Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tom Grosvenor Memorial Marine Corps Birthday Breakfast for Toys for Tots-- Part 1

Commemorating the 241st birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps on November 10, 2016.

The event took place on Saturday, November 12th at the American Legion Lakes Area Post 708 of which I am a member also of their Sons of the American Legion (SAL).  This was the 34th annual breakfast.

My SAL volunteers time to make the breakfast which consists of SOS (gravy and sausage on toast), scrambled eggs and all the strong coffee you need to wash it down.  As usual, the SAL had plenty of workers, so I sat out with the old Marines in the banquet hall.  I talked with a Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War veteran.

I was actually in Marine Corps Officer Candidates Class for six weeks in 1971, but with the war finally winding down, they didn't need me.  But even with just six weeks under my belt, and they were a VERY ROUGH six weeks, I am a big-time supporter of them.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Route 66 Wins the IHSA Shiowdown for 2016

Four Route 66 high school football teams went into the final week's Championship games, and one survived.  Just one Lincoln Highway team went in and they lost.

The lone Lincoln Highway team, Plainfield North, was also on the Route 66 side as both roads went through Plainfield at one time.

Big hearty congratulations to East St. Louis, who beat Plainfield North to win the Class 7A Championship.

Two other Route 66 teams went to the Championship Round, but didn't win:  Carlinville 3A and Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield).

Until Next year.  --RoadDog

Monday, November 28, 2016

Congratulations to Illinois' IHSA 2016 Football Champions

This past Friday and Saturday the eight classes of Illinois high school football teams played their championship games in Champaign.  All games were shown on the Comcast Sports Network and we watched several of the games, especially the 4A Championship game in which Johnsburg High School played.  This high school is just two miles south of our house.

First name is the winner.  Second name is the runner-up:

8A   Maine South (Park Ridge)  //  Loyola Academy  (Wilmette)

7A  East St. Louis  //  Plainfield North

6A  Prairie Ridge  (Crystal Lake)  //  Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield)

5A  Peoria  //  Vernon Hills

4A  Rochester  //  Johnsburg

3A  IC Catholic (Elmhurst)  //  Carlinville

2A  Deer Creek  (Mackinaw)  //  M. Forsyth  (Maroa)

1A  Forreston  //  St. Teresa  (Decatur)

Congratulations, All.  Tomorrow, I Will Post the Winner of the Lincoln High-Route 66 2016 IHSA Showdown.  --RoadDog

Friday, November 25, 2016

News From Along Route 66, October 2016:

Taken from the Route 66 News site.  These are just some of them, so if you'd like more, go to it.

OCTOBER 25--  Fire damaged Skippy's Restaurant near Leasburg, Missouri, earlier this month.  The dining and bar areas were completely destroyed.  The owners plan on rebuilding and reopening.

A neat place with delicious food out in the middle of nowhere.

OCTOBER 28--  Construction of new Barstow, California Route 66 signs to begin in November.  Eight classic-car-themed signs are planned.

Signage--  Always a Good Thing.  --RoadDog

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving You Food Junkies-- Ten Food Songs: "Tupelo Honey"

In honor of Thanksgiving, Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten topic yesterday was Food.  In just a bit, we're going over to Dino's Den to destroy a turkey.

DIXIE CHICKEN--  Little Feat
CHERRY BOMB--  John Mellancamp
TUPELO HONEY--  Van Morrison

HOT DOG--  Led Zeppelin
POUND CAKE--  Van Halen
BROWN SUGAR--  Rolling Stones

APPLES, PEACHES, PUMPKIN PIE--  Jay & the Techniques

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "How Come You, How Come You Dance So Good."  --RoadDog

"Brown Sugar"

Lincoln Highway-Route 66 2016 Showdown: Route 66 Takes Commanding 4-1 Lead

This upcoming Friday and Saturday will mark IHSA Championships here in Illinois.

The best that Lincoln Highway can do is tie as its lone survivor, Plainfield North is also in a Route 66 town, Plainfield.  And, Plainfied North's victory last weekend is contested by Fenwick High School, which lost on a bad call.

Anyway, these are the four Route 66 teams playing for a State Championship:


Plainfield North (11-2)
East St. Louis  (13-0)

These two will be playing each other.


Sacred Heart (Springfield)  13-0)


Carlinville  (12-1)


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

News From Along Route 66, November, 2016: DeCamp Junction Will be Auctioned Dec. 3

DeCamp Junction, near Staunton, Illinois, will be auctioned off on December 3 because its owners are retiring.

It is on the original 1926-1932 alignment of Route 66 and at one time was a bigger complex with tourist cabins, bar, dance hall, gambling and a brothel.  The bar is the only building remaining.

It was once called Riddel Store and later Duda's Tavern.

This is a place I've always wanted to visit, but it was always closed when I drove by and had the time or open when I didn't.  Looks like that chance is now gone.

No beer for Me, Then.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Northwest Highway (US-14) takes 2016 Showdown Over Rand Road (US-14)

The fifth round eliminated the last US-12 Rand Road team in competition, Palatine.  Since US-14, Northwest Highway, also runs through Palatine, that team also lost Palatine.

However, two schools remain for US-14 and are playing in the state championships on Saturday.


Maine South  (Park Ridge)


Prairie Ridge (Crystal Lake)

Congratulations to US Highway 14, Northwest Highway through Chicago's Northwest Suburbs.  --RoadHighway

Monday, November 21, 2016

News FromAlong Route 66, October 2016: Fabulous 40 Motel Reopens

OCTOBER 14--  The Fabulous 40 Motel in Adrian, Texas, has been closed for over a decade, but will reopen.  The owners also have the Bent Door Cafe on Route 66 in Adrian and hope to reopen it in 2017.

Both are owned by Roy and Ramona Kiewert and the motel is located at 301 W. Historic Route 66, next to the Midpoint Cafe.

Always Great to Have People Devoted to Making Route 66 So Much Fun.  --RoadDog

Friday, November 18, 2016

Why Spring Grove Made the Most-Boring List

The site does tell what went into determining most boring and most exciting.

This is what it said for Spring Grove:

Population--  5,331
Average Age--  44.3
Married Households--  67.9%
More than two in three people are married, and half have kids
They most likely go to bed very early.

Well, I Go to Sleep by 11 or Turn Into a Pumpkin.  Sorry.  --RoadDog

Ten Most Exciting Towns in Illinois

We go from boring to exciting.  Essentially the same way to rank as the previous post.

1.  Urbana  (These two are U of I)
2.  Champaign
3.  Charleston  (EIU)
4.  DeKalb  (Hey, that's NIU)
5.  Normal  (ISU)

6.  Carbondale  (SIU)
7.  Chicago  (Yep, if you don't go into the wrong area and get shot.)
8.  Macomb  (WIU)
9.  Evanston  (Northwestern)
10.  Chicago Ridge

Looks Like  the Colleges Have It.  --RoadDog

Ten Most Boring Towns in Illinois-- Part 2: My Village, Spring Grove, Makes the List (I'm So Bored)

Part One is posted February 11, 2016.

From Road Snack!  "These Are the 10 Most Boring Cities in Illinois."

"This article is opinion, based on facts and is meant as infortainment.  Don't freak out!"  Based on average age, married households with kids

1.  Lake Forest  (With all that money, looks like they should be able to have a good time.)
2.  Hawthorn Woods  (But be VERY careful driving through there as it is easy to get tickets.)

3.  Inverness  (Another rich area.)
4.  Spring Grove  (Hey, that's us!!.Well, Liz and I are 65 and married, but no kids.  We do lack bars and restaurants with just The Grove, Spring Grove Tavern and Tommy's.  We do have a great Fourth of July celebration as well as annual steak fry and fish fry.)

5.  Oak Brook
6.  Lake Bluff
7.  Homer Glen
8.  Long Grove
9.  Campton Hills
10.  Glencoe

Most of These Are Well-to-Do Communities (Though I Don't Figure Spring grove to Be That Rich)>  --RoadDog

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The 1904 Train Depot at Braidwood, Illinois-- Part 2

Comment:  The Chicago and Alton Route.

"On the mainline 57.3 miles south of Chicago.  Also with a spur off of a branch that ran between Joliet and Coal City.  Later this road became the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, route for such passenger trains as "The Abraham Lincoln" and the "Midnight Special."

Comment:  Pictures of what it looks like today are included.  It is now home to the Braidwood Historical Society.


The 1904 Train Depot at Braidwood, Illinois-- Part 1

From the September 6, 2016, Shorpy "The Braidwood Bunch: 1904."

Showing the water tank and telegraph sign.

Getting about by train still the best way back then.

Comments:  The right half of the building was the "freight house" with a large door.  "Actually, Braidwood was not a junction with any branch or carrier.  The south switch for the branch to Coal City was at gardner, and the north switch going back to the main was at Elwood.  Braidwood was exactly half-way between those two points."

Comment:  the depot has been moved from its original location in 2012 and pictures of it being moved are  included.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

News From Along Route 66, October 2016: William Bor's New Creations

OCTOBER 13--  William Bor, from the Netherlands, has created new Route 66 miniatures.

Truck and Ranch House Cafe sign in Tuncumcari, N.M.
Owl Courts Motel, Oklahoma City
Magnolia service station. Texola, Ok.
Building and car at Hackberry General Store, Hackberry, Az.

John's Modern Cabins, circa 1994, near Newberg, Mo.  (I sure would love to see what they looked like when still in business.)

Old Texaco station, Glenrio, Tx.
Top Hat Dairy Bar, Foyil, Ok.
Water Hole No. 2, Texola, Ok.
One of the Cadillacs from Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Tx.

This Man Is Quite Talented.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Northwest Highway-Rand Road IHSA Showdown: Northwest Highway Still Leads

Northwest Highway (US-14) still maintains a lead, now 4-1, over Rand Road (US-12) in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs.  Palatine is on both roads and is Rand Road's sole remaining team, so the best Rand Road can hope for is a tie.



Maine South (Park Ridge)

These two teams play each other this weekend.


Prairie Ridge  (Crystal Lake)


Marian Central  (Woodstock)





2016 Lincoln Highway-Route 66 Showdown Update: Route 66 Takes the Lead Into 4th Round

It is now two remaining Lincoln Highway teams and four Route 66.


7A   Plainfield North

6A  DeKalb


7A  Plainfield North
East St. Louis

6A  Sacred Heart (Springfield)

3A  Carlinville


Monday, November 14, 2016

News From Along Route 66, October 2016: Death of Tom Waldmire and Bike/Walk Trail in Illinois

OCTOBER 12--  Tom Waldmire of Springfield, Illinois'  Cozy Dog died at age 31.  he was co-operator of the place.  Died October 8, 2016.

OCTOBER 13--  Illinois Route 66 gets a $2.16 million grant for trails.  IDOT will build a bicycle/walking path between Williamsville and McLean county.


Happy 90th Belated Birthday to Route 66

I forgot to mention this on Friday, but November 11th was the 90th anniversary of the official beginning of the famous Route 66.

It came into being, along with all of the original numbered U.S. numbered highways on November 11, 1926.

As Such. a Big HB.  --RoadDog

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Real Busy Day Saturday, November 12

Tomorrow, i will start off at 7 a.m. at the annual Marine Corps Birthday breakfast at the American Legion in Fox Lake.  Plenty of that great SOS and scrambled eggs to eat.

Then, I will go the the Fox Lake/Grant Township Historical Association where the talk will be on the history of the Volo Bog.

Then, I drive to DeKalb, Illinois, where there will be a joint meeting of the Camp Douglas and Rock island Prison Camps of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and we will hear a talk on the Rise of the Confederate Movement in Illinois.  Hey, our soldiers are also American veterans.

Then, I drive back to Fox Lake for the Fox Lake Fire Department's annual steak fry and then the Lakes Area Swing Band will play at the American Legion.  This is an 18-piece Big Band which will be playing a lot of the songs of World War II.

A Real Busy Day.  --RoadDog

News From Along Route 66, October 2016: Why Was Route 66 Also Known As "Bloody 66?"

OCTOBER 8--  There is an article about the early history of the Cadillac Ranch.

OCTOBER 10--  Why was Route 66 also known as "Bloody 66?"  Easy.  there were many car crashes, injuries and deaths.  It was a very busy road and in places, very narrow.

One particularly nasty stretch was near Towanda, Illinois, and known as "Dead Man's Curve."  Here it was just 18-foot wide for two wave traffic on a curve.  This stretch was bypassed after World War II, but there is a marker there at the site (though I've never seen it).

One in seven Arizona accidents after World War II took place on Route 66.  One notorious stretch was up Ash Fork Hill, west of flagstaff.


News From Along Route 66, October 2016: Spaceship In Illinois

From the Route 66 News site.

OCTOBER 7--  That's right, there is a UFO, a spaceship on Route 66 in Illinois.  Divernon to be exact.  It was built by Dave Bentley in his front yard.and it even has a name, Earth Patrol Vehicle.  It can be found on Route 104 and is made of two old satellite dishes.

Mr. Bentley also built the World's Largest Covered Wagon with Mr. Lincoln sitting in it reading a book.  This is now in Lincoln, Illinois.

Motto, "Build it big and they will come."  And, it has lighting at night for that special effect.  It looks to be on the same site as the covered wagon used to be.


A Game for the Ages, Game 7 2016 World Series-- Part 6: Cubs Win!! Cubs Win!!

The bottom of the tenth inning:

Carl Edwards Jr. relieves Chapman, Napoli strikes out.  Ramirez grounds out to short.  Guyer walks.  Guyer to secon on indifference.  Davis singles to center, scoring Guyer.  Oh, NO!!  Cubs lead to 8-7.  OH, NO.  We came this far, and now....

Mike Montgomery relieves Edwards.  Michael Martinez, batting for Crisp, grounds out to third.

Game Over.  Cubs Win 7th Game and the WORLD SERIES!!  There is joy in Mudville and Chicago pretty  much erupts, as did I in the basement at Margaritaville.  I ended up staying up way, way, way past my bedtime.  I finally had enough at 2.30 a.m..

Bedtime for Bonzo.  --RoadDog

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Game for the Ages, Game 7 2016 World Series-- Part 4: A Tied Game Into the 10th, a Rain Delay and Cubs Take a 8-6 Lead!!

Now in the 9th inning, the Cubs didn't score and Aroldis Chapman still pitching, but did much better than that disastrous 8th.  One strikeout and two fly outs.  OK, so now we go to extra innings.

It was now that there was a rain delay.  It was already well past 11 p.m..  How long was the delay going to be.  We heard that Jason Heyward called a players-only meeting during the rain delay.

Whatever he said or they did, it seemed to work.  The rain delay was just 17 minutes.

In the top of the 10th, Kyle Schwarber leads off and singles to right (who was 3 for 5 in the game, thank goodness for the designated hitter in American League parks) and Albert Almora Jr. ran for him.  Bryant flied out to center with Almora advancing to second.  Rizzo intentionally walked and Zobrist doubled, scoring Almora, Rizzo to third.

Russell intentionally walked and Miguel Montero singles, scoring Rizzo.  Zobrist to third and Russell to second.  Bases loaded, but the next two Cubs strike out and fly out.  I hate to have bases loaded with just one out and not score.

BUT, Cubs are winning 8 to 6!!  How can this be we're thinking.  Could this really be happening.  Might the Cubs actually win.

That bottom of the tenth is going to be mighty scary.

Am I Watching History?  --RoadDog

A Game for the Ages, Game 7 2016 World Series-- Part 3: Tied 6-6 in the 8th

Fortunately, Jon Lester calmed down and pitched one-hit baseball the next two innings.  His catcher, David Ross hit a home run to center to make the score Cubs 6 Indians 3.

In the indians half of the 8th, again, the first two batters were out, then a single was hit and Manager Joe Maddon pulled Lester and put in his ace reliever, Aroldis Chapman, who immediately gave up a double, scoring a run.   Then Rajai Davis hit his home run, scoring two more runs.  Chapman then gave up a single before FINALLY striking out the last batter.

OH No, the Curse.  The game is now tied and the Indians are hot.  Is this going to be a loss?

What was Maddon thinking, relieving Lester like that?  And, Chapman was absolutely horrible in relief.

Liz and I decided to go home and watch the rest of the game, especially if it was going to be sad as we were now anticipating.

Ohhh NOOOO!!   --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Northwest Highway-Rand Road Showdown, 2nd Round: Northwest Highway Takes a Commanding 5-1 Lead

At the end of the second round of the IHSA football tournament, just one Rand Road team remains, Palatine.  And,since Palatine is also on Northwest Highway, the best Rand Road can hope for is a tie if Palatine is the only school from either road remaining.

And, since I went to palatine, I know who I'm pulling for.






Maine South (Park Ridge)


Cary Grove (Cary)
Prairie Ridge (Crystal Lake)


Marian Central  (Woodstock)


Lincoln Highway-Route 66 Showdown, Week 2: Lincoln Highway Takes a Big Hit, Roads Tied at 6

Week two of the IHSA Illinois high school playoffs was not kind to Lincoln Highway which saw half their remaining teams fall.

These teams are Still Left:



Lincoln Way East
St. Charles East


Plainfield North






Newman Central Catholic (Sterling)

Sterling has to be real happy with two of their teams still in the playoffs.



Plainfield North
East St. Louis


Sacred Heart (Springfield)


Althoff Catholic  (Belleville)




A Game for the Ages: Game 7 of World Series-- Part 2: Indians Score Twice on Wild Pitch

It was extra joy and relief at the end of the top half of the 5th inning when the Cubs took a 5-1 lead.  Even starting to think a bit about the Cubs actually winning... BUT NO!!

In the bottom of the fifth, the Indians first two men up made outs.  Then Cub Pitcher Kyle Hendricks, who had to this point given up just four hits and had a 5-1 lead, walked Carlos Santana and Joe Maddon pulled him for Jon Lester.and David Ross replaces Contreras at catcher.  Jason Kipnis singles.  With both Indians advancing on a throwing error to second and third, they both score on a wild pitch.  The next batter strikes out.  The score is now Cubs 5 Indians 3.

I had never ever seen two men score on a wild pitch, but the Cubs sure don't do anything the easy way.  And Lester was absolutely horrible.  What was Maddon thinking by pulling Hendricks who was pitching so well?

What Would Ron Santo Say?  --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Game for the Ages: Game 7 of the 2016 World Series-- Part 1: Cubs Take 5-1 Lead

This was a real hard game for us to watch.  We went from exhilaration to the depths of despair and, then, joy.  This game had it all.  And, of course, it went real, real late, way way past my bedtime.

We watched the first part at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg, Illinois and the last part at Margaritaville in our basement.

FIRST INNING:  First batter Dexter Fowler hits a home run.  Maybe we will find a way to beat Corey Kluber.  Then, Kyle Schwarber, Liz and my favorite Cub, hits a single.  Cubs up 1-0.

THIRD INNING:   That ever-thorn in our side, Coco Crisp (such a name), hits a double and scores.  Tie score, 1-1.  As Ron Santo would say, "Oh, No!"

FOURTH INNING:  Kris Bryant singles.  Addison Russell hits sacrifice fly to center, scoring Bryant.  Wilson Contreras doubles and Zobrist scores.  Cubs 3 Indians 1.  Everyone at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg cheering and high-fiving.  One happy group.

CUBS FIFTH INNING.  Javier Baez homers.  Back to back singles by Baez and Fowler.  Schwarber grounds into a double play.  Bryant walks, Rizzo singles to right, scoring Bryant.   Cubs leading 5 to 1. People starting to think, "Might This Be?"


"A Little Bouncer, Slowly Toward Bryant..." The Moment the Cubs Won

From the November 3, 2016, Chicago Tribune Sports Section.

Words of Cubs radio voice Pat Hughes on WSCR-AM670.

"A little bouncer, slowly toward Bryant, he'll glove it and throw to Rizzo.  It's in time, and the Chicago Cubs win the World Series!  The Cubs come pouring out of the dugout, jumping up and down like a bunch of delirious 10-year-olds.

"The Cubs have done it!  The longest drought in the history of American sports is over, and the celebration begins."

Love Those Ten-Year-Olds!!  --RoadDog

Monday, November 7, 2016

108 Years Later, Cubs Win It All!!-- Part 3: Those Bleachers

To find out what was at Wrigley Field in 1945, the last World Series appearance of the Cubs, check out my Cooter's History Thing blog.

TRIANGLE PROPERTY:  (northwest corner outside ballpark).  Rising from this spot is a building that will house Cubs offices and retail shops.  Eventually there will also be an open-air plaza where the Cubs plan to host events.

BLEACHERS:  Bleacher seats were added during the ongoing construction, and the walls along Waveland and Sheffield avenues were moved outward, allowing for additional seats and features.

SCOREBOARD:  The iconic manual scoreboard now stands between two new video boards -- 3,990 square feet in left and 2,400 square feet in right,  The old board still functions, however, and features manual scoring.

OUTFIELD:  The ivy remains, but one key difference is the baskets, which were added in 1970.

Take me Out to the Wrigley Field.  --RoaCub

108 Years Later, Cubs Win It All!!-- Part 2 That Famous Red Marque

Changes to Wrigley Field in the last few years.

CLUBHOUSES:  This season saw the debut of the Cubs' massive 30,000-square-foot clubhouse, which includes an expanded locker room, strength and conditioning center, training areas, offices and a lounge.

Players walk through a tunnel to the new area, which is under the triangle property outside the ballpark.

MARQUE::  The marque, now red, features an LED message board and advertising signage.

UPPER DECK:  Structural improvements have been part of the construction as well as new bathrooms.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Had It Not been the Cubs, I'd Have Been Pulling for the Indians

The Cleveland Indians have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  They played as hard as any team could and the Cubs were lucky to win.

Actually, had it not been the Cubs, I would have been pulling all the way for the Indians.

Cleveland and Chicago could be first cousins in the city world.  Both are large Rust Belt cities located on a Great Lake.  Both have serious financial problems and are riddled with crime.  There are certain groups that make each community dangerous.

Even more important, the Cleveland Indians are in the American League, as are my Chicago White Sox.  And even better, they are in the same division, the AL's Central, as the Sox.

Plus, both cities have a  really sad record of winning sports teams.  I am not sure who is the worst in that regards.


108 Years Later, Cubs Win It All: A Look At Wrigley Field-- Part 1

And, there is to be a Championship Parade today from Wrigley Field to Grant Park for a huge rally.  We're also having some great weather here in the Chicago area so I am sure there will be lots and lots of people there for it.  Not us, though.  Not really fond of huge crowds.

There have been some changes to Wrigley Field since the Cubs last made a World Series appearance in 1945 (when they lost to the Detroit Tigers).

From the October 28, 2016, Chicago Tribune "Wrigley Field's transformation."

FACADE:  Restored to 1930s luster, complete with ornamental grill work topped by sunburst patterns.

FIELD:  Foul territory has shrunk over the years because of renovation work and the addition of seats.

LIGHTS:  The Cubs were the last major league team to install lights, hosting their first night game on August 8, 1988.  The game was raine dout in the fourth inning, so the first official night game was played the next day.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!!: Ten Songs to Celebrate the End of 108 Years of Sad

From the WDRV Ten at Ten with Bob Stroud at 10 a.m. this morning.  It will be repeated at 10 p.m., so if you're a Cub fan, or baseball fan, give it a listen.  Many are saying that this World Series was one for the ages, especially Game 7.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS-- Queen  (Actually 11 songs, but Bob counted this as one song.)

CELEBRATE--  Three Dog Night  (Always reminds me of The Barn snack shop) in Grant Towers at NIU in DeKalb.)
SWEET EMOTION--  Aerosmith

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS--  Bachman-Turner Overdrive
SWEET HOME CHICAGO--  Blues Brothers

GO CUBS GO--  Steve Goodman
DREAMS--  Van Halen

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "You Get Up Every Morning From Your Alarm Clock's Warning."  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trip to the Indy 500, 2012-- Part 4: No "Sweet Home Alabama"

May 25, Friday.

The other RVers in the park were impressed with how quiet Paul and Sue's generator was.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was playing at the track and we could hear them quite clearly.  But, we did not hear "Sweet Home Alabama."  Now, that was really a necessary song to hear.


News From Along Route 66, October 2016: Tow Tater Has Competition

OCTOBER 2--  Tow Tater, aka Tow Mater, has a competitor named Missouri Mater.  The 1951 International boom truck served as the inspiration for the character in the animated film "Cars."  But, now there is another one just 15 miles away in Carterville, Missouri.

You can never have too much Mater.

OCTOBER 3--  The Mid-Point Cafe in Adrian, Texas, has been put up for sale because of the owner's health issues.  Let's hope it continues.  Neat place.

OCTOBER 4--  The Curt Teich Postcard Archives is going to be donated by the Lake County, Illinois, Forest Preserve District to Chicago's Newberry Library.  Sad to see it moving so far away from nearby Wauconda as this is an amazing collection of postcards showing the U.S. as it was.  Curt teich was one of the biggest makers of postcards.

Tippin' Tractors and Runnin' From Frank.  --RoadMater

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lincoln Highway-US-66 Showdown First Week Results: Lincoln Highway Leads 12-8

After the first week, Lincoln Highway lost Joliet West, West Aurora, Lincoln-Way West and Marmion Academy.  Route 66 lost Edwardsville, Joliet West, Normal Community West, Chatham Glenwood and Central Catholic.

Teams still in the running:


Waubonsee (Aurora)
Lincoln-Way West (Frankfort)
St. Charles East

Plainfield North
St. Charles North
Lincoln-Way Central



Central Catholic (Aurora)

Newman Central Catholic (Sterling)


Plainfield North
East St. Louis
Normal Community

Sacred Heart (Springfield)

Althoff Catholic  (Belleville)


So, Lincoln Highway continues to lead at 12-8.


US-14 Vs. US-12 2016 Showdown Results for First Week: US-14 Leads 8 to 4

Rand Road (US-12) started off with 6 teams last Friday and Northwest Highway (US-14) had 9.

After the first week Northwest Highway lost Woodstock North.  Rand Road lost Wauconda and the school students in our subdivision go to, Richmond-Burton.

US-12 and US-14 both go through Palatine and Arlington Heights which is why Fremd, Palatine and St. Viator are listed on both teams.

Remaining Schools in Round 2:


Fremd  (Palatine)

Lake Zurich

St. Viator (Arlington Heights)


Fremd  (Palatine)
Maine South (Park Ridge)

St. Viator (Arlington Heights)
Prairie Ridge  (Crystal Lake)

Marian Central Catholic (Woodstock)

US-14 maintains a commanding lead.


Trip to the Indy 500, 2012-- Part 3: Arrival Drinks and First Bar

We were staying at a private trailer park across from the racetrack which also included many full-time residents.  But everyone tries to cask in on the money all the fans bring in.

Actually, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is not in Indianapolis, but in a suburb of the city named Speedway.  You have to wonder which came first,the town or the race track.

Paul did an amazing job backing that big old RV into its spot.  Sue helped him on her cell phone,  It was quite the coordinated effort.  We got things set up and then had "We Have Arrived" drinks.

We walked over to a dilapidated bar called The Winner's Circle by Crawfordsville Road, one of their favorite places to go when there.  It is quite rustic.  Cans of beer were $4 and not very cold, so not as enjoyable as they might have been, despite the expensive cost.  However, they did have a band playing.

Both our trailer park and the bar were right across from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the Indy 500 takes place, so you couldn't get much closer.  I understand that getting to the track on raceday is quite an accomplishment in itself.


Trip to the Indy 500, 2012-- Part 2: On the Road Again

MAY 25, 2012, FRIDAY

Liz drove me over to Sue and Paul's place in Long Lake and we left at 8:05 a.m..  Other than walking through an RV on rare occasions, I had never spent much time in one, but that was to change over the next four days.  It was my Home Sweet Home on Wheels.

We picked up Paul's brother John at a weigh station along the interstate.  He lives in Batavia.  I immediately found out a major drawback to RVing when we filled up with gas in Rennsalear, Indiana, and the bill came to $211!!  OUCH!!

We stopped at West Lafayette at a Meijer's and a White Castle Craver attack.  Sliders for the race.  Not much better than a hot, greasy, oniony slider.

Lots of fun on I-465 with all that traffic and then even more as we got off and made our way to the racetrack area.  A lot of people make a weekend out of the Sunday Race.  Some even get there a week earlier.

Sliding Away.  --RoadDog

Trip to the Indy 500, 2012-- Part 1: Not Really a Racing Fan, But...

Friends of ours, Sue and Paul, have been going to this event for around 15 years and now have an RV and asked if I'd like to accompany them.  Now, I am not much of a racing fan, even though being originally from North Carolina and all that NASCAR stuff, you'd think I'd be.

But, this was something I'd never done before, so why not take them up on their offer.  I had been to the track once before with Route 66ers on a National Road trip, been to the museum and taken a trip around the track on a bus.  But it didn't really mean much to me at the time.

But, you always hear about it over Memorial Day weekend and now was my chance to see what it was all about.

(I must admit that now, after seeing my fifth Indy 500, I have become a bit of a fan.)

Vroom, Vroom.  --RoadDog