Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mom Blamed Me for the Earthquake

I'm glad to see that the hurricane missed Topsail Beach, so perhaps there won't be much damage. At least we were prepared as much as you can be.

My fingers are recovering from those dadburn hurricane shutters.

However, Tuesday, when I was about to lose my religion on the Colemans' shutters (they're the ones who have never closed theirs), the people staying next door to Mom's came over and asked her if she had felt the earth move.

Well, I had been making lots of noise and no doubt some mini shock waves as I kicked, pulled, pushed and hammered those shutters into place. Mom told them it was probably my efforts that caused what they felt.

A few minutes later, they came back and said that they had watched TV and what they had felt was an earthquake near Richmond, Virginia.

So, I was blameless.

But, on second thought, had I used explosives that might have moved those shutters.

I Hope to Never Have to Wrestle with One of Those Shutters Again. --RoadDog

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