Friday, September 23, 2011

Zydeco/Cajun, Country and 1967 on the Mizzou-Rah Trip

Traveling music when I'm on the road consists of CDs and local radio stations. I alternate between the two. I try to get CDs and certain songs to remind me of the particular trip.

I had four CDs with me on the trip and added three more in Springfield, Illinois.

A friend had given me a Paul Gregoire avec Roux Di Bayou CD. Some real good Cajun/Zydeco music. A lot of it is sung in French/Cajun.

I also had the new Eric Church album, "Chief." Now, that is some country kickin' music. A lot of drinkin' songs. I also especially liked the songs: Creepin', Drink in My Hand, Keep On and Country Music Jesus.

For good measure, it was a trip back to 1967 with a Time-Life compilation "The Beat Goes On." Some of the 22 songs: Gimme Little Sign, Let's Live for Today, Soul Man, Brown Eyed Girl, Carrie-Anne and (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet.

Tunes Playing While Driving Down the Road. Nothing Good be Finer. --RoadDog

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