Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Schoolhouse Restaurant, Camp Dennison, Ohio-- Part 2

What started off as a brief mention on my RoadLog Blog about a restaurant near Cincinnati (possible in?) has sure become a few posts here on my Civil War blog. Now that I've finished typing this, I see that I goofed and put it on the RoadLog Blog. I hate when I do that.

The restaurant is located in the third schoolhouse where construction began in the fall of 1863. Today, it is on Highway 126. It was built with a cross construction pattern with gables containing Italianate-style bracketing at the corners.

However, it was not used as a school until several years after it was built in 1870. Again, this is why I think it was some sort of a structure connected with Camp Dennison.

Students up to 8th grade attended it. The first floor had two rooms. Black students were once educated on the second floor which was also used as an auditorium.

It continued being used as a school until 1952 when it was sold to the Ohio Gravel Company. In 1962, it was converted into a restaurant, so they're coming up on their 50th anniversary next year.

Part 1 is in my Civil War Blog http://sawtheelephant.blogspot.com.

Looking Forward to Having a Meal There. --Old B-Runner

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