Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bar-Hopping on Route 66 in Springfield

If we are in Springfield, Illinois, we must be hitting some of our favorite bars.

After our Route 66 quest yesterday, we drove over to Capital City Bar and Grill in the shopping center by where Dirksen and Stevenson expressways join (the old Route 66 bypass). The Hampton Inn is located next door.

They had $6 pitchers on Monday, but all the draft lines were down. Settled for $2.50 bottles. Met our friend JJ (who works at the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library and is a big NTN nut like us) and played several games. He was quite proud of himself as he passed the 12 million Player Plus mark. I'd say he should get a life, but both of us have already passed that mark.

Then, we drove downtown figuring on visiting Norb Andy's (where supposedly the horseshoe sandwich was first served), but it must be closed on Mondays. Then to Scooter's (the old George Rank's) the round bar next to that great old neon car wash sign, but it was also closed.


So, on to the Curve Inn where we had $1.50 pints and watched most of the Miami-New England game. The bartender said she had heard that Scooter's had been closed down by the city.

Last stop at the Southside Pub at the TraveLodge Motel where we are staying. They had a pitcher/pizza deal for $11, but their draft was also down. Settled again for $2.50 bottles. Saw the end of the Miami game. So tired of the Patriots always winning. If pretty boy Brady pushes his hair back out of his face anymore on the sideline, he'll be pulling his hair out.


The bartender was putting some music on and one of the guys at the bar wanted her to play "Two Hangmen" by Mason Proffit. You don't meet too many people who remember that great 60s-70s band, so we got to talking about them, Goose Creek Symphony and Pure Prairie League.

I just had to play "Two Hangmen" and did a search on the jukebox. They actually had four Mason Proffit songs, but did have "Two Hangmen." If you are going to have the group, you HAVE to have "Hangmen." They did have "Stewball" though.

But, I wasn't going to spend a buck to play "Stewball." So looked up Goose Creek Symphony and they had one, and this was the one you want to hear by them, the old Janis song, "Mercedes Benz." I like their version better.

Spent my buck on that.


August 1st, Abe's South Side Cafe opened in the TraveLodge building. They also handle food in the pub. We ordered their sweet potato fries which they are quite proud of and boast, "These are the best sweet potato fries you'll ever have."

They weren't lying. They ARE the best we've ever had, and we've had some great ones. Check it out the next time you're in town.

And, Coming Up Soon Will Be a Springfield Bar Crawl. --RoadDog

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