Monday, August 1, 2011

Springfield April 29th-- Part 2: Ottawa, Illinois

Cruising out of Dekalb on Il-23, we saw advertising for a "Barn Sale." You know you're out in the "country" when you see that.

Gas in Ottawa was $3.90. In town we saw an interesting sign for Duffy's Auto and Sands Motel. Ottawa SURE has lots of stoplights on 23, but fortunately they work together. At one point it was neat seeing the lights change from red to green as we approached. Made me feel kind of important.

Also, an interesting Bowl-Mor sign.

Illinois-23 north of Pontiac has its own Mount Trashmore. A big festival in Pontiac featuring old farm/steam machinery, happens at the the Thresher Reunion grounds which are located by Mt. Trashmore.

We usually don't go Il-23 to Route 66, and the reason, I remembered, was that you go considerably out of your way on the road. But, we hadn't been on it in awhile, so we were ok with it.

Back on the Mother Road. --RoadDog

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