Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lincoln Inn Rises-- Route 66 Motel Makes a Comeback-- Part 1

The Lincoln Inn in Lincoln, Illinois, was out next stop on the way to Springfield. This is an older motel, built probably in the 60s that apparently has been saved from oblivion.

It had been on that long, slow road to decay that is so apparent. The people who owned it put very little money into upkeep. Part of the reason being lack of customers.

We had stayed there a couple times in some rooms that were in somewhat good shape, but definitely ones you wouldn't brag on. We liked the convenience and price, around $40. Plus, and very importantly, it was within walking distance of the Logan Lanes bowling alley.

We like to walk to where we "unwind" after a long day on the road. They also for awhile had the NTN trivia game that we love to play.

And, it was right on the Route 66 bypass.

A year ago, when we drove by it, I saw that it was now a Best Western Motel. Great news as that chain would not allow a sub par motel to be part of it.

Always Great to See Something Like This Happen. --RoadDog

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