Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How About a Park to Commemorate Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway?

From the August 16th Plainfield (Il) Patch by Karen Sorenson.

A building known as the Carlson house, at the junction of US-30 and Il-59 was torn down yesterday with most people in Plainfield, Illinois, heaving a sigh of relief as it was considered an eyesore.

Of course, Il-59 here was once Route 66 and US-30 is the Lincoln Highway. The Mother and Father roads of the US. Plainfield Historical Society President Michael Bortel would like to see the almost-one acre triangular lot turned into Gateway Park to honor the two roads.

However, so far he and his group have been unable to get the property owners to donate the land and recently, they were unable to receive a $5,000 matching grant from the National Park Service for a redevelopment study.

Here's hoping that they are successful in getting the park.

Plainfield is one of only two sites in which the two roads cross, the other being in nearby Joliet on a different Route 66 alignment.

Honoring These Old Roads. --RoadDog

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