Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11 on Route 66

We spent most of yesterday cruising Route 66 through Missouri with their association's motor tour.

Most of the time we didn't see anybody because we were way behind, thanks to Cowboy Don at the old Wrink's in Lebanon. Then I had to come back and post about 9-11 on all four blogs, then shower, then check out of the Munger Moss, which also takes a while.

Every big flag on a flagpole was at half mast in honor of those who died. Plus, most cemeteries we passed were full of US flags all the way from the 3X5s to the little ones. Quite impressive.

People were asking "Where were you?" Again, it is a touchstone of the ages now, along with Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy assassination.

We went to Springfield, Illinois, before we stopped. After check-in at the TraveLodge, we drove the short distance to the Curve Inn (on Route 66 and gets its name from where the old road made a curve in front of it) and enjoyed the crowd and talk there while watching the Jet-Cowboy game.

We were sitting in the Curve Inn out last trip through town when word of the biggest-ever coward and hidey-cat came through. The bar then erupted in cheers.

At one point, Liz said to look over at the clock, which read 9:11. Shivers, even if it was "bar time."

We were later joined by roadies Lulu and Barb who were also returning from the Missouri Motor Trip.

A Day We'll Never Forget.

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