Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Springfield, Illinois: April 29th-- Part 6: Best Garage

South of Chenoa, we passed the site of the old Ballard Elevator, always a striking site as it stood right there all by itself in the middle of that flat prairie land.

Nothing at all remains of it today, but its site can be located about a half mile north of the first overpass you come to. Plus, there are two one-story sheds, one of which has the name Ballard on it.

North of Towanda, we took a swing by the Best Damn Garage on the Road, Schenk's. A neat place to see from the outside with all the Route 66 stuff, but even neater inside. She was out cutting the grass and we stopped briefly to say hi. She was planning another Red Carpet Corridor party and wanted to invite us, but didn't have our address. We were going to try to make it, but bad weather and the fact we were already on a trip to the area caused us not to go.

We then by-passed Bloomington-Normal, the towns that neglect their Route 66 heritage. Not much to see there.

South of town, we got off I-55 at the Shirley exit where we saw a young couple taking pictures of each other by the Route 66 sign. Something we definitely like to see.

On the Road Again. --RoadDog

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