Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doing the 'Cue Thing in Chicago

From the July 14th Chicago Tribune "Saluting Chicago's original ribs" by Phil Vettel.

As we know, eating along the road is every bit as important as seeing stuff along the road.

It is also suggested that national chains be left behind. Try some local flavor.

Tribune food critic Phil Vettel listed the best Chicago "old school" rib joints. he also did a short write-up on each.

1. BARBARA ANN'S BBQ-- 7617 Cottage Grove Avenue

2. CARSON'S-- 612 N. Wells This is the only one on the list where I've eaten and it is something else. Great ribs and be sure to try the house dressing. It sounds horrible as it is based on anchovies, and I am no fan of anchovies from my pizza days. However, the anchovy dressing always works.

I always get the house dressing if any place I go has one. You never know what you're going to get.

3. CAPTAIN CURT'S-- 8210 Cottage Grove Avenue (close to Barbara Ann's)

4. LEM'S-- 311 E. 75th Street

5. LEON'S FAMOUS RIBS-- 4550 Archer Avenue

6. UNCLE JOHN'S-- 337 E. 69th Street

So, If You've Got a craving for Barbecue in Chicago... --RoadDog

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