Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Morning Coffee in the Munger-Moss Lobby: A Real Route 66 Experience

Earlier this morning, I walked over to the Munger Moss lobby for my morning coffee. Ramona Lehman was there sorting through the mail. Of course, we did some talking.

Folks were checking out so I was able to talk to them.

One family from Spain was taking a US trip from Chicago to Los Angeles with their three kids. Unfortunately, one had gotten sick and they inquired of Ramona where a clinic or some place would be that didn't charge the outrageous prices usually found in medical places.

Ramona called her doctor and explained the situation and they got an appointment to get in right away. That Route 66 folks for you.

Another couple driving a 2000 Camaro, were heading for Chicago and going along 66. They were from a small town outside of Joplin, but hadn't been hit by those horrible tornadoes earlier this year, but said the part of the city that was looked like an A-Bomb had gone off there.

He only had one complaint about the motel, and that was that there was no in-room coffee. But he was getting two cups for the road. Told them about the Route 66 Hotel, Cozy Dog and Curve Inn in Springfield, Illinois.

The couple from Cincinnati who checked in last night while we were in the lobby, also headed out. They were doing 66 all the way to Santa Monica.

Another couple was leaving and doing Route 66 to Oklahoma City. They are partitioning the road into several trips, but one day intend to take the whole thing in one swoop, planning on four weeks, a really good amount of time to devote to the trip.

Two couples from Kentucky in two cars were also leaving on their way west to California.

Now, That's an Enjoyable Wat to Spend a Morning. --RoadDog

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