Thursday, September 1, 2011

Route 66 in Illinois-- Part 2

Continuing with the Route 66 news Summer 2011 magazine. In case some of you are not members of the Rt. 66 Illinois Association.


With photos of the Odell Station back then and now and the Route 4 sign at the Pontiac bridge. Major Duke got her interested in the association. (Tom Teague, Bill Shea and Rich Henry got us interested.) Frank and Roxanne Lozich were instrumental in getting the Preservation Committee started and in 1995, 20 interested people met at the Riviera (sure miss it) and that was the start.

When Frank decided to run the association, he stepped down from the preservation committee and Dorothy suggested Lenore and John Weiss. "The rest is preservation history."

Other Preservation projects besides the photos are the Meramec Caverns signs on the barns in Cayuga and Hamel, the relocation and restoration of the Bunyan Giant to Atlanta, the "subway" in Odell and the Mill in Lincoln.

A Bit of Illinois History. --RoadDog

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