Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Ready to Hit the Road for the Tarheel State

I fly out of O'Hare Airport in Chicago for Wilmington, NC. I know for a fact about a trip from Topsail Beach to Carolina Beach, and hopefully some Britt's Donuts, and down to Fort Fisher to see what is going on there (it's my favorite Civil War battle and what got me interested in history).

Then take the Fort Fisher-Southport Ferry across the Cape Fear River to Southport aand then tour the beaches from there to the nearby South Carolina border. Maybe get some good seafood at Calabash.

Then back to Wilmington with maybe a tour of the battleship USS North Carolina and a look at some of the Wold War II sites in the city.

I'm even thinking of a drive north to Newport News, Virginia and the Mariner's Museum. This month they drain the holding tank of the USS Monitor's turret every weekday to work on it. After that, it will be immersed in water for more than five years as part of its conservation program. Now's my chance to see a real historical artifact up close and personal.

Thinking About It. --RoadDog

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