Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Staycation Big Oil: Enjoying the Chain-- Part 1

Staycations are a great way to show our thanks to Big Oil as they get richer. It is my own little way of keeping a "little" money out of their greedy pockets.

Hopefully, people all over are doing the same. At last BO didn't get their vaunted "Summer Driving Season" price bump because they had a "Pre-summer Driving Season" bump.

SATURDAY-- We boated over to McDonald's and had breakfast out on the boat and fed the ducks. As of late, we've been getting mighty hot temps, high humidity and no breeze, so put the boat up.

Then, we went to Steitz's on Bluff Lake and had a beer and our Chain Crawl book stamped. This places is noted for German food and opened in 1938, making it one of the oldest places on the Chain.

Next, Port O' Blarney, on a channel to Grasslake. People leave from here by their boat to go out to Blarney Island in the middle of the lake. "A Mile from Reality" as they say. We got another Chain Crawl stamp there.

We were there to see Terry Spizzeri play in the afternoon. AND, they had $2.50 bottles of Corona Light so I got my lime full. As usual, a great show by the "Half Celtic-Half Garlic Guy" and his nephew.

Then, drove to nearby Captain's Quarters which has bands Saturday nights from 7 to 11, just perfect for old folks like us. And, the $2.50 Coronas and Corona Lights don't hurt either. More limes. The five-piece Chicago Rev-Ups band was playing. Great blues, rock and Santana.

Too Much Fun, Again. --RoadDog

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