Along 66, Jan. 2019: Rockwood Court's Restaurant Opens, No Basketball Museum in Pontiac

JANUARY 11--  Rockwood Court in Springfield, Missouri has reopened its restaurant and the remaining part will be reopening as apartments and a motel.  The restaurant is called Big Foot Subs.

It was purchased by Dannie Wright in July 2018.

If this is the place I am thinking about, the buildings are clad in that wonderful giraffe stone.  We ate at the previous restaurant several years back and the food was good.  The owners showed us the inside of one of the rooms and it was disgusting.

I see she was just granted a liquor license to sell beer at her store.  It used to be Tubby's Diner.

JANUARY 12--  The Illinois Basketball Coaches Association is ending their pursuit of having their Basketball Museum of Illinois in Pontiac, Illinois.  They fell short on their fundraising.  They were trying to open in the vacant K-Mart building on the old four-lane Route 66 bypass.

Too bad.  One more museum for the City of Museums would be fine with me.

You Can Never Have Too Many Museums.  --RoadDog

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Along 66, Jan. 2019: U.S. Congress Fails to Act and the Gasconade Bridge

JANUARY  5--  Congress failed to pass two Route 66-related bills.  One was the Route 66 National Historic Trail Designation Act and the other was the Route 66 Centennial Commission Act.

I am not clear as to why these would not easily pass.  Seems to be a win-win situation to me.

JANUARY 8--  The Gasconade River Bridge Guardians (Missouri) have collected enough donations to help pay for an engineer study of the bridge.  This may help to find a new owner.

So happy we were able to cross it several times before it was closed.

Guess Congress Was Too Busy Fighting the Shutdown.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Along 66, Jan. 2019: Pops Satellite Store in OKC Closes

Most every one of the Along 66 posts are taken from the Route 66 News site.  If you want to know what is going on along our favorite road, this is the place to seek that information.  There are many more posts and much longer ones.  I just pick out the ones of most interest to me.

JANUARY 3--  The Pops satellite store in Oklahoma City closed just before Christmas.  It was located at 6447 Avondale drive in the Nichols Hills section of OKC.

The original one, in nearby Arcadia, Ok., opened three years ago and is still open.  Liz and I were able to stop by it and enjoy some great food and wash it down with pop (soda pop) on our 66 on 66 tour a couple years ago.

This "Pops" is what Route 66 always was and always will be about.

Lovin' That Pops.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Along 66, Dec. 2018: Great News!! Waylon's Ku-Ku Reopens

DECEMBER 31--  I was very happy to find out that Waylan's Ku-Ku restaurant in Miami, Oklahoma, has reopened.

Owner Gene Waylon closed it in July of this year and reopened it just before Christmas.  gene is 75 years old.  Patrons at the reopening had waits as long as thirty minutes.

This store is the last of a chain of Ku-Ku restaurants that once numbered about 200.

Always a stop for us when in town.  Friendly workers and always friendly patrons, and, of course, Gene is a real treat to talk to.


Along 66, Dec. 2018: High Winds Tear Off One of the MIll's Blades

DECEMBER 30--   High winds break off one of the blades of the Mill's windmill in Lincoln, Illinois.  They are raising money to restore it.

The Mill is now a museum and looking really good thanks to a lot of hard work.  The sails and outside of the museum were restored by John Weiss and the Preservation Crew of the Illinois Route 66 Association.

The Mill originally opened in 1929 and reopened as a museum in 2017.

This is where you can find artifacts from Lincoln's Tropics Restaurant as well as Ernie Edwards' Pig Hip in nearby Broadwell.


Along 66, December 2018: Springfield, Illinois Pushing Route 66

News from Along Route 66.

DECEMBER 23--  Springfield, Illinois, is developing a larger plan for 66 tourism.  The recent purchase of the Sonrise Donut sign is part of it.  They are doing this with an eye toward the 2026 Centennial Celebration of the Mother Road.

The sign is being restored by Ace Sign Co. of Springfield.

I'm thinking they probably have enough old signs by now that they might be able to open a museum of their own.

Of course, the city missed out greatly when they didn't acquire Bill Shea's place, but the opening of Motorheads, south of town is a step in the right direction.


Monday, February 11, 2019

The Groundhog Day House-- Part 1: "The Finest Residence"

It still stands and as of right now, you spend the night in it, perhaps "Bill's room.  It is a Bed & Breakfast at one time called the Royal Victorian B&B, but possibly now the Cherry Tree Inn B&B.  In the movie it was the Cherry Street Inn.  Located in picturesque Woodstock, Illinois, about 50 miles northwest of Chicago in McHenry County.

I was killing some time in the Woodstock Library waiting for the Chili Cookoff to begin.over at the Moose Lodge (where the Groundhog Day dance and bachelor auction was held in the movie).

The library has a particularly good section on local history and someone had hone through the Woodstock newspaper and made a huge group of oversized scrapbooks.  I was looking through one from 1900 and from the Saturday, July 14, 1900, paper, I saw a line drawing of a very familiar house.  It was none other than the famed "Groundhog Day House" where Bill Murray "stayed" during the filming.

It is a magnificent house then as it is now.

The headlines read:  "AN IDEAL RESIDENCE THE HOME OF ATTORNEY C.P. BARNES IN THE CITY.  It Is Now Completed -- The Finest Residence, Most Picturesque Site and Pleasantest Surroundings In Illinois.