Friday, August 12, 2011

Ten Essential Chicago Barbecue Bites-- Part 1

From the July 14th Chicago Tribune article by Kevin Pang.

Other cities have particular bbq styles they stick to, but Chicago doesn't so pitmasters take regional favs from other places and assemble a barbecue greatest hits.

Here are Kevin's favorites:

1. BEEF BRISKET AT SMOQUE-- Has joined the "Hundred Mile Barbecue" club. BBQ that you'd drive 100 miles to eat. 3800 Pulaski Road.

2. RIB TIPS AT BARBARA ANN'S-- considered a less-desirable cut, the bony end of the spare rib "so sublime that adding sauce would be sacrilege." 7617 Cottage Grove Avenue.

3. HOT LINKS AT UNCLE JOHN-- "...dinner version of the breakfast's a porky, hickory-smoked Italian flag." 337 E. 69th Street.

More Stuff to get You "Hongry" Coming Up. --RoadDog

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