Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Show You How Bad Gas Prices Have Gotten: The Good Old Days of 2009

As we look at $3.50+ gas prices around the Chicago area (yesterday in Fox Lake, it "Dropped" to $3.74), I came across what we paid for gas on a trip a little over two years ago, after the Axis of Evil (Big Oil, the Middle East and speculators) had first pushed the price of gas over $4 in 2008.

After it hit that plateau, gas prices went into a rapid descent back below $2. Unfortunately, they learned from that and so far this onslaught haven't allowed that free fall to occur again.

This was a trip to Missouri and then to South Carolina, leaving March 19th.

3-19 $2.00 Pontiac, Il.
3-20 $1.96 Warrenton, Mo.
3-20 $1.80 Higginsville, Mo.
3-23 $1.80 Independence, Mo.
3-23 $1.80 Warrenton, Mo.
3-23 $1.92 Evansville, Ind.
3-24 $1.86 Corbin, Ky. (Home of the first KFC)
3-24 $1.86 Dandridge, Tn. (east of Knoxville and Gatlinburg, usually the cheapest in the area)
3-25 $1.86 Prosperity, SC
3-26 $1.80 Mt. Pleasant, SC
3-27 $1.97 Hilton Head, SC
3-28 $1.90 Jacksonboro, SC
3-31 $1.93 Charleston, SC
4-1 $1.96 Lexington, NC
4-1 $1.90 Wytheville, Va (In the Va. panhandle and the cheapest, especially after the W.Va prices.)
4-2 $2.00 Manchester, Ohio
4-3 $1.90 Crawfordsville, Ind. (Another cheap gas spot)
4-3 $2.06 Morris, Il

We put 3,777 miles on the '03 Malibu.

As you can see, the Axis was in the process of doing their "Pre-Summer Driving Season" price increase.

Ah! The Good Old Days, Two Years Ago. --RoadDog

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