Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It Was a See-Through Sensation-- Part 2

Also, a Plexiglas eight-cylinder 1939 Pontiac Torpedo four-door sedan was built at the same time for the 1940 Golden Gate Exposition, on the bigger "C" body shared by Cadillac, LaSalle and Buick.

After the two shows closed, the two cars toured Pontiac dealerships nationwide.

The fate of the Torpedo Eight is unknown today. It was sold at auction and ended up in the Smithsonian Institution in DC and kept there until 1947. After that, several Pontiac dealerships owned it. It was also at the first Pontiac-Oakland Club International meeting in July 1973, when it was sold to private owners.

Chicago's Joe Bortz is responsible for saving dozens of the dream cars over the last 40 years. Manufacturers almost never gave these cars vehicle identification numbers or titles, so they can't legally be driven on the road. In the remaining Pontiac "ghost" you also can't drive it because the contact points of the Plexiglas would cause stress cracks in the body. Also, the plastic has been treated over the years to prevent yellowing.

Hoping the Volo Automobile Museum Near Me Gets It. --RoadDog

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