Saturday, September 17, 2011

A WXRT Labor Day Road Trip Playlist-- Part 3

Continued from September 6th. An asterisk means I had never heard the song before.

21. ON THE ROAD AGAIN-- WILLIE NELSON-- "No roadtrip is considered legit without playing this song. It's the law." (I concur.)
22. MUSTANG SALLY-- WILSON PICKETT-- (The Wicked Pickett at His Finest.)

23. MERCEDES BENZ-- JANIS JOPLIN--- "A plea from Janis. (I still like Goosecreek Symphony's version better.)

25. *THE WEDGE-- PHISH-- "...taking the highway to the Great Divide' A bubbling, building rhythm.
26. NEW SPEEDWAY BOOGIE-- GRATEFUL DEAD-- a "country outlaw style tune."

27. TRUCKIN'-- GRATEFUL DEAD-- (If they would just stop all that annoying jamming at concerts.)
28. *RHYTHM OF THE ROAD-- STRING CHEESE INCIDENT-- "Jazzy, then into overdrive." (What a unique name for a group. Wonder how they came up with it.)

29. SISTER GOLDEN HAIR-- AMERICA-- "Sunshine 70s pop at its finest."
30. FREEBIRD-- LYNYRD SKYNYRD-- "Potentially cliche'..." (But.)

Fifteen More to Go. --RoadDog

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