Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where is Cotton Hill Near Springfield, Illinois?-- Part 1

While we looking for where Route 66 went into and out of Lake Springfield, we kept coming across the name Cotton Hill. I got to wondering about the name. Why would a hill in Illinois have the name cotton? I doubt that much cotton was grown in the area. Perhaps the hill was named after the Cotton family?

And, where exactly is Cotton Hill?

We went to a Cotton Hill Park on the south side of the lake (both and East and a West Cotton Hill Park. We also turned off Toronto Road, north of the lake, onto a North Cotton Hill Road. So where is Cotton Hill and how did it get its name?

Wikipedia says there is a Cotton Hill Township in Sangamon County's southern part. It has a population of 1,065. Yahoo shows a Cotton Hill north of the lake. Cotton Hill Park is on a bluff overlooking Lake Springfield on its south side. Cotton Hill would not have stretched between the two points as it no doubt then would have formed a dam in the lake.

So, Where Is This Cotton Hill? --RoadDog

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