Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Ten Insights from Traveling Route 66-- Part 3

Continued from July 25th.

#8. NEW MEXICANS are Sweet, Laid Back and Friendly "Besides being the most beautiful state on Route 66." I don't know about it being the most beautiful. I kind of like Missouri myself.

#9. PRIVATE CARS should be banned from the Grand Canyon. People should arrive by train from Williams. I'd like to go by that train.

#10. Don't miss the BLACK MOUNTAINS of Western Arizona. The last 160 miles of Arizona 66 veers a lot from the interstate. Liked Oatman (even if it does lose its post office).


#11. Santa Monica is cool, but VENICE BEACH is cooler.

Definitely Some Interesting Observations by Mr. Hogarth. --RoadDog

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