Saturday, August 20, 2011

That Darn Seagull Had It In for Me

Yesterday, when I came back from Fort Fisher here in the Wilmington area, I stopped at the famous Britt's Donuts at the Carolina Beach boardwalk and picked up a half dozen of those sugary delights.

I decided to get a drink at the local McDonald's. However, all the available parking spaces were occupied by seagulls. When I pulled in, one particular gull took particular offense and was really squawking and head-moving. I could just about see anger in his eyes before he flew away.

As I opened the door and prepared to get out, SPLAT!! Some seagull let lose a load. Had it been a half-second later, it would have hit me. As it was, I had the wet white stuff pretty-well coating the inside of the door.

Not having any napkins in the rental car, I went inside the McDonald's, but by the time I got back out, the stuff had dried so dry napkins would do nothing for it. I had to drive the next hour back to Topsail Beach with it like that.

I'm fairly sure I know which seagull was the offender and would really like to talk to his mama about his manners.

And, here's hoping I won't get charged for damage to the interior of the rental car.

Dadburn Seagulls. --RoadDog

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