Friday, August 12, 2011

How to "Staycation" Big Oil: Last Weekend-- Part 3

SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th-- Drove to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin for $3.50 Ultimate Bloody Marys at Main Street. A pint class with essentially your lunch and a shrimp bonus.

Then to Donovan's Reef to watch the Sox game (swept those rotten Twins!!), Chicago Red Hots (2 hot dogs and fries for $3.50), and brews. Very strange not to see the motel in the back. What remained after the winter fire was knocked down this past week. All that's left is the concrete pad and construction starts next week. They hope to be open by mid-October.

Looking forward to it because some Saturdays we like to stay for the band and the n we get a room. No DUI worries.

Next stop was at Captain's Quarters in Antioch, Illinois, right on Fox Lake, part of the Chain of Lakes. Nothing like a good band, ice-cold brews, a lake-view, sitting outside on a warm Sunday afternoon.

The band was Cover Story whom we've seen before and featuring a really superb female singer.

The Way to Spend a Weekend at Home. --RoadDog

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