Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A WXRT Labor Day Road Trip Playlist-- Part 6

38. SOMETHING IN THE AIR-- THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN-- "Quintessential roadtrip song." (I never thought of it as a road song, but after listening to it more closely, it is.)
39. RADAR LOVE-- GOLDEN EARRING-- "...is specifically designed to force everyone in the car to pump their fists and shout like fools late into the night." (Oh Yeah!)

40. SLOW RIDE-- FOGHAT-- "Whether on your way to purchase Aerosmith tickets or just driving to visit your dear old grandmother, this song will get you excited."
41. CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC-- JIMI HENDRIX-- "The cure for battling the inevitable traffic you encounter on the road."

42. *STRANGE TIMES-- BLACK KEYES-- "Pretty much all Black Keyes music is fit for a fast, fun road trip." (I've been coming across their name a lot lately. Guess I'll have to check 'em out.)
43. *LAY LOW-- MY MIXED JACKET-- "Builds and builds."

44. *CAMARILLO BRILLO-- FRANK ZAPPA-- some "silly lyrics"
45. HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED-- BOB DYLAN-- "Like a Rolling Stone driving through."

Happy Motoring. --RoadDog

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