Monday, September 12, 2011

A Morning Jaunt Around Springfield

Very disappointed that the TraveLodge had already drained their pool. We have some great warm days in September as well.

Met Lulu and Barb as they were checking out. We were a bit delayed going to breakfast while Lulu "straightened out" the desk clerk, who, even as a life-time Springfield resident, didn't know much about Route 66. That is never a good thing to admit to around Lulu. She will "straighten you out."

Drove to Charlie Parker's for some great chow. Lots of it, mighty good and for a great price. Talked 66 while eating. Really fine chicken-fried steak, and this is a place where you can get a Breakfast Shoe.

I had a tasty vegetable omelet with four types of veggies and cheese as well as toast (get the wheat which is Texas-sized) and hash browns.

They were headed over to Cozy Dog to pick up Cozy Dogs for Ernie and Fran Edwards at the nursing home in Lincoln. Mighty nice of them do do that.

We drove past the Lauterbach Giant on Wabash Street, who usually holds a tire and lost his head in a tornado a few years ago. Today, he was holding an American flag.


Out to Veterans Parkway (Ill-4) and looked at a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. How much longer will we have them? I always enjoy looking at the bargain books. I sure miss my old Borders store.

Also went to the nearby Best Buy. I used to go to Best Buys and Circuit Cities all the time. Of course, there is no longer a Circuit City (although we did see a nearby sign for one). I don't go to Best Buy much anymore because I don't know how to use most of their electronics. The Salvation Army Thrift Store is more my speed these days.

And. most Best Buys have fewer and fewer CDs, but this one had a huge collection so spent awhile in there before buying the new George Strait and Eli Young CDs as well as the first Buffalo Springfield album (well, CD).

Time for a Nap After All That Food. --RoadDog

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