Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gas Prices on the Missouri Trip

Gas in Illinois was by gar the highest on the trip. It was a high of $4.05 in the always super-expensive Elburn on September 6th. The BP station at Il-38 and Il-47 is always THE most expensive on Il-47, which is one of the most expensive roads outside of Chicago and Cook County. The Mobil station in town was a "paltry" $4.

When I use gas prices, I round the 9/10s of a cent up to the more realistic next higher penny. So, $3.99.9 becomes $4.

September 7th-- $3.60 just over the Iowa line in Missouri (across from Keokuk)
Sept. 7th-- Sedalia, Mo., $3.46
September 9th-- Ozark, Mo., $3.53
Sept. 10th-- Springfield, Mo., $3.53
Sept. 11th-- Rolla, Mo., $3.40
Sept. 11th-- Eureka, Mo., $3.20
Sept. 14th-- Springfield, Il., $3.55
Sept. 14th-- Pontiac, Il., $3.70

The following day, in Fox Lake, Il., the gas was $3.80, but it is even closer to Chicago.

Notice how much more expensive gas gets as you approach Rip-Off City, er, Chicago.

Why Should Gas By Chicago Be So Much More Expensive? --RoadDog

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