Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Springfield April 29th-- Part 3: Pontiac, Illinois and Route 66

We figured going Il-23 cost us an hour and a half more than Il-47 to Dwight. Oh well, great scenery and different stuff.

Starting to get hungry and decided to eat at the Old Log Cabin, north of town on the old Route 66. We hadn't eaten there in several years and it is a favorite. Great food, good prices and a real slice of Route 66.

They now have a diorama inside with a sign asking children and adults not to play with it. Good thing, I had been thinking of turning it back around to face the original 66. You can't go anywhere near the place and not hear about them turning the place around to face the new alignment back in the 1920s. I looked around to see if anyone was looking anyway. They were. Sat down and busied self with menu.

A French group on motorcycles had just left.

And, they now have SWEET POTATO TATER TOTS!!! Let's talk about REAL GOOD.

I had to settle for a 10 oz.top sirloin steak with veggie, tater, soup or salad for $9.99. Good deal. Guess what my tater was?

On leaving, I saw that there was a big concrete slab on the south side of the building and thought perhaps they were going to have outside dining. Went back inside and found that the slab was there because of some serious foundation problems. But now that I mention it, perhaps they could have outside dining.

On to the Museum. --RoadDog

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