Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheap and Expensive Fuel Taxes Along Route 66

Those of us who have driven along Route 66 know where the cheaper and the more expensive gasoline spots are. The size of the fuel taxes has a lot to do with the price.

Route 66 has two of the states with the highest taxes and three of the states with the lowest. Can you guess which of the five Route 66 states are which?

The two highest states are Illinois (3rd highest) with $0.690 and California (4th highest) at $0.689.

The three lowest tax states are Arizona (47) at $0.374, New Mexico (48) at $0.372 and Missouri (50) at $0.357. I've always noticed that Missouri was low. Of course, everyone knows Illinois and especially the Chicago area is high.

Giving You an Idea of Where to Fill Up (and Really Avoiding Needles, California). --RoadDog


troutbirder said...

Good info except for one minor detail... with my pickup & camper getting about 10 miles to the gallon it'd hard to avoid needing gas in the bigger (distance wise) states.

RoadDog said...

These ridiculous gas prices have sure managed to keep us close to home this summer.

I have sticker shock even when I put gas in the five gallon container for use on the boat and tractor.

I have to get gas in the Firebird which is on empty takes premium. Perhaps a second mortgage?