Friday, September 2, 2011

What's On Your Bucket List?

From the June 5th Parade Magazine.

What are the things you want to do before your kick the bucket?

Jimmy Fallon says these six things:

1. Actually finish reading a book. (I can relate to that,)

2. "Travel across the country and check out all the cool stuff." (That could take a hundred years easily, though.)

3. Learn to tap-dance. (I'll take a pass on that one.)

4. "I want to ride a motorcycle on Route 66. I just think it would be fun, and maybe somehow I'd make a connection with Jack Kerouac." (It'd have to be a three-wheeler motorcycle if I drove one. I'm scared otherwise. Already driven the whole length.)

5. Go to Graceland and eat a peanut butter and banana while there. (been to Graceland. Had a pb&b sandwich, but at home.)

6. I want to be a dad. (I think I'm past that stage.)

I Wonder What My Bucket List Would Be. Definitely a Lot of Two-Lane Roads. --RoadDog

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