Friday, July 29, 2011

Boating to Our Dinner

We just got back in from a later-than usual boat cruise for din-din. Wednesday, it was too stormy so we went to Donovan's to play NTN. Yesterday, we were steaming in Milwaukee at the Cubs game. Steaming both because the Cubs stunk as usual and steaming because of the great humidity.

Today was steamy until about 5, so I went to the movies and saw the excellent Captain America: First Avenger and may go back to see it again, it was that good.

We boated across Fox Lake after clearing off the little pond of water we had from Wednesday and Thursday's storms.

Captain's has a full slab of ribs, salad and fries on Fridays for $10. I can live with that in these days where most full slabs run $15 to $20.

We then did a slow cruise over to where the eagles are and saw one fly into the tree and believe we heard another one. Everyone on the Chain of Lakes is hoping the eagles remain despite their nesting tree being knocked down by the July 11th derecho.

It was getting dark, so put the boat up and drove to Hidden Point by Kamikaze Alley where Nippersink and Fox lakes come together. For many years it was Korpan's Landing and it has been many places in the last eight years. I doubt that this newest bar is going to make it.

Then, it was on to El Puerto, out on-the-water Mexican restaurant for more drinks. We had the Chain Crawl book signed at both these last places.

I Like Sawbuck Ribs. --RoadDog

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