Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tidbits: Stuff to See While Cruising the States

From this week's American Profile Magazine.

MINNESOTA-- THE GRANDFATHER OF SNOWMOBILING, Edgar Hetteen, co-founded Polaris Industries and founded Arctic Cat (or as folks in the local advertiser paper call it, Artic Cat). A native of Roseau (pop. 2,633), in 1960, he and three companions drove their sleds 1,200 miles across Alaska to show durability. Hetteen died in February at age 90.

OHIO-- Here's eating in a mighty old place. The Schoolhouse Restaurant in Camp Dennison (pop.375) could get a ruler cracked over your knuckles for misbehavior. Built in 1863, it was the first two-story brick schoolhouse built in the Midwest and was reportedly visited by President Lincoln.

Since 1962, a popular restaurant has been housed in it with menus written on the original slate blackboards and old-fashioned food served on lazy Susans at each table. (You know if you spin a lazy Susan just right, stuff will fly off and strike others at your table (hopefully not yourself).

With the year 1863 and Lincoln, I would think this place might well have something to do with the Civil War. I seem to remember hearing about a Camp Dennison Union training camp and Confederate prison.

Noisy Kids at the Restaurant Are Punished with Those Noises Only Chalk Can Make on a Blackboard. --RoadDog


DennyG said...

You are correct about the Union training camp and maybe the Confederate prison although I'm not so sure about the Confederate prison. Could be. It was also a hospital.

There's a very nice museum there but it's only open on Sundays. I haven't eaten at the Schoolhouse in a long time. Maybe I ought to go over tomorrow and hit the museum, too.

By the way, adults who make food fly off of the lazy Susans are punished with those noises AND having their knuckles cracked with a ruler.

RoadDog said...

I'll be doing some research on the Schoolhouse and Camp Dennison and putting it on my Civil War blog.

Next time I'm in town, let's go there to eat.

And I didn't say I'D be the one making the food fly off the lazy Susan. I was just mentioning.