Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Enjoying Music Outside on a Tuesday Night on Route 66

Few things in life better than sitting outside on a warm late summer's night, enjoying ice cold draft beer and listening to a duo play music in a beer garden in an authentic 1930s Route 66 roadhouse. And all this after a day of cruising and searching on the fabled old road.

But, that is exactly what we did last night at the Curve Inn in Springfield, Illinois.

We already knew they had bands playing after work Friday afternoons from 6 to 10 as well as bands Saturday nights. Evidently, they have this duo playing acoustic guitars on Tuesdays during the summer and fall.

Earlier in the day, after discovering and cruising some Route 66 alignments south of Lake Springfield and then going over to the brick alignment by Il-4 and visiting Becky and her husband at Becky's Barn, we had done a bot of bar hopping on our own, again.

We started at Capital City again and played NTN with JJ.


Then drove downtown to Norb Andy's which was open (they're closed Sundays and Mondays). Norb Andy's is one place every Route 66er should visit. What a piece of history.

Yesterday I mentioned that the horseshoe was invented here, but actually it was at the hotel across the street but they still have the "top secret" cheese sauce.

Unfortunately, we also heard from several more sources that Scooter's, the old George Ranks had closed up last week.

Here's hoping someone else reopens it.

But at Least We Have Norb Andy's Back. --RoadDog

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